Scrutinising the Significance of Patents in the Gaming Industry

Patents have a significant role in the gaming industry at a time when e-gaming is gaining wider demand across the world including in the UAE. The growth of the e-gaming industry became more pronounced in the aftermath of the pandemic when people holed up within their rooms and sought refuge in online gaming. Online gaming has become more competitive thanks to the tech-related inventions and innovations happening within the sector. Since software-related intentions are critical for the gaming sector, conducting patent registration in the UAE becomes significant for the industry.

However, inventors in the gaming industry must know the legalities and requirements related to registering a patent in the UAE. Patent agents in the UAE can provide you with in-depth knowledge regarding patent registration requirements. In the meantime, have a look at the following article that scrutinised the significance of patents in the gaming industry:

Basics of the Gaming Industry Patents 

Patents are often considered to be odd and complex, but they are very common in the global gaming industry. Conducting patent registration in the UAE enables the original creators of games and gaming products exclusive rights to their inventions for a specified time frame. Patents in the gaming industry can differ in terms of significance and practicality. Patent agents in the UAE can assist gaming inventors to obtain patent protection without much hassle. The following are some gaming-related creations that get patented often:

  • Gaming ideas
  • Gaming controllers and systems
  • Gaming methods and directions
  • Figurines and other accessories

Proceeding with a Game Patent 

You are required to have a detailed design to patent a game-related invention. Apart from that, the design also must meet certain criteria to ensure your concept meets the patent test. Your invention must not bear familiarity with other existing inventions and must be innovative in some respect. Before proceeding with patent registration in the UAE, you must ensure that the invention is innovative and original.

In addition, keep the invention away from the public domain to meet the no public disclosure requirement. Here one problem may arise as the gaming inventors might need to test a new game before marketing it. A viable way is to keep the test group to a very select group, like trustworthy friends or immediate family. Avoid posting your ideas online or somewhere else that is accessible to the general public. It is important to keep the following checklist before proceeding with patent registration:

  • Keep detailed documentation that includes drawings and rules for the game
  • Build a prototype
  • Conduct a patent search to verify no patent is already in the same field
  • Fill out and file the patent application with patent agents in the UAE

Why must Game Developers Opt for Patent Protection? 

At its core, gaming is defined as the running of specialised applications on consoles or personal devices for entertainment. The industry has developed over the years thanks to the development of advanced technology. Gaming products have evolved over the years from personal computers or console devices to advanced technological inventions such as Virtual Reality systems. Eventually, the industry had become a billion-dollar industry, poised for further growth.

The high growth opportunities and extensive competition in the gaming industry have pushed the companies to patent several components of gaming systems or gaming products. The game develops cab receives the following benefits by opting for patent registration in the UAE:

  1. Patents provide an inventor exclusive rights over an invention for a fixed period
  2. An inventor or a patentee may also license the invention to a third party for monetary benefits
  3. A patent also restricts third parties from using the invention in an unauthorised manner

Consult with the Best Patent Agents in Dubai, UAE  

Technological innovations and inventions are the backbones of the global gaming industry and they must be protected through patent registration in the UAE. Innovators or inventors across the world may be researching similar gaming subjects, projects or ideas. This means the invention of a game developer in the UAE can be similar to that of a big corporation in the United States or Israel. The critical thing here is who obtained the patent protection first.

The UAE’s patent protection regime is strong but involves a series of complex steps. However, the assistance of the best patent registration agents in Dubai such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) will come in handy for the inventors. JIP has a team of patent advisers in Dubai who can help the innovators with drafting the documents and submitting them without any error to the MoE.

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