Trademark Registration in Bahrain

Being one of the most prominent economies in the Middle East, Bahrain offers a strong market for the brands. However, the opportunities in the market lead to the stiff competition which raises the need to protect the brands through trademark registration.  The brands get strong protection through the process of trademark registration in Bahrain on the back of the Kingdom’s robust Intellectual Property laws. However, it is mandatory for non-Bahraini brand owners to register the trademarks through authorized trademark agents in Bahrain.

What Can be Registered as a Trademark in Bahrain?

In Bahrain, a trademark can be a visually distinct sign, name, word, letter, number, picture, inscription, symbol, photographic element, packaging, drawing, figure, one colour or more, or a combination thereof, or sign or group of signs. These should be used to distinguish the products or services of one entity from the products or services of other entities.

What cannot be Registered as a Trademark in Bahrain?

The Trademark Office in Bahrain doesn’t allow the following types of trademarks for registration,

  1. Marks that lack any distinctive character
  2. Marks that defy public order or morals
  3. Flags of Kingdom of Bahrain or flags of Arab countries or any other foreign country or international organizations
  4. Emblems of the Red Crescent or Red Cross
  5. Marks identical with or similar to emblems of religious significance
  6. Marks that misguide the public about the source of origin of the products or services

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    This is not an exhaustive list of items that cannot be registered as trademarks and the business owners can avail the services of trademark agents in Bahrain to know more about the dos and don’ts of the trademark registration process.

    The Process of Trademark Registration in Bahrain

    1) Comprehensive Trademark Search

    A comprehensive Trademark search is not legally mandatory in Bahrain. However, the brand owners can conduct a comprehensive study before registering their trademarks in Bahrain to avoid potential conflicts with other trademarks that are already registered. Trademark agents in Bahrain conduct searches for the official trademark registry and also on the internet to determine whether or not the potential trademark is identical or confusingly similar to other registered trademarks. Conducting a trademark search in Bahrain would allow the brand owners to avoid opposition from third parties and also prevent delays in the trademark registration process.

    2) Trademark Filing

    After ensuring that the trademark is not in conflict with the existing trademarks the brand owners can file an application to register their trademarks in Bahrain. Bahrain allows two types of the trademark registration process: one is for the nationals and the other for the foreigners. The Bahraini nationals can file for the trademark registration at the Trademark Office in the Industrial Property Directorate. The foreigners are required to submit the application through Intellectual Property firms or trademark agents in Bahrain.

    3) Trademark Online Filing in Bahrain

    Bahrain has launched an online portal for trademark registration through which citizens, residents, and trademark agents can file for registration of trademarks. The online portal can also be used to file an opposition against the trademark application.

    4) Trademark Filing under Nice Classification

    The applicants should file their trademarks under relevant classes of goods and services as per the NICE Classification. The applicants are not allowed to perform multi-class filing of trademarks in Bahrain and they need to file a separate application for each class.

    5) Trademark Examination

    After filing the trademark registration application, the Trademark Office will examine the application. The applications will be reviewed to see if the same or similar trademark has been already registered or applied by another party. The Trademark Office will also review if the application has met all the requirements as per the Trademark Law. In case the requirements are not met, the examining official will raise an objection to the mark.

    6) Publication in the Official Gazette

    If all the conditions are met, then the mark will be accepted for registration. In the next step, the trademark will be published in the Gazette of the Patent and Trademark Office. There is a 60-day opposition period during which any interested party can file an objection to the trademark. If there is no objection, then a registration certificate will be issued by the Industrial Property Directorate of Bahrain.

    Renewal of Trademark Registration in Bahrain

    The registration of a trademark in Bahrain is valid for 10 years from the date of filing the application. The owners can renew the trademarks for periods of 10 years each. The trademark owners can avail of the 6-month grace period for late renewals. Even If the trademark is not renewed within the grace period, third parties still cannot apply for registering the trademark. However, they can apply for the trademark after the lapse of 3 years from the date of cancellation.

    Trademark Agents in Bahrain | Jitendra Intellectual Property

    The Kingdom of Bahrain has implemented robust regulations to protect the intellectual property rights of businesses through trademark registration. The highly developed economy of Bahrain has sown the seeds for tough competition and the brands face the need to protect their trademarks to beat the rivals. Also, the process of trademark registration enables brand owners to curb the influx of counterfeit products. However, foreign brand owners require the assistance of the best trademark agents in Bahrain to file an application with the Trademark Office.

    Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is a reputed Intellectual Property firm that has highly qualified trademark agents in Bahrain. JIP’s trademark agents are well-versed in the Trademark laws and regulations of Bahrain. JIP assists the brand owners with services including trademark search, trademark registration, trademark renewal, etc.

    Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Bahrain

    The documents required for registering trademarks at the Bahrain trademark office are as follows:

    1. An image of the trademark in JPEG format
    2. A Power of Attorney signed by the applicant and notarized by a Notary Public and it should be legalized
    3. Certificate of incorporation of the applicant’s company
    4. Certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies
    5. Proof for the applicant’s company’s entry in the Commercial Register