7 Reasons Why Trademark Registration is Critical for Every Business

Every international brand that enjoys recognition across the globe attributes its success to a loyal customer base. What makes the customers choose the product of a particular brand over a plethora of other equally good products by competitors? The customers often choose quality and they link quality to the brand names. A registered trademark is the number one method by which the companies successfully establish their brand name in the minds of their customers. The customers link a well-known trademark to quality and choose the products of a particular brand without further introspection.

However, failing to trademark these logos or designs may put a big dent in their brand strategies. Unregistered trademarks open the doors for competitors to beat out the companies from the market. The identical or similar trademarks in the market create confusion in the minds of the customers, which may affect the credibility of the original brand. This is the prime reason why companies invest plenty of money and resources for registering and protecting their trademarks.

The following are the top 7 reasons why brands register their trademarks in the UAE:

1. Enhances Brand Value

The companies that have properly registered their trademarks with the UAE Trademark Office can establish a strong presence in the market with enhanced brand value. A registered trademark gives the companies to market their brand to a larger set of consumers. A strong trademark establishes the authenticity and transparency of the company among the consumers and the competitors. A strong trademark enhances the brand value of the companies by preventing potential legal troubles that may occur in the event of not registering the trademark.

2. Protection from Copycats

Brand owners ensure their own rights protected by registering their trademarks in the UAE. However, the process of trademark registration also paves the way for securing their brands from copycats who produce counterfeit products of the well-known brand. If the trademark of the product is properly registered, the officials could initiate prompt action against the counterfeiters. A trademark registration gives the officials the right to block the import or trading of counterfeit products in the UAE market. The trademark should be registered with the UAE Trademark office first to avail the protection from infringement in the form of counterfeit products. The brand owners are required to record the trademarks with the customs departments of the respective jurisdictions to block the entry of the products that infringed the trademarks.

3. Brand Identity and Credibility

Trademark registration is the first step in the long journey of establishing a strong identity for the brand and ensures that the credibility of the brand remains solid for many years to come. Trademark registration ensures that the emotional attributes and ideas associated with the brand design and logo remain unique in the market. This helps the companies establish a greater reputation which allows the customers to distinguish the business from similar brands or products by the competitors. The registered trademarks provide the businesses with exclusive entitlement apart from winning the consumers’ recognition, loyalty and association. A trademark conveys the personality of the brand among its consumers which would have a positive influence on the value of the brand. In short, trademarks play a critical role in making the brand important among consumers.

4. Legal Authority

Trademarks give legal authority to brand owners by ensuring that they are the sole owners of the brand assets. This means other individuals or brands are not legally allowed to copy the brand assets which would be considered as an infringement. A trademark registration gives the brand owners the legal authority to file a lawsuit against any individual or businesses that misuse the trademark.

5. Security

A Trademark registered with the UAE Trademark office provides security to the business and add value to the company in multiple ways. The trademarks get legally entitled to use the word ‘registered’ which conveys the rights of the businesses over the particular trademark. This adds to the security and credibility of the brand in the market. Furthermore, the brand owners can pledge their trademark assets as a collateral to avail loan facilities, where it acts as immovable property.

6. Global Market Reach

Having a registered trademark is one of the best ways to accelerate the global expansion plans of the companies. Expanding into wider markets and establishing a global presence become possible through a well-established brand. The companies can highlight their trademarked assets through clear-cut brand strategies to establish a global presence. International brands such as Apple, Nike, and Adidas expanded their global presence through such well-planned marketing strategies. The role played by trademarks in their marketing strategies is a well-known story.

7. Franchise Agreements

A registered trademark gives the companies an opportunity to expand the presence of their successful brands in the form of a franchise. By signing a franchise agreement, the companies can give consent to other businesses to produce the goods under the brand of the trademark owner. The companies, by giving the rights, will ensure that the franchisee will maintain the quality and other standards of the brands that the consumers associate with the trademark.

Why Choose Jitendra Intellectual Property?

The success of any business is intrinsically linked to the strategies it deploys to establish the brand in the local and international markets. All international brands have built a loyal base of consumers across the world by building a strong and recognisable brand name. The brand name establishes a strong reputation and credibility among the consumers through logos and brand designs that speak volumes about the quality of the product it offers. A properly registered trademark is the best way to establish a brand name across multiple jurisdictions. Unregistered trademarks may enjoy recognition but are susceptible to counterfeiting and it may lead to the erosion of brand value. To achieve a proper trademark registration, the services of reputed intellectual property service providers should be availed.

Jitendra Intellectual property (JIP) is a full-service intellectual property service provider in Dubai, UAE that helps the companies in successfully establishing their brands. JIP’s highly qualified trademark agents have assisted thousands of companies across many industries in trademark registration in UAE. JIP’s trademark agents ensure that the trademark remains protected in the UAE and other GCC countries with services like trademark search, trademark watch, and maintenance of trademark rights. JIP has been instrumental in providing the companies to establish a strong foothold in the UAE thereby supporting their long journey towards business growth and prosperity.

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