A Glimpse into the Significance of Patents in the Food Industry

Food and beverages (F&B) are one of the most lucrative sectors in the world, including in the UAE. As in any highly competitive industry, F&B companies need to constantly innovate to keep up with the changing consumer trends and evolving government regulations. Branding is a key focus of the industry as thousands of new products are launched every year. However, we can’t underestimate the relevance of patents in food-related inventions. Patent agents in Dubai can offer more guidance for F&B inventors to protect their inventions.

Inventors in the F&B businesses must know what kind of food-related inventions they can protect through patent registration in the UAE. They must also understand the procedures related to patent protection in the UAE. No need to worry, you can have a look at the following article to gain useful insights on the relevance of patents in the food industry:

Innovation in the Food Industry 

Just like other industries, innovation is a critical part of the food industry. Many popular products churned out by the food industry are the result of extensively researched scientific procedures. If the creation of a food product involves scientific processes and results from innovation, it can be protected by law. The techniques and many other by-products that play a role in the creation of food products become an Intellectual Property (IP). Trademarks apply to the brand name or packaging of a food product. Meanwhile, patents apply to the scientific processes behind the manufacturing of food products.

Patenting a Recipe for Food Products 

Businesses consider obtaining patent protection for a food recipe as a difficult task. Even though it’s true in most cases, recipes are not unpatentable. Since a food product is a type of chemical composition, the recipe can be regarded as a method of making a chemical composition. However, the recipe should be novel, inventive and industrially applicable to get patent protection.

Recipes often fail to prove this requirement and fail to get protection through patent registration in the UAE. The following types of recipes get patent protection without much hassle:

  • A specific combination of ingredients that generates an unexpected synergistic effect
  • A non-obvious substitute for a standard ingredient
  • An additive which generates an unexpected effect on the properties of the resultant food product

Types of Foods that Have Earned Patents across the world 

Several types of food products and recipes have been granted patents over the years. Most of these patents represent improvements to processes and products. For example, an invention that extended the shelf life of food with additives got a patent in the US. Similarly, an innovation related to mass cheese production and mass cereal production was awarded patents. In short, any novel invention that makes the shelf life of food longer or makes the manufacturing process easier has a higher chance of getting patented.

Other Components that can earn Patents 

The food industry is a vast sector and food products and procedures are not the only items that can be patented. Other key elements of the industry such as packaging or machinery used in the production of a particular food product can also be patented. A machine that automatically rolls dough has been protected through a patent. Similarly, the patent was awarded for a method of packing a food product to extend its shelf life. Packaging has a major role in extending the shelf life of a food product and it ensures that the quality of the product doesn’t decline as time passes.

Is Patent the right IP choice for the food industry? 

Patent registration in the UAE is a long and elaborate process. The process takes a long time in most of the other jurisdictions as well. Sometimes, the life cycle of a product may expire by the time a patent is granted. This is one of the reasons why patents remain overlooked in the F&B industry. However, this should not become a reason for ruling out the relevance of patents in the food industry. A patent can still provide you with some benefits even when an application is pending.

Your competitors may think twice before launching a similar product when they come to know about your patent application. There is uncertainty in the final scope of the patent until it has been granted. This will keep your competitors on their toes. If your competitors plan to file a patent application, you are in a good position in the case of a dispute. However, you need to have your patent application in such a case. Patent agents in Dubai can advise you further on the benefits.

Consult with the Best Patent Agents in Dubai, UAE 

Patent registration in the UAE is a complex process for inventors in the food industry. Inventors without a robust strategy may struggle to gain patents for their food products and processes. Patent agents in Dubai, such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) can help you develop a strong patent strategy. JIP has a team of highly qualified patent registration experts who can help you gain patents without any hassle.

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