How to Register Pharmaceutical Products in Dubai, UAE?

Being a dynamic international market, Dubai has taken commendable efforts in regulating the manufacturing, import and selling of pharmaceutical products. The stringent regulations have ensured that the population of Dubai is not harmed by any unregulated products sold in the market. As part of this policy, the Dubai government has mandated that all pharmaceutical products must be registered with the Dubai Municipality before it reaches the market. A properly registered product will ensure that the consumer can get to know the origin of the product as well as its ingredients. In the event of any harmful ingredient is detected the consumer can file a complaint against the pharmaceutical product based on the information on the label of the registered product.

Process of Pharmaceutical Products Registration with the Dubai Municipality

The process of registering pharmaceutical products with the Dubai Municipality involves an application for registration, label assessment etc. Trademark agents in Dubai, UAE offers product registration services as well. Pharmaceutical companies should enlist the services of the top trademark agents in Dubai to make the registration process easier.

1. Register With Dubai Municipality

Pharmaceutical companies with a valid license, mainland or freezone, should apply for registration with the Dubai Municipality for initiating the process of product registration. The companies are required to submit a Products Registration Service Application along with the required government fee. Trademark agents in Dubai can guide businesses on the fee structure and application process.

2. Submission of Required Documents

Pharmaceutical companies can appoint a representative who is required to fill out the application form for each product. The representative should also submit a copy of a valid label assessment of the product that needs to be registered along with other necessary documents. All these processes can be performed online with the Dubai Municipality.

3. Review and Approval of Registration

In the final stage of product registration, the Dubai Municipality will review the application and the submitted documents. If the documents and the details of the pharmaceutical products are complying with its regulations, the product will be registered with the Municipality.  The Municipality will generate a certificate in electronic form. The registration for the pharmaceutical product is valid for 5 years. 

4. Grounds for Rejection

The application for registration can be rejected for the following reasons. The pharma product might get rejected if,

  1. The product is on the prohibited goods list
  2. Ingredients are not declared
  3. Ingredients listed in any foreign language which is neither Arabic nor English
  4. Difficulty in reading label information
  5. Contains religious signs or inappropriate pictures

The representative of the company can follow up with the Dubai Municipality with the required documents if objections are raised to the application.

Advantages of Pharmaceutical Product Registration

Though the companies are required to comply with the Dubai Municipality standards, it comes with lots of benefits for the pharmaceutical companies. Product registration would have a positive impact on the import, sales, re-export and promotion of the products in the UAE market. The following are some of the benefits that the pharmaceutical companies can avail by registering their products with the Dubai Municipality:

  1. High growth prospects due to demand from health-conscious residents of Dubai
  2. Benefits of manufacturing, and re-exporting products due to a favourable tax environment
  3. As the registered products are deemed to be of good standards the companies for aim for greater market penetration

How Jitendra Intellectual Property can Help Register Pharmaceutical Products?

Registering pharmaceutical products with the Dubai Municipality is mandatory for companies to trade their products in the UAE market. The process requires the pharmaceutical products to pass through a series of tests and procedures. To ensure that the documentations are proper and the label tests are conducted as per standards, the companies can seek the services of the best trademark agents in the UAE, who also offers product registration services. Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is a leading Intellectual property service firm in Dubai, UAE that also offers product registration services. JIP’s highly qualified trademark agents will help pharmaceutical companies in ensuring that their products are registered with the Dubai Municipality properly.

 The trademark agents will assist the companies in all the processes right from the application to obtaining the registration certificate. JIP’s trademark agents will help the companies review their product labels to ensure that they comply with the standards set by the Dubai Municipality. JIP suggests that pharmaceutical companies register their products with the Dubai Municipality to enhance their brand value in the UAE market by earning the trust of consumers and authorities.

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