Do you know Which Trademark Class Covers Textile Products?

If you have a brand dealing with textile products, you must select Class 24 in the application for trademark registration in the UAE. Selecting appropriate trademark classes is a mandatory legal requirement while registering a trademark in the UAE. If you choose an incorrect class, your trademark application may be rejected by the trademark office.

In some cases, it could also face opposition from other trademark holders. By accurately classifying your goods or services, you increase the chances of a smooth registration process. To select the correct trademark class, you should consider the nature of your goods or services and their typical industry.

It is often recommended to consult with the best trademark agents in the UAE, who can guide you through the classification process and ensure accurate classification for your trademark application. In this blog, we will guide you through the goods covered under trademark class 24. Read ahead for more insights:

Goods covered under Trademark Class 24

The trademark Class 24 has been created to include products such as textiles and substitutes for textiles, household linen, and curtains of textile or plastic. Class 24 includes mainly fabrics and fabric covers for household use. Class 24 includes the following type of goods:

  • Household linen, for example, bedspreads, pillow shams, towels of textile;
  • Bed linen of paper;
  • Sleeping bags, sleeping bag liners;
  • Mosquito nets

Goods not Covered under Trademark Class 24

While trying to select an appropriate trademark class for your brand, you may come across similar products that are included in classes other than Class 24. Confused brand owners may mistakenly choose the wrong class putting their registration at risk. Choosing the wrong trademark class may increase the risk of brand confusion, making it hard for you to enforce your trademark rights in the UAE.

This can be avoided by availing of trademark class selection assistance services from trademark agents in the UAE. They can guide you through the products included in Class 24 and those not included. For example, the following similar goods are not included under trademark class 24:

  • Electrically heated blankets for medical purposes (Class 10)
  • Electrically heated blankets not for medical purposes (Class 11)
  • Table linen of paper (Class 16);
  • Asbestos safety curtains (Class 17)
  • Bamboo curtains and bead curtains for decoration (Class 20)
  • Horse blankets (Class 18);
  • Fabrics for bookbinding (Class 16)
  • Insulating fabrics (Class 17)
  • Geotextiles (Class 19)

Coordinated Classes/Related Classes for Class 24

Apart from choosing the appropriate primary class, you should also select the relevant, coordinated classes for your trademark. Coordinated classes cross over within the standard Nice Classification categories as they are related to one another. Most companies diversify their business activities to improve their market share and may offer additional services or goods that are related to the primary product.

Your trademark application should reflect your activity in those associated industries to protect your brand name. Consult with trademark agents in the UAE if you are struggling to identify the coordinated classes. The following are the coordinated classes you may consider for Class 24:

  • Class 23 — Yarns and Threads
  • Class 25 — Clothing
  • Class 26 — Lace and Embroidery
  • Class 35 — Advertising and Business Services
  • Class 42 — Science and Technology Services

Protect your Brand through Trademark Agents in the UAE

When registering a trademark in the UAE, applicants must list at least one trademark class in their submission. They should also add relevant, coordinated classes to increase the scope of trademark protection. Business owners who find the process tough and tiring can select the classes with the help of trademark agents in the UAE, such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP).

We are one of the leading providers of trademark services in Dubai with years of experience. Our agents are highly qualified and well-versed in the UAE Trademark Law. JIP can help you navigate the complex procedures set out by the UAE Trademark Office so that you can avoid opposition or outright refusals. We can also help you track infringers through our robust trademark watch services in the UAE. If you want to protect your trademark internationally, JIP can help you file a trademark using the Madrid Protocol system. Contact us today for more information on our services.

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