Key Decisions you must Make While filing a Trademark Application

Registering a trademark in the UAE is a lengthy process that requires you to make some accurate decisions. Any error in judgment could adversely impact the validity and enforceability of your trademark rights. Registered trademarks are key to your brand reputation, customer loyalty and brand identity, which makes it pertinent to avail the services of trademark agents in the UAE.

Here is a list of key decisions you will have to make while applying for trademark registration in the UAE. Read ahead to ensure your making the right trademark decisions in the UAE:

Decide the Proper Ownership of the Mark

You can create a solid foundation for your trademark if you establish a proper chain of ownership. If you file a trademark with a corporate entity as the owner, first ensure that the company is active and in good standing. Filing a trademark in the name of an entity that does not exist may make your trademark filing void from the start. The resultant registration could go worthless.

Hire Experienced Trademark Agents in the UAE

Foreign companies can apply for trademark registration in the UAE only through local trademark agents. However, you need to ensure that the trademark agents of your choice are experienced and qualified enough to deal with the procedures of the UAE Trademark Office. Hiring the right trademark agents will determine the fate of your trademark application. Trademark agents in the UAE can advise you whether your proposed trademark is registrable or not. They can conduct a trademark search to determine if your proposed mark is not violating the rights of existing trademark owners.

Decide on the goods and services

It is important to file your trademarks under the right classes while drafting your trademark application. There are 45 classes of goods and services and you need to decide which class accurately represents your trademark. You cannot go wrong while selecting a trademark class as it will create brand confusion and adversely impact its enforceability. If you offer any other related good or service under the brand, you need to select relevant additional classes as well. Decisions such as these are tough to make but trademark agents in the UAE can help you.

Decide on international Registration

If your UAE company is operating in multiple countries, it is risky to operate without a registered trademark in those territories. If you are planning to expand or have a business interest in multiple countries, you must get trademark protection internationally. Getting a trademark registered worldwide has become easier with the UAE joining the Madrid Protocol system.

Madrid Protocol enables you to register a trademark through a single filing in a single language by paying a single set of fees. You also have to decide the countries in which you need trademark protection. Currently, more than 125 countries are contracting parties to the Madrid Protocol. However, if any new country joins the Protocol after your registration, you can get protection in that country through Subsequent Designation.

Decide when to apply for trademark registration

Trademarks are critical for the success of a business as it protects your brand’s identity and reputation. It helps you distinguish your goods or services from that of your competitors. However, not all brands have applied for trademark registration. Big companies register a trademark as soon as they develop a brand around a product. Some companies, especially SMEs, apply for trademark protection only when they become recognised in the market.

Trademark agents in the UAE recommend you apply for trademark registration once you’ve developed the goods or services and offered them to the public. A registered trademark will grant you the exclusive right to offer those products or services. Delaying trademark registration will give others room for registering a trademark that is similar to yours.

Hire the Best Trademark Services in Dubai

Before registering a trademark with the UAE Ministry of Economy, you need to think about certain considerations.. Trademark agents in the UAE such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) can advise you on such critical issues to enable you make the best decisions.

JIP is a leading provider of trademark services in Dubai known for helping out reputed clients from a wide spectrum of industries. We have a team of highly qualified trademark experts who can guide you on trademark registration, renewal, trademark search and trademark watch services. JIP also offers services related to the Madrid Protocol of International Trademark Registration. Contact us today for comprehensive IP advice.

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