Keep these things in mind Before Registering a Trademark in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a profitable ground for both global and regional brands. However, the tough competition in the local market makes it critical for businesses to protect their brand by conducting trademark registration in Bahrain.

The complexities of the Trademark Law in Bahrain may make the process tough for foreign brand owners. However, trademark agents in Bahrain can make the process easier for you. In this blog, we will guide you on the key things you must keep in mind before registering a trademark in Bahrain:

Things that can Be Trademarked in Bahrain

Trademarks that can be registered in Bahrain include distinct signs, names, words, letters, numbers, pictures, inscriptions, symbols, photographic elements, packaging, drawings, figures, a specific colour, multiple colours or a combination of different colours, signs or groups of signs etc.

Conduct a Comprehensive Trademark Search

A comprehensive Trademark search will help you avoid attracting opposition action from the owners of existing trademarks.

Trademark agents in Bahrain can search the official trademark registry and also on the internet to find out if your proposed mark is identical or confusingly similar to other senior marks. If no conflicting mark is identified, it is a green flag for your proposed mark. Otherwise, you need to carry out a rebranding.

Apply for Trademark Registration

After clearing the search process, you can proceed to register your trademark in Bahrain. The kingdom allows two types of registration procedures:

  1. Trademark registration for Bahraini nationals
  2. Trademark registration in Bahrain for foreigners

Bahraini citizens need to register directly at the Trademark Office in the Industrial Property Directorate. Foreign brand owners are required to apply through trademark agents in Bahrain.

Trademark Online Filing in Bahrain

Bahrain has implemented an online portal through which brand owners can register their brands in Bahrain. The online platform also facilitates the opposition of trademark applications in Bahrain. IP firms in Bahrain can help you register your trademarks on the online platform.

File the Trademark under the Right Class

Brand owners are required to file their trademarks under relevant classes of goods and services as per the Nice Classification. Bahrain doesn’t permit the multi-class filing of trademarks and you are required to file a separate application for each class.

Choosing the right trademark classes requires extensive knowledge of the 45 classes in the Nice Classification list. You can consult with IP firms in Bahrain to avoid any errors while selecting the right classes.

Wait for the Trademark Examination

The trademark examination process in Bahrain will commence after you submit the application. The trademark officer will examine the application to determine if the proposed mark is similar to any other registered marks. In case of any similarity or anomaly, the office will raise an objection to your trademark application in Bahrain.

Check for Publication in the Official Gazette

Once your mark meets all the requirements, it will be accepted for registration. It will then be published in the Gazette of the Patent and Trademark Office. There will be a 60-day opposition period during which any interested party can object to your proposed trademark. Once cleared, the Industrial Property Directorate of Bahrain will issue a trademark registration certificate.

Validity of Trademark Registration in Bahrain

The registration of a trademark in Bahrain is valid for 10 years from the date of filing the application. You can renew the trademark for periods of 10 years each. You can avail of the 6-month grace period for delayed renewal of trademark registration in Bahrain.

Third parties are not allowed to claim your trademark even if it is not renewed within the grace period. However, such parties can apply for the trademark after the lapse of 3 years from the date of cancellation. IP consultants in Bahrain can help you with the renewal process.

Why Choose Jitendra Intellectual Property?

The Kingdom of Bahrain has implemented robust regulations to protect the intellectual property (IP) rights of businesses through trademark registration. The process of trademark registration in Bahrain enables brand owners to stand out from competitors and protect their brands from counterfeit products. However, foreign brand owners require the assistance of the best trademark agents in Bahrain to file an application with the Trademark Office.

Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is a reputed Intellectual Property firm that has highly qualified trademark agents in Bahrain. JIP’s trademark agents are well-versed in the Trademark laws and regulations of Bahrain. JIP assists brand owners with services including trademark search, trademark registration, trademark renewal, etc.

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