Industrial Design Registration in the UAE

Industrial Design registration in the UAE

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    Industrial designs are protected in the UAE under Federal Law No 31 of the year 2006. Companies are allowed to perform industrial design registration in the UAE in line with the conditions and requirements specified in the Law. An industrial design in the UAE can be defined as any innovative three-dimensional shape that can be used in industry or craft. It can also be an innovative creation of lines or colours that generates a product with industrial application. Industrial registration consultants in the UAE can help companies easily register designs.

    As per Article 44 of the Law, industrial designs in the UAE becomes eligible for protection only if it is registered in the related register kept at the Administration. The application for registering an industrial design in the UAE should be filed and examined in line with procedures and fees specified by the bylaws of the Federal Law No 31 of the year 2006.

    Permitted Number of Designs or Drawings for Registration

    Article 45 of the Law states that the application for industrial registration in the UAE may include

    More than just one industrial drawing or design. However, such designs or drawings should be interrelated in terms of manufacture and use. Furthermore, their total number should not exceed twenty drawings or designs.

    Registrability of Industrial Designs in the UAE

    Article 47 of the Law specifies the condition for granting protection for industrial designs in the UAE. It states that the industrial drawing or design must be new, innovative, and can be used as an industrial / handicraft product. The designs or drawings should not violate the public order or the morals of the UAE. Consult with industrial design agents in the UAE to assess the registration of designs or drawings.

    The objective of Registering Industrial Designs in the UAE

    In accordance with the Federal Law No 31 of the year 2006, registering industrial designs in the UAE grants applicants the right to prevent other parties from conducting the following activities:

    1. Using the industrial design or drawing for manufacturing products
    2. Importing or acquiring any product related to the design with the intention of using or selling that product

    Conditions & Requirements of UAE Industrial Design Registration

    While registering an industrial design in the UAE, the applicants need to abode by the following conditions & requirements:

    1. English & Arabic are the official languages of the industrial design prosecution before the UAE Patent Office ( UAE industrial registration agents can help with the translations)
    2. The application should contain a request to grant a patent and two copies of the design ( for 2D) or two copies of each view ( for 3D)
    3. Applicants must file a certified copy of the Priority Document and its Arabic and English translations within 90 days from the filing date
    4. All applicants are required to submit an original Power of Attorney (PoA) within 90 days from the filing date. It should be legalised with the UAE Consulate.
    5. It is mandatory to submit a Deed of Assignment from the designer(s) to the applicant if the applicant is not the designer. It should be submitted within 90 days from the filing date and must be legalised with the UAE Consulate.
    6. If the applicant is a corporate entity, it is mandatory to submit a Certificate of Incorporation or Articles of Association within 90 days from the filing date. Legalisation up to the UAE Consulate is required.
    7. Applicants need to file an industrial design application claiming priority within six months from the priority date.

    Examination of a design application in the UAE

    All industrial design applications in the UAE undergo a formal examination. However, the designs will not be subjected to any substantive examination. Once the Patent Office issues a notification confirming a formal acceptance of the application, the applicants are required to settle the publication fees within the period stated in the notification (usually two months).

    Granting the Industrial Design Registration in the UAE

    The registration of an industrial design in the UAE is valid for ten years, counting from the filing date. The applicants are required to file an annual maintenance fee starting from the date of filing. Industrial design agents can help the applicants with more details about the registration procedure.

    Hire the Best Industrial Design Registration Agents in the UAE

    Foreign applicants are required to perform industrial design registration in the UAE through a representative. They can hire the best industrial design registration agents in Dubai, UAE, such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP). JIP is a full services IP firm in Dubai with years of experience in protecting the IP rights of companies.  JIP can provide the applicants with the design details. Our highly qualified IP experts will prepare and file the industrial design application with utmost dedication and efficiency. Avail of our industrial design registration services in the UAE to process the applications without any hassle.