Critical Trademark Lessons for Baby Care Brands

Conducting trademark registration in the UAE for your baby care brand is significant for many reasons. The baby care industry is marked by cutthroat competition and intense marketing tactics to capture the market. You need to build a brand and protect it through trademark registration to grab the consumer’s attention and achieve their loyalty. Moreover, trademark registration is critical for countering counterfeiters, which is essential to safeguard babies from the harmful effects of inferior copycat versions of your products.

If you are already in the market with a baby care brand, delaying the trademark registration process will put a dent in your reputation as well as profits. Register your trademarks with the help of trademark agents in the UAE before impersonators start violating your valuable IP rights. You can use this article to create a strategy for trademark registration and enforcement in the UAE. Read ahead to gain key trademark lessons to protect your baby care brand:

Build a Trademark Strategy for your Brand

It is advisable to develop a strategy before applying for trademark registration in the UAE. Start with the name of the brand you are going to protect in the UAE. A distinctive name can accelerate your registration process, improving the chances for a successful registration. Invent new words for your brand instead of names that can be easily guessed, or that are descriptive or generic. Also, decide what aspects of your product can be trademarked in the UAE. The UAE Trademark Office will accept word marks, logos, slogans, shapes and colours as trademarks.

The UAE also allows the registration of non-conventional trademarks such as sound and smell. Your strategy will be incomplete if you fail to search for the existence of conflicting marks. If your proposed mark is similar to a previously registered mark, it may attract opposition action from third parties. Trademark agents in the UAE can search the official database which helps you avoid committing trademark infringement.

Follow the Standard Procedures at the UAE Trademark Office

It is mandatory for you to define the classes that accurately represent the goods or services your proposed trademark represents. This classification is based on the Nice Classification List which contains 45 classes of goods and services. For example, if you have a baby diaper product to the trademark, it can be listed under Class 5. Class 5 includes ‘diapers for babies and for incontinence’ along with other goods such as pharmaceuticals, medical and veterinary preparations; sanitary preparations for medical purposes etc. Trademark agents in the UAE can help you to accurately classify your trademark.

Create a Worldwide Trademark Strategy

Reputed baby care brands enjoy a presence across various international markets and their logos are easily recognised across the world. The rise of e-commerce has also boosted the international presence of baby care products. If you leave your brands unprotected in foreign jurisdictions, infringers may have a free ride on your brand’s reputation. You may think it is costly to file separate applications in each country.

There is a robust solution to reduce the cost of registering your trademark worldwide: the Madrid Protocol. The UAE has joined the Madrid Protocol on September 28th 2021, enabling you to register your trademarks in more than 125 countries with a single application, in a single language and paying only a single set of fees. Make the best of the Madrid Protocol to safeguard your trademark across the world. Consult with trademark agents in the UAE to protect your trademark using the Madrid Protocol.

Develop a Strong Trademark Enforcement Plan

Creating a robust trademark enforcement strategy is necessary not only to protect your business interests but also to safeguard public health. Fake baby products are a global phenomenon that must be countered to ensure the safety of kids across the world. Counterfeit products cover all the major baby care products, from strollers and rockers to diapers, and formula. The UAE has strong trademark enforcement measures that you can use to develop your anti-counterfeit strategy.

First of all, you need to record your registered trademark with the Customs Department. Only registered trademarks can be recorded with Customs. The Customs will stop and seize any inbound shipments that contain goods infringing your registered mark. You must also avail of trademark watch services in the UAE to identify the occurrence of trademark infringement in the market.

Hire the Best Trademark Agents in the UAE

Foreign companies can register a trademark in the UAE only through local trademark agents. You need to select efficient and experienced trademark agents in the UAE to protect your valued brands. IP firms such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) provide trademark services in the UAE that you can easily rely upon. We provide services such as trademark registration/renewal, trademark search, trademark watch etc. JIP also provides international trademark registration services as per the Madrid Protocol. Call our dedicated trademark experts to ensure your trademarks remain protected.

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