A Guide To Carrying Out Effective Patent Searches For Your Inventions

Carrying out a patent search is essential for inventors before applying for patent registration in the UAE. Performing a patent search in the UAE helps inventors to get an overview of already existing inventions and to identify the third-party intellectual property rights. Patent searches are used to identify information about patents and to discover technical innovations. Inventors need not worry about conducting a patent search as patent agents in the UAE can do it on your behalf.

Patent searches are critical to assess whether your invention will be granted a patent by the UAE Ministry of Economy (MoE). Furthermore, availing of patent search services in the UAE helps you to gain valuable insights into the technical progress of a competitor and may serve as inspiration for future developments. There are mainly four types of patent searches that serve different objectives. Read ahead to know more about each of them:

1. Patentability Search

A patentability search, also called a novelty search, is carried out to determine whether or not an idea is novel and non-obvious. A complete patentability search constitutes all types of prior art that will give you a comprehensive overview of the technology landscape. A patentability search should be completed at the time of ideation and before the disclosure.

2. Freedom to Operate Search

A freedom to operate search (FTO) helps inventors to assess how similar a product is to existing patents. It means an FTO search helps you to determine how likely inventors are to infringe on a patent by making and marketing their inventions. An FTO search will give you information on the technical IP rights of other parties that can prevent the commercial use of your technical product or process. Carrying out an FTO search early in the innovation cycle helps R&D teams design around existing patents. Later on, the results of the search can identify whether you may need to license other patents to bring your product to market.

3. State of the Art Search

Conducting a state-of-the-art patent search in the UAE lets you assess the literature related to a specific industry as opposed to a certain technology. Also known as a product clearance or patent landscape search, the state-of-the-art search allows companies to identify their competitors and existing products within their field. Key insights derived from a state-of-the-art search enable researchers, engineers, and leaders to make strategic decisions at any point within the innovation cycle. Consult with patent agents in the UAE for carrying out effective state-of-the-art patent searches.

4. Invalidity Search

An invalidity patent search in the UAE comes in handy when you want to determine the strength of a specific patent. The results of an invalid search help you to determine whether or not a patent holder can claim patent infringement in the UAE. You can also use the search results to determine the licensing fees or value.

5. Evidence of Use Search

Evidence of Use search (EOU) Search carries out when the patent owners seek to identify potentially infringing products in the marketplace. You can conduct an EOU patent search in the UAE to find out products or processes in the market that are likely to infringe on your existing patent or even a patent application in progress. Performing an EOU patent search requires you to have a clear understanding of patent infringement and the IP laws of relevant jurisdictions. An EOU search is considered a sensitive kind of patent search as any negligence while carrying out the search and analysis of the findings may prove to be risky for the organization. This is why you need to consult with patent agents in the UAE prior to carrying out the EOU search.

The Importance of a Patent Search

Inventors applying for patent registration in the UAE may think their inventions are 100% original. No matter how unique your invention may appear, there may be other inventions or processes that are similar to yours. This similarity is reason enough for the Patent examiner to deny you a patent grant. Inventors can save money and time by identifying the existence of identical or similar patents.

A thorough patent search will help you to determine if your patent will infringe on the rights of other patent holders. A patent search also helps you to find out what else is not there in your invention.  While searching for other patents you can assess the uniqueness and usefulness of your invention and adjust accordingly. Most importantly, it gives you peace of mind when you understand your invention is eligible for patent registration in the UAE.

Hire the Leading Patent Agents in Dubai, UAE

Inventors must consider carrying out effective patent searches before applying for patent registration in the UAE. Performing a comprehensive patent search in the UAE will help you to gain insights that will help your invention as well as the organisation as a whole. Leading patent agents in the UAE such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) can advise inventors about the importance of patent searches. JIP has highly a skilled team of patent agents, who can help you to meet your IP requirements including patent searching, and patent filing in the UAE and internationally. Protect your inventions and innovations with the help of our highly qualified agents.

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