Copyright Registration in United Arab Emirates

Copyright is the exclusive legal right of an owner of the creative work. In simple words, copyright is the right to copy or to reproduce. Copyright registration in UAE gives creators of original work the right to reproduce or further use the work usually for a limited period of time.

What Kind of Intellectual Property Can Be Registered Under Copyright As Per UAE Law?  

Any creative work that is literary, artistic, educational or music form will be considered to register as per the copyright law in UAE. UAE federal law no. 7 of the year 2002 concerning copyright and neighbouring rights protects the right of the author of a work. The following work can be registered as per copyright law:

  • Articles, stories, books and other written work
  • Computer application, software, program, database and related intellectual work
  • Lecture, speeches, lessons and other related work
  • Music shows, albums, theatre work and dramas
  • Music notes, composition, melodies and lyrics
  • Audiovisual work
  • Architectural engineering layouts, sketches, drawings designs and works
  • fine arts
  • Photography and filming work
  • Drawing of shapes in colour or lines, engravings, lithography, sculpture, wooden sculpture, textiles marks, plastic arts and other similar types of fine artwork

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    UAE Copyright law protects the artist’s career. Everybody who is into artistry must register his copyright in UAE to save his original work from being discredit. The primary objective of copyright law is to protect the time, effort and creativity of the original owner.
    Furthermore, protection does not extend to any ideas or procedures or methods of work or the official documents such as the texts of laws, regulations and decisions etc.- or the news or events and the current facts or the works transferred to public property.

    What Work Can Be Registered As Per The UAE Copyright Law?

    There is two main requirements for a work to be registered as copyright:

    1. Copyright work should be created intellectually not by plagiarism
    2. Copyright work must be present in the objective form

    Work That Cannot Be Copyrighted

    • Facts, principle, mathematical concepts, procedure and ideas are not fall into the category of work that can be copyrighted.
    • Legal documents, laws, rules, international treaties, decisions, court verdicts.
    • News material that comes under the public domain is not be protected. Unless the effort is made to arrange or compile it in an innovative way.

    What Are The Rights of A Creative Person Under The Copyright Law Of The UAE?

    UAE federal law of copyrights and neighbouring rights provide protection to creative peoples. In case any violation against their rights occurs in the emirates.

    The law defines the author’s rights as follow:

    • The right to decide the first publication of the work
    • The right of keeping the credits on his name
    • The right to file a case against alteration of his work of the alteration causes the falsehood or modification
    • The right to hold or withdraw his work from distribution
    • The performers and general successor enjoy the right to associate the performance on their name, live or recorded
    • Copy right owners enjoy financial as well as moral rights (non-monetary rights) of a registered work
    • The right to reproduce the work in all forms
    • The right to record, broadcast and distribute by all channels
    • In case the author dies, his copyrights remain protected on his name till the 50 years after his death under UAE copyright law. If the work is published after the death of the author, the copyright will be protected for years post the year of publication.

    What Types of Company Can Be Benefited From UAE Copyright Law?

    • Production companies
    • Media companies & agencies
    • Software Companies
    • Singing Academies

    Need Help From Copyright And Trademark Registration Agents In UAE?

    Over the past years, there has been a big rise in Art and Media sector in UAE. Being full of cultural history and heritage, UAE itself is promoting arts and culture by live concerts, art exhibitions and music festivals. For the individuals and company who are into any sort of art industry, Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) provides copyright registration in Dubai and UAE. If you are confused about the process and legalities involved in copyrighting your work in UAE, our trademark registration agents at JIP will provide guidance and help you to protect your work against any infringement in UAE. Contact us if you need to register a copyright or file a case against any copyright infringement in the UAE.