How to Protect your Brands in Egypt through Trademark Registration?

Egypt is on the radar of investors seeking to expand their business presence across the lucrative Middle East market. However, the expansion ambitions of global entrepreneurs may end up futile if they are not developing a strong brand strategy for Egypt. The investors need to protect their brands through trademark registration in Egypt to protect their brands from competitors and counterfeiters. Since building a strong brand is critical for gaining the loyalty of target customers in the market, the brand owners must avail the best trademark registration services in Egypt to boost their business ambitions.

The process of trademark registration is composed of certain standard procedures that the brand owners must comply with to avoid delays and rejection. The support of accredited trademark agents in Egypt will come in handy for the brand owners seeking to register their trademarks. This blog is intended to enlighten the brand owners with the requirements and steps to be followed to properly register a trademark in Egypt. Read further to know how to legally protect your brands in Egypt.

International Trademark Registration in Egypt

Egypt is a party to the Madrid Agreement that enables the brand owners to register international trademarks. Madrid Protocol is a cost-efficient single application system for securing trademark protection in up to 122 jurisdictions. Since Egypt is a member of the agreement, the brand owners are not required to file a separate application for obtaining trademark protection in multiple countries.

Check Registrability of Trademarks

In every jurisdiction, proposed trademarks are tested for their strength and distinctiveness to allow registration. If a trademark is composed of terms that describe a prominent feature or characteristics of the product, it won’t be granted registration. While selecting a logo or brand name for trademark registration in Egypt, you should ensure that it is not descriptive or generic.

You can play with the words to produce fanciful trademarks such as XEROX or arbitrary trademarks like Apple for computer products. The former is a coined word that has no meaning in any language, and the latter’s original meaning is not connected with the business. Check with your trademark registration agents in Egypt to ensure that the proposed trademarks are eligible for registration.

Ensure the Trademark is Available

Right after selecting a distinctive trademark, you need to get in touch with your trademark agents in Dubai to avail of trademark search services. A trademark search service basically allows you to ensure that your proposed trademark is not identical or similar to other trademarks registered in Egypt. Trademark agents in Egypt will conduct a thorough search on the official gazette and on the internet for conflicting trademarks. Trademark search is not a mandatory process in Egypt, but performing the process will save you from being opposed or sued by other parties on the basis of trademark infringement.

Trademark Registration and NICE Classification

You can register a trademark with the support of the best trademark agents in Egypt, who will complete the process on your behalf. Egypt follows the NICE Classification of Goods and Services, and it is highly recommended to file the trademarks under relevant classes. There are a total of 45 classes under the NICE Classification, arranged in terms of goods and services.

Failing to file a trademark under the wrong class or in fewer classes would lead to risks such as brand confusion. With the help of trademark agents in Egypt, you can file the trademarks under multiple classes to ensure enhanced trademark protection. You need to hand over certain documents to the agents such as power of attorney notarized by the Notary Public, Copy of the company’s article of incorporation or commercial register legalized by the Egyptian Consulate, Copy of the trademark’s form and the Classes and list of products and/or services which shall be protected under the trademark in question.

Keep Your Trademark Registration Alive

A Registered trademark in Egypt is valid for a period of ten years but is renewable for periods of ten years each upon application. The Trademark Office will send a notice to the trademark owner reminding them about the payment for renewing trademark registration in Egypt. If the registered owner fails to renew the trademark during the six months grace period following the expiry, the registration will be cancelled and eventually be removed from the register.

Apart from renewal, the active use of trademarks is a major factor vital for keeping your registered trademark alive. Trademark registration in Egypt is susceptible to the risk of cancellation if any interested party approaches a court citing non-use for a period of 5 consecutive years. The registration can be cancelled on the back of the court decision unless the owner proves active use with sufficient evidence. Trademark agents in Egypt can help you with robust advice on keeping your trademark registration alive.

Get Assisted by our Qualified Trademark Agents in Egypt

Investors expanding into Egypt must protect their brands from competitors by registering their trademarks. By performing trademark registration in Egypt, you can ensure that your brands are safe from potential infringement and counterfeiting. In case of any infringement, a registered trademark gives you the entitlement to pursue action against the culprits. Since the registration process involves a series of complex steps, availing the services of the best trademark agents in Egypt, such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP), is highly recommended.

JIP is a full-service IP service provider with years of experience in assisting brand owners in registering their trademarks in Egypt. JIP has a team of highly qualified trademark agents in Egypt who are well-versed in the Trademark Law and the procedures of registering the trademarks. By hiring JIP’s trademark agents in Egypt, the brand owners can ensure that their trademarks remain protected from all sorts of infringement.

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