5 Things to Consider While Choosing Intellectual Property Services in UAE

After the registration of Intellectual Property with the Ministry of Economy, Intellectual Property (IP) firms in Dubai also help businesses to record a registered trademark with Dubai Economy. It is also advisable to record the registered brand with custom authorities across the UAE especially with Dubai Customs to stop the shipment of fake goods to enter the country.

For business owners who own any kind of Intellectual Property, choosing the services of the right Intellectual Property firm in the UAE should consider as a long-time investment. The use of trademarks, copyrights, and patents is vital to the revenue of the brand owner and it is imperative to use wisdom and extensive research while choosing the right IP firms in UAE. This is why only registering the trademarks, copyright or patents is not enough to protect the IP rights as an infringement of IP rights is possible anytime or anywhere that would hurt the revenues and eventually the growth of the company. An experienced Intellectual property services firm in UAE ensures that the brand owner is guided through the various stages during the registration & filing for dispute

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing the Intellectual Property Firm

1. Experience

Business owners need to do conduct extensive background research on the IP services firm or trademark agents in UAE. The brand owners must try to know about the results of the previous trademark or copyright infringement cases the firm handled and how did the firm handle the challenges during the disputes and negotiations. They should also know about the client base of the IP firms and understand how the clients benefitted.

2. Cost Estimate

The relationship between a company or brand owners and the intellectual property service firm should be on a long-term basis and owing to this factor, the cost of hiring Intellectual Property services in the UAE should be a top priority while opting for the one. Since it is a long-term investment, it is advisable to consider the cost of the trademark agent’s services but at the same time, it should not be compromised with the experience and portfolio of the firm.

3. Ease of Communication

Brand owners will have to work thoroughly with trademark agents while applying for trademark registration or dealing with trademark infringements or negotiating a cease & desist letter. Since it is an active and long collaboration that requires smooth and effective communication, companies must get to know the method by which the IP service firms operate in the UAE. The brand or trademark owners need to know about the frequency with which the trademark agents communicate with their clients. The preferred mode of communication is email and phone call. The trademark agents should be available to come across whenever needed, this is mostly required in infringement cases.

4. Small or Large Firm

The size of the IP firm sometimes would influence the business owner’s decision on whether or not to choose the particular service provider. For this, companies need to have prior knowledge about how big or small IP service firm is. In bigger firms, there are separate associates to assist the business owners at each stage of the trademark registration process. The company owners need to be future-oriented and if they have a plan to expand the business internationally later in the future, they should choose the trademark registration firm that deals with other trademark agents across the globe. This way the business can protect their brand and counter any infringement that may occur in different countries.

5. The Reputation of the IP Service In UAE

Brand owners should gather details like whether the IP firm has previously negotiated cases or filed trademark applications for clients who run a similar business as the brand owner. It is wise to ask whether they usually work with big brands or multinational companies (MNCs); universities, startups; or individuals like inventors or creative persons. It is also advisable to discuss with them the processes they follow during trademark registration or trademark infringement filing.

How Jitendra Intellectual Property Can Help You?

Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) shares its expertise on intellectual property law and the consequences of violations of those laws. While having a long-term association with JIP, clients could get expert advice on any new changes in laws and regulations related to Intellectual Property rights. After the registration of the trademark, copyright or patent, protecting the brand against any infringement in the UAE is the top priority of the JIP. JIP can also help their clients in drafting the following documents:

–   Deeds of assignment or transfer of owners

–   Licensing Agreements

–   Secret clauses for precautionary measures (in case of demonstrating an invention or product)

–    Drafting of other legal agreements related to intellectual property

Whether a new or established brand, JIP can help in all intellectual property matters for all kind of businesses from any industry in the UAE and across the GCC countries.

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