Debunking Five Trademark Myths for a Better Brand Protection in UAE

The ultimate goal of branding is to create a perception among the customers and deliver consistently what it promises. And for that companies have enhanced visibility and presence in the target markets to distinguishes themselves from their competitors. A business with a robust brand strategy framework can easily win the trust and loyalty of the consumers. And no one can deny the power of trademarks in helping the companies establish a good reputation in multiple jurisdictions, including the UAE. However, influenced by many prevailing trademark myths, most businesses ignore the importance of trademark registration in the UAE.

The lack of a registered trademark in the UAE will prevent you from having a competitive edge in the market. The competitors would take advantage of the weakness in your brand strategy and elbow your products out of the market eventually. Sounds, scary? Don’t worry, trademark agents in Dubai debunk the five trademark myths for you, which will enable you to realise how important a trademark for your business.

1. Registration Makes Sense only for Big Brands

The scale of the business is not a benchmark for registering your trademarks in the UAE. If you are sure of the profit potential of your business, register the brand names and logo right from the start. By not securing the trademark right for your IP assets, you are giving a chance for your competitors to make inroads into your business. Big businesses can afford trademark litigations to take back their rights from infringers.

Therefore, conducting trademark registration in the UAE right from the start would prevent you from spending money, time and resources for big brand wars. Also, small businesses may not require a wide trademark portfolio compared to big brands. So, there is no point in believing that trademark registration is meant only for big brands.

2. No Need to Register Trademark if Trade Name is Registered

The inability to differentiate between a trading name and a trademark is a common cause that makes business owners complacent enough to register their trademarks in the UAE. A trade name is the name of the company that you have registered in the UAE. A trade name registration doesn’t protect your brand name.

You can opt for a trade name deletion if you come across a conflicting company name but not a confusingly similar brand names. A trademark extends protection to your products or services, and therefore it is necessary to safeguard your IP assets through formal registration. The registration process could be completed in easy steps with the help of registered trademark agents in the UAE.

3. Brand Name Should Describe Products & Services Offered

This is one of the common myths associated with selecting the right type of trademarks for registration. Choosing a trademark that directly describes your products or services would take away the distinctiveness of the mark. Such trademarks enjoy less protection and are vulnerable to infringement. For instance, ‘JUICY FRESH’ is not a distinctive trademark for brand-related juices.

Descriptive trademarks are not strong trademarks and do not qualify for registration in most jurisdictions. Always register trademarks in the UAE that does not directly reflect any quality of the products or services you offer. A brand name could be a coined word or a suggestive term that requires the consumers to get educated about the meaning. Consult with the best trademark agents in Dubai for coming up with a unique trademark.

4. Trademark Registration is Not Affordable

Small businesses and startups usually cite the costs of trademark registration in the UAE as an excuse to non-registration. However, whatever you spend on your trademarks is worth the money considering the financial damages you may incur as a result of a potential infringement. A competitor can secure protection for a brand name similar to yours, which would hurt your business prospects.

Trademark registration costs in UAE are affordable as the UAE trademark office has recently reduced the official fee for many services related to trademarks such as registration, renewal, publication in the Gazette etc. Prior consultation with registered trademark agents in Dubai would help you avoid unnecessary spending on trademarks.

5. A Registered Trademark is Safe from Infringement

Registering your trademarks in the UAE doesn’t guarantee you 100% protection from infringement. If your registered trademark is enjoying a good reputation in the market, the competitors will try to get a share of it by impersonating your brands. You may not be aware of the existence of copycats unless you are monitoring the market vigilantly.

Keeping an eye on the market needs time and dedication that brand owners can’t do independently.  Availing reliable trademark watch services provided by trademark agents in Dubai is the ultimate solution for this issue. The agents monitor the trademark database regularly and send alerts to brand owners whenever a conflicting trademark is filed at the Trademark Office.

Burst the Myth with Trademark Agents in Dubai

Brand owners often abstain from conducting trademark registration in the UAE, mainly due to ignorance about its importance. The small business owners believe that brand registration in the UAE makes sense only for big companies. The big businesses also commit mistakes by filing weak trademarks that are overly descriptive. All of these mistakes stem from some common misconceptions that have been prevalent in the industry for years.

Before buying into such misleading myths, businesses should consult with trademark agents in Dubai, such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) who possess the necessary legal expertise. JIP helps the brand owners easily navigate the complexities of the Trademark Office procedures. Our trademark agents assist the brand owners in trademark search, trademark watch services etc. JIP ensures that the brands enjoy increased protection across the UAE and other GCC countries.

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