Trademark Registration in Qatar

The state of Qatar is one of the highly prominent and affluent member countries in the GCC that is recognized by the World Bank as a high-income economy. Being in such a highly developed country, the businesses are bound to face stiff competition which calls for the need of protecting the intellectual property rights through trademark registration in Qatar. Foreign business owners should note that they can register the trademarks only through trademark agents in Qatar.

What Can be Registered as a Trademark in Qatar?

In Qatar, the businesses need to register their trademarks at the Trademark Office to enjoy the protection for their intellectual property assets such as brands, logos, designs, etc. The Trademark Law clearly distinguishes between what can be registered and what cannot be registered as trademarks in Qatar. Any signs that are distinctive and graphically representable are eligible for trademark registration in Qatar. These may include words, names, acronyms, letters, numbers, devices, and any combination of those signs.

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    What cannot be Registered as a Trademark in Qatar?

    According to the Trademark Laws, the following shall not be registered as a trademark or as part of a brand

    1. Signs that lack the distinctive character of are a general description of the goods or services
    2. Expressions, signs or designs that violate morals or public order
    3. Emblems, flags, symbols, names, denominations of any state or international organizations or any imitation of such signs
    4. Symbols identical or similar to the Red Cross or Red Crescent
    5. Photographs, name or emblems of a person unless his prior consent is obtained
    6. Indications of honorary distinctions which the applicant is not legally entitled to
    7. Marks that are confusingly similar to the marks that are previously registered trademarks or filed by a third party
    8. Signs that provide the public with false indications of the origin or characteristics
    9. Any sign that is identical or similar to symbols of religious nature

    Steps to Follow for Conducting Trademark Registration in Qatar

    1. Trademark Search

    Conducting an extensive study before formally applying for trademark registration saves the businessmen from potential opposition. The brand owners must ensure that their trademarks are not in conflict with the marks that are already registered or filed for registration by third parties. If such a conflict exists any third party can file for the opposition during the opposition period. Trademark agents in Qatar assist businesses by searching for conflicting marks in Trademark databases and also through an online search.

    2. Trademark Filing

    The investors can apply for trademark registration Qatar either through the online method. The Qatari nationals can apply for the trademarks directly with the Trademark Office but the foreigners need to move the application through trademark agents in Qatar.

    3. Trademark Classification

    Qatar follows the NICE International Classification of Goods and Services for the purpose of trademark registration. Multi-class filing is not allowed for trademark registration in Qatar and hence separate filing has to be performed for each class. The alcohol products under class 33 are not eligible for registration.

    4. Trademark Examination

    After the trademark application is filed, the trademark undergoes the examination process by the Registrar. The potential trademark will be examined as to form and substance. The examination officer can raise an objection to the mark if he finds any issue with the trademark. The applicant will get the opportunity to respond to the objection to prove his trademark filing is valid. The response can be sent either through online or other forms.

    5. Trademark Publication

    If the examiner finds the application is valid he will accept the trademark. The trademark will then be published in the Official Gazette of Trademarks. Any interested party may raise opposition to the registration of the published trademark within four months of publication in the Gazette.

    6. Trademark Registration

    The Registrar will examine the validity of the opposition and will try to reach a settlement between both parties. If the Registrar fails to reach a decision or if both the parties object to the Registrar’s decision, then the opposition cases will be referred to the civil court. If there is no opposition, then the Registrar will issue a trademark registration certificate to the applicant.

    Trademark Agents in Qatar | Jitendra Intellectual Property

    The State of Qatar ensures the protection of the intellectual property rights of the businesses and individuals through the strong Trademark Laws it has implemented. The registration of trademarks in Qatar is necessary for the protection of logos, brands, designs, and other forms of trademarks. However, before registering a trademark, the brand owners need to know what trademarks can’t be registered in Qatar and what marks can be registered. Also, foreigners can apply for trademark registration only through reputed trademark agents in Qatar.

    It is in this situation that a well-known intellectual property service firm in Qatar such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) comes to the assistance of the brand owners. JIP has a team of highly qualified trademark agents in Qatar who are well-versed in the Trademark Law as well as the procedures at the Trademark Office. JIP’s trademark agents in Qatar assist the brand owners in trademark search, trademark filing, trademark registration, and trademark registration.

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