How do the Benefits of Madrid Protocol Enhance Dynamics of UAE Brand Registration?

Brand owners in the UAE can register international trademarks under the Madrid Protocol starting from December 28th, 2021. With this, the UAE is slated to join the likes of Oman and Bahrain, the only two other GCC countries that facilitate international trademark registration under the Madrid Protocol. Unlike the national trademark registration, Madrid Protocol offers more flexibility, convenience, cost-effectiveness and wider protection for brands. Trademark agents in Dubai can guide the brand owners through the process of international trademark registration.

Administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), Madrid Protocol is likely to enhance the regime of trademark registration in the UAE. The local brand owners can now enjoy worldwide trademark protection without spending money on separate filings. However, since Madrid Protocol is new to the UAE, many brand owners might be sceptical about the benefits of international trademark registration. Here are some important insights on how Madrid Protocol is likely to bring positive changes to the UAE brand owners.

1. Only a Single Filing is Enough

One of the biggest conveniences that the Madrid Protocol offers to the brand owners is the need for only a single filing. Brand owners can get trademark protection for a brand in all the Madrid Protocol members through a single filing. Previously, multiple filings were required to attain trademark protection in multiple international jurisdictions.

2. One Language for Multiple Filings

Language is the biggest barrier associated with the system of national trademark registration in all jurisdictions across the world. Brand owners need to file the trademark application in the official language of the country in the case of a national trademark filing. For instance, the national trademark registration in the UAE requires the brand owners to submit the application in Arabic.

This means a brand owner from a non-member country is required to file multiple applications in multiple languages to have trademark protection in each territory. The Madrid Protocol of international trademark registration eliminates this inconvenience by allowing trademark filing in a single language. Trademark agents in Dubai can assist the brand owners in filing international trademark applications seamlessly.

3. Opportunity for Cost-effective Trademark Filing

Filing multiple trademark applications globally is a costly procedure for businesses. Small or medium-scale businesses can’t afford to conduct multiple trademark filings due to the cost factor. Costs spike due to expenses related to translation, exchange-related fees and fees for local representatives in each country. The Madrid Protocol of international trademark registration eliminates many of such unnecessary costs as only a single filing is needed.

There is no need for translation or to appoint separate trademark agents for each country under the Madrid system. Obtaining and maintaining trademarks abroad is a cost-effective process under the Madrid system of international trademark registration. Connect with the best trademark agents in Dubai for more information on the cost of international trademark registrations.

4. Protection in 100 plus countries

The UAE has now become the 109th member of the Madrid System of international trademark registration. This means a local UAE brand owner can enjoy trademark protection in all the other member countries by filing a single trademark application. Brand owners have the freedom to select multiple contracting parties (member countries) where they wish to protect their trademarks. Worldwide trademark protection is one thing that a national system of trademark registration can never promise to provide. Consult with trademark agents in Dubai to get the list of contracting parties to the Madrid Protocol.

5. No Need to Wait for Long for Acceptance

The holder of the trademark need not wait for the trademark offices of each contracting party to make a decision regarding the protection of the mark. If a trademark office of a contracting party fails to issue a trademark refusal within the applicable time limit, it will be assumed that the trademark is automatically protected in that member country. In most cases, the Office of the contracting party will send the grant of trademark protection before the end of the expiry of the time limit. This means the brand owner need not wait longer to receive the statement of grant of protection from the Office of a Contracting Party.

6. Freedom to Record Changes after Registration

Brand owners opting for international trademark registration can record any changes subsequent to registration without hassle. Changes can be recorded with effect for multiple contracting parties through a simple centralised procedure through WIPO. The changes that can be recorded include a change in the name or address of the holder or a change (total or partial) in ownership or a limitation of the list of goods and services etc. The biggest advantage is that all such changes can be recorded post registration with a single payment of the fee.

7. Opportunity to Protect Trademark in New Member Countries

More and more countries are becoming a party to the Madrid Protocol of international trademark registration. Brand owners can seek the protection of the mark in new countries that become members of the Madrid system subsequently. Trademark agents in Dubai can shed more light on this aspect.

8. Flexibility in Power of Attorney Requirements

Under the Madrid Protocol, the brand owners only need to comply with the power of attorney requirements of the base country. The base country is where the applicants have nationality, domicile or business incorporation. This means a company incorporated in the UAE needs to comply with the Power of Attorney requirements of that country to enjoy protection in multiple member countries.

How can Jitendra Intellectual Property Help you With Madrid Protocol?

The Madrid Protocol of international trademark registration is poised to enhance the regime of trademark registration in the UAE by providing the benefits mentioned in this article. However, to leverage those benefits, brand owners need the expert assistance of trademark agents in Dubai, such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP). JIP has sufficient experience and resources to help brand owners to register their trademarks internationally. In addition, JIP can help the brand owners with trademark registration and renewal in line with the WIPO rules. Contact us soon to protect trademarks across the world seamlessly.

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