Everything You Must Know About Patents In The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is heavily dependent on emerging technologies that have redefined the way vehicles are manufactured and operated. It means the sectors are throbbing with new inventions based on the latest technology, requiring the inventors to protect their inventions with patents. Inventions in the auto industry are mainly based on consumer safety and tools to increase the efficiency of the vehicles etc.

In tandem with the changing consumer preferences, manufacturers have adopted the latest technologies to improve their offerings. Auto manufacturers have started to integrate digitalisation and automation into their manufacturing processes and product development to enhance customer experience. The adoption of newer technologies has nevertheless complicated the realm of patent protection, which necessitates the intervention of patent agents in the UAE to help you navigate key IP challenges. In this article, we have detailed every aspect of patent protection the automakers must know.

Key Requirements for Patent Registration

Patent eligibility is a key challenge that auto manufacturers must navigate to successfully register an automotive patent in the UAE. They need to accurately determine whether their claimed inventions qualify as patent-eligible subject matter. Consulting with patent agents in the UAE can help auto inventors to navigate such challenges. Some of the key requirements are listed below:

1. Eligible Subject Matter

Before applying for patent registration in the UAE, you must ensure that the subject matter of the application is eligible for a patent grant. New products, new manufacturing processes, software etc. can be protected through patents in the UAE. However, subject matter that is not patentable in the UAE are:

  • Plant varieties, species of animals, and any biological method used for producing plants or animals (microbiological methods and their products are an exception)
  • Diagnostic methods, treatments & surgical operations
  • Scientific & Mathematical principles, discoveries & methods
  • Guides, rules or methods used to conduct business or perform mental activities or play games
  • Inventions that are against public order or morals

2. The Automotive Invention Should be Novel

Automotive inventors should ensure that their proposed invention is new, meeting the novelty requirements set out by the UAE Patent Office. The novelty requirement means the proposed invention should not be something that is already publicly known. Inventions that are already known in the public domain will not be granted patent registration in the UAE as the law deems it unfair to provide applicants with the economic benefits of an already available patent. Automotive companies can sign a confidentiality agreement with the original inventor and related parties to prevent the disclosure of their product, process or invention.

3. The Invention Should Involve Inventive Steps

The requirement of an inventive step concerns the obviousness of your new invention. The inventions should not be obvious to a person with ordinary skills in a particular field. For example, a car manufacturer named XZY wants to patent an invention titled A+B. Both the elements of the invention, which are A & B, are known in the prior art. Here, the examiner will assess whether someone with ordinary skills in the specific field may find A+B to be already known after examining both A and B. If yes, the invention A+B is obvious and can’t be patented. Carry out a non-obviousness assessment before applying for registration and discuss it with patent agents in the UAE to avoid potential rejection of your application.

4. The Invention Should be Industrially Applicable

As per the law governing patent registration in the UAE, an invention should be capable of industrial application. It means your invention should serve a unique purpose and solve an already existing problem. If your invention is not capable of industrial application, it has failed to meet the basic requirements for patentability. Consult with patent registration agents in Dubai to assess the patentability of your invention.

5. The Innovation Must Not Have Prior Use

Next, you have to check whether the proposed patent has been in use before applying for patent registration in the UAE. If you have been selling the product, using the process in the business, or licensed the invention for other parties, you will be disqualified for patent protection. Such use of a patent will constitute a prior use, which should be avoided at any cost. Seeking the advice of patent agents in the UAE will come in handy for you in assessing the patentability of the invention in such cases.

Get Help from the Best Patent Agents in Dubai, UAE

Technological inventions are the backbone of the automotive industry as consumers long for a better user experience. However, inventions should be protected through patent registration in the UAE to beat your competitors and stay strong in the market. The process of patent registration is long and complex for which seeking the advice of leading patent agents in the UAE such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is essential. JIP has a team of patent advisers who can help the inventors with drafting the documents and submitting them without any error to the MoE.

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