Product Registration in Dubai & Across the UAE

The UAE has implemented strict procedures to control and regulate all the imported or manufactured products in the domestic market and product registration in Dubai, UAE is one of the most important processes in this regard. Dubai Product registration ensures consumer safety and put breaks on the import of fake product that may put the safety, health, and hygiene of its population in peril.

The UAE authorities have stipulated the requirement that every product, be it cosmetics, food or health-related should be registered with the Municipality of the respective emirates in compliance with its regulations. Dubai & UAE as a whole prohibits the production, import, export, and marketing of personal care goods, food, cosmetics and medicinal products that are not registered in accordance with the regulations.

What is the Product Registration?

The product registration requirement is made mandatory in Dubai, UAE to streamline the import, manufacturing, and promotion of all products. The Municipality of each emirate is the competent authority with which importers and local manufacturers are obligated to register their products. The product registration process ensures that the label in the products conveys all the necessary information to the consumers. The product registration in Dubai, UAE enables the government to assess whether the manufacturers or importers of the products are complying with consumer safety standards. The process of product registration is the same with all the municipalities in the 7 emirates i.e Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah & Fujairah.

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    Important Aspects Regarding Product Registration With Dubai Municipality

    Dubai Municipality, as well as the municipality of each emirate, controls the products entering into the UAE market with a mandatory registration process to ensure that counterfeit or harmful products are not being traded. Dubai Municipality conducts random testing, quality inspections on products to ensure that consumer safety is protected. Dubai Municipality issues a certificate for the products registered with the authority, which may be requested by officials during shipment clearing of the goods.

    Who Should Apply for Product Registration in Dubai, UAE?

    a) Local Manufacturers

    The companies that manufacture food, cosmetics or any other products within the UAE are required to register their products with Dubai Municipality. The local manufacturers must approach the Consumer Products Safety Section to make sure their products are properly registered. The representatives of the company are advised to ensure that their products have received proper certifications before the goods enter the UAE market.

    b) Importers of Products

    The companies that manufacture product in overseas markets are required to register with Dubai Municipality for importing into the Dubai market. It is mandatory for the representatives of the company to ensure that the products are properly registered before the consignment reaches Dubai, UAE.

    Process of Products Registration with Dubai Municipality

    The process of registering the products with Dubai municipality & other municipalities across the emirates is the same. Businesses are required to register their products with the municipality of the same emirates where the trade license is been issued. For example: If the trade license of business is issued in the emirate of Dubai, its products are required to be registered with Dubai Municipality. After getting the registration done by Dubai Municipality, the business can distribute its products across all the emirates in the UAE.

    Another thing that is very crucial in the process of product registration is that the same product or brand is required to be registered multiple times if it is available in different sizes, packaging, quality & quantity. For example: if the ABC syrup is available in 100 ml & 200 ml bottles, it is required to be registered multiple times based on the quantity. Below is the product registration process with Dubai Municipality & other municipalities in the UAE:

    1. Ensure Valid License

    Dubai Municipality mandates that the product registration can be performed by the companies operating in the mainland or in any free zones in Dubai. The availability of a valid license is a prerequisite for the businesses to get their product registration processed by the Municipality.

    2. Register with the Municipality

    The companies are required to register with the Municipality after ensuring that they have a valid license. The businesses need to submit a Products Registration Service Application to start the procedure and pay the registration fees. The company representative is required to fill the form for each product. The representative is also required to submit a copy of a valid label assessment of the product that that needs to be registered. The registration can be performed online only in Dubai through the website of the Municipality.

    3. Completion of Registration

    After submitting the relevant documents, Dubai Municipality will review the application and validity of the submitted documents. If the Municipality is convinced that the product is in compliance with its regulations, then the product will be registered and an electronic registration certificate will be automatically generated. The validity of the registration is for 5 years. In the event of any objections, the applicant should provide a reply to it with relevant supporting documents.

    List of Products that must be Registered in Dubai, UAE

    List of Products that are banned in the UAE

    • Narcotic Drugs
    • Betel Leaves
    • Goods made in Israel
    • E-Cigarettes
    • Gambling-related products

    List of Goods that are tagged with Restrictive Status

    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Rough Diamonds
    • Media-related products
    • Products related to Nuclear Energy

    Product Registration Services in Dubai, UAE

    Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is not only the leading Intellectual Property service provider in Dubai, UAE but JIP is also helping local manufacturers and importers to register their products with Dubai Municipality & other municipality bodies in the UAE. With years of experience in the trademark registration industry, JIP shares the UAE’s commitment to ensuring that no fake or harmful products are being traded in the UAE market. JIP guides its clients in every step of product registration in Dubai, UAE to ensure that the businesses comply with all the stipulated requirements and regulations of the Municipality of each emirate.

    JIP help the companies in checking the label for compliance with the regulations, verifying the documentation of products, ensuring the proper conduct of the laboratory test to check the ingredients etc. JIP’s trademark agents in the UAE also help businesses in trademark registration in Dubai, UAE with the Ministry of Economy which is one of the requirements to start the product registration in Dubai, UAE.  JIP offers full-fledged and continuous support to all the businesses who are trading their products in the UAE, thereby playing a role in their growth and business prosperity