Belize Joins Madrid Protocol: Key Things UAE Brand Owners Must Know

The Madrid Protocol for international trademark registration is the best way for UAE brand owners to register their trademarks in multiple jurisdictions. It is the most convenient way to protect international trademarks as you can protect your trademarks in numerous jurisdictions at the same time in a single application, a single language and paying only a single set of fees. It also allows a trademark owner to extend its scope of protection later when a new country joins the Protocol.

Trademark owners in the UAE need to be aware that a new country, Belize, has also joined the Madrid Protocol. Since a new country joined the Madrid Protocol system, you need to analyze whether it will create an opportunity for you in terms of trademark protection. This blog will enlighten you on the key things UAE brand owners need to know in the wake of a new Designated Contracting Party. Read ahead to know further:

A Snapshot of Belize Joining the System

Belize is a Caribbean and Central American country on the northeastern coast of Central America. The government of Belize deposited its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol on November 24, 2022. With the joining of Belize, global coverage of World Intellectual Property (WIPO)’s International Trademark System has been expanded into 129 countries. This means you can now secure trademark protection in 129 countries using the Madrid Protocol system.

What Does the Joining of Belize Mean for UAE Brand Owners?

New applicants in the UAE under the Madrid Protocol system can now designate Belize when filing their international applications. However, you should designate Belize in your international trademark applications only if you have a business interest there or you are planning to expand into Belize sooner or later. Consult with trademark agents in the UAE for more information on Belize.

Existing Users can Request a Subsequent Designation

If you have already used the Madrid Protocol for obtaining trademark protection in numerous jurisdictions, you may feel it is a missed opportunity while hearing the news of Belize joining the system. Business owners planning to expand into Belize may be worried about filing a fresh application. However, WIPO allows brand owners holding an international trademark registration to add additional contracting parties later.

YOU can designate additional countries at any time through a process called subsequent designation. You don’t need to file a fresh trademark application for obtaining trademark protection in Belize. You only need to submit a request for adding Belize as a subsequent designation in your international trademark registration. Trademark agents in the UAE can advise you on how to perform subsequent designations.

From When you Can Designate Belize in your International Registration?

Even though Belize has deposited its instrument of accession to the Madrid System, you will be required to wait for some more time to designate the country in your international trademark applications. As per the WIPO website, from 24th February 2023, applicants for International Trade Mark Registrations will be able to designate Belize as one of the countries in which they wish to seek protection for their marks. Trademark experts in Dubai can advise you further on the registration time.

Hire the Best Trademark Agents in the UAE

Even though the Madrid Protocol is cost-efficient, you have to determine whether it’s the right IP protection method for you. Before choosing the Madrid Protocol, you can consult with trademark agents in the UAE such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) to determine whether you should opt for the Madrid Protocol or not. JIP’s trademark agents are highly qualified and are in a better position to advise you on the Pros & Cons of the Madrid Protocol System.

JIP is one of the leading IP firms in Dubai with years of experience. We have helped out thousands of businesses to establish their brands across the UAE and other countries. JIP provides robust trademark services in Dubai such as trademark search, trademark watch and trademark renewals. Book a consultation with us to determine how to elevate your brand to the next level with adequate IP protection.

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