Madrid Protocol: When Should you opt for International Trademark Registration?

Up until 2021, the brand owners in the UAE had faced a great deal of trouble with the process of international trademark registration. They had to file the trademarks in each country separately apart from filing the application as per each country’s language. The trouble with an international trademark registration is over for the UAE brand owners as the country has joined the Madrid Protocol. However, they should find a solution for what’s best for them: national registration or international registration.

International trademark registration as per the Madrid Protocol will officially begin from December 2021 in the UAE. Brand owners can seek the help of trademark agents in the UAE to navigate the requirements of the Madrid Protocol. If you can right tick any of the scenarios mentioned in this blog, you can opt for international registration. Read ahead to understand when to go for international trademark registration under the Madrid Protocol:

1. You Run An Online Business And Aim For Global Customers

This is a common situation in a business landscape that’s being transformed by the e-commerce phenomenon. With e-commerce emerging as a sunrise sector post-pandemic, it has become easier for entrepreneurs to sell their products to international customers through online platforms. However, this kind of international selling demands trademark protection once you emerge as a strong brand.

As your product becomes known across international territories, risks such as trademark infringement and counterfeiting may pop up. Such infringements will ruin your brand’s global reputation, and you may even lose your customers eventually. UAE businesses targeting global customers through e-commerce channels must opt for international trademark registration to protect their brands from being tarnished by inferior products or services. You can hire trademark agents in Dubai for filing the application with World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIP), which administers the Madrid Protocol.

2. You Are Expanding Into More Countries

Companies that expand into new territories often invest huge amounts of money in marketing to establish their brand. Gaining a loyal customer base is crucial for companies while expanding into other regions. There is no better way than registering a trademark in those countries to protect your valued brands.

If you are planning to expand into multiple countries, it is better to register your trademarks through the Madrid Protocol. Registering your trademarks through Madrid Protocol would save you from the costs of registering trademarks separately in each country. International trademark registration is the best way to create a loyal customer base in multiple territories at a cost-effective rate.

3. You Have Business Operations Overseas

Many UAE businesses have operations in multiple foreign countries. Such businesses may have offices, distributors, partnerships or manufacturers in many jurisdictions. In such a case, it is imperative for them to ensure that their brands are protected in each country. They can check whether the country they have business operations in is a member of the Madrid Protocol and register through trademark agents in the UAE.

4. You have a Sizable Revenue Stream or Customer Base in Certain Countries

Some of the companies operating in the UAE may be catering to customers outside the UAE. They may be generating a huge chunk of revenue from territories outside the UAE. This means it is critical for them to retain their customer base and brand value in those countries. Many such companies may have a small customer base in the UAE, and therefore, the international trademark registration will be more valuable to them compared to trademark registration in the UAE. In order to retain a profitable customer base, they must protect their valuable trademarks through the Madrid System for International trademark registration. Trademark agents in Dubai can help such companies by acting as their legal representatives.

5. You Seek Defensive Filings in Countries Infamous for Counterfeiting

Some of the lucrative markets in the world are infamous for counterfeiting, piracy, and copycats, such as India, Brazil and China. Big companies often opt for defensive filings in those countries to take advance precautions against infringements. Companies often file a defensive registration for their famous brands that are not intended for active use in those regions. In this way, they can prevent copycats and counterfeiters from releasing low-quality imitations into the market. Big brands such as Coca Cola have adopted this strategy in many global markets. International trademark registration can make defensive filings smooth and cost-effective.

Make the Best of Madrid Protocol with Jitendra Intellectual Property

International trademark registration under the Madrid Protocol will officially begin from December 2021. Trademark owners are advised to make the best of this opportunity by filing their UAE brands in as many relevant countries as to curb counterfeiting or establish a new brand. Since the Madrid System is new to the country, trademark agents in Dubai, such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP), can help you complete the proceeding without any error.

JIP is a well-known provider of trademark services in Dubai, UAE, with years of experience in helping brand owners. We have protected the IP rights of companies from a variety of sectors, including food, fashion, pharmaceuticals, automotive, confectionery, cosmetics, e-commerce, sports, fintech etc. Our services include trademark search, trademark watching, advice on selecting trademark classes under NICE Classification, trademark renewal, trademark assignment, anti-counterfeiting measures etc. Connect with our UAE trademark agents to enjoy a hassle-free brand registration process.

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