Trademark Registration in Saudi Arabia

Trademarks are one of the most valuable assets that a business entity can own and it enhances the company’s growth prospects by building a successful brand and helping to win the trust and loyalty of the customers. Registering a trademark in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) helps the brand owners obtain exclusive rights over the goods and services and prevent other parties from selling counterfeit products.

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Having a strong brand presence in Saudi Arabia is important for the brand owners as the Kingdom is one of the most powerful economic powers in the Middle East and is a major force globally. The status of being one of the biggest oil producers makes the Kingdom a major power in the GCC. Targeting the rich consumers in Saudi Arabia is highly critical for the business owners as the Saudi people spend heavily on brands. This makes it important for brand owners to devise a robust brand strategy and protect the brands by conducting trademark registration in Saudi Arabia.

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Trademark registration in Saudi Arabia is a straightforward process as the country has implemented a robust system for protecting the Intellectual Property of businesses and individuals by adopting the GCC Trademark Law effective from 27 September 2016. The businesses need to consult the best trademark agents in Saudi Arabia to effectively protect their Intellectual property rights.

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    Filing the Trademarks in Saudi Arabia Under Nice Classification

    The brand owners are required to file their trademarks under the respective goods and services described in the Nice Classification. However, the applicants should note that it is not possible to file the Trademarks under the prohibited classes. The prohibited classes may include those goods and services related to Alcohol, religious goods like Christmas Tree, or services related to Bars and dance clubs. Consult the reputed trademark agents in Saudi Arabia to register the trademarks in the appropriate classes.

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    What is the Procedure for Trademark Registration in Saudi Arabia?

    The brand owners need to hire the best trademark agents in Saudi Arabia to properly register their marks in the country. The Ministry of Commerce and Investments has been the regulatory authority overseeing the trademark registration in Saudi Arabia. However, recently the Saudi Authority of Intellectual Property (SAIP) took over the administration of all the Intellectual Property Services in Saudi Arabia.

    Saudi Arabia has implemented a robust online system for registering intellectual property assets including trademarks, copyrights, etc. The online system ensures that the brand owners can complete the process of trademark registration in Saudi Arabia much quicker. After receiving the trademark filing application, the Trademark Office will make a review within approximately 14 days. The office will either accept the

    What Can be Trademarked in Saudi Arabia?

    Before initiating the process of trademark registration in Saudi Arabia, the brand owners need to know how the trademarks are defined in the country as per the law. In Saudi, a trademark can be any distinctive shape or any sign or group of signs used to distinguish the goods and services of one entity from that of another entity. The trademark can also be used to identify a service or as a certification mark. A trademark can be

    Names, Words, Signatures, Letters, Symbols, Numbers, Titles, Stamps, Drawings, Pictures, Inscriptions, Packaging, Figurative Elements, Shapes, Colours, Smell & Sound

    The brand owners can trademark any of the above or a combination of any of those in Saudi Arabia. To get a more clear and solid picture of what all can be registered as a trademark in Saudi Arabia, the brand owners need to hire the best trademark agents in Saudi Arabia.

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    What Cannot Be Registered as a Trademark in Saudi Arabia?

    1. Trademarks that lack any distinctive character
    2. Expressions, drawings or marks that defy public morals or public order
    3. Public emblems, flags, military emblems or symbols of any GCC states, other countries, or International Organizations
    4. Symbols of Red Cross or Red Crescent
    5. Marks that are purely religious in character
    6. Trademarks of geographic names if their use confuses the consumers
    7. Name of a person (forename or surname) without his or his successor’s prior consent

    Trademark Registration Fees in Saudi Arabia

    • Trademark Application Filing

    • Publication in Official Gazette

    • Publication in Local Newspaper

    • Registration Fee

    Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Saudi Arabia

    While submitting the Trademark application, the brand owners should submit the following documents/ information:

    1. Image and an accurate description of the mark
    2. Musical note in case of Sound Trademark
    3. A written description in case of Smell Trademark
    4. Power of Attorney notarized by Notary Public Office (Should be legalized for local clients)
    5. If the description of the mark contains one or more words in a foreign language then a certified Arabic translation along with a phonetic transcription should be submitted

    Trademark Agents in Saudi Arabia | Jitendra Intellectual Property

    Business owners or individuals in Saudi Arabia can protect their brand names, logos or designs by registering their Trademarks with the Trademark Office. Since the Saudi has adopted the GCC Trademarks Law and the online processing of marks, Trademark registration process has become more efficient.

    However, conducting the trademark registration in Saudi Arabia without complying with the law can lead to rejection of the mark. Also, the brand owners need expert advice in filing the marks under the right classes and this is where the professional guidance of reputed trademark agents in Saudi Arabia becomes a necessity for the brand owners.

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    Why Choose Trademark Registration Services by Jitendra Intellectual Property?

    Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is a full-service intellectual property service firm with years of experience in providing trademark, copyright registration services to thousands of clients in the GCC countries. JIP has a team of highly qualified trademark agents who ensure that the trademarks remain protected in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries. JIP offers services like

    • Advise on the registration through search report, selection and retention of trademarks
    • Prepare and prosecute trademark applications
    • Advise on the registration in relevant trademark classes based on the type of business
    • Handle trademark rights maintenance including payment of renewal fees
    • Record amendments to a trademark including change of name, change of address, assignment merger, mortgage, licensing and franchising of rights
    • Provide an on-going watch service to monitor the relevant jurisdictions for acts of trademark infringement
    • Provide market investigations to detect potential acts of counterfeit and piracy
    • Amendment in Registered Trademark
    • Renewal of a registered trademark
    • Recordal of change of assignment (change of ownership)
    • Cancel or oppose the grant of registrations before national offices