Tips to Defend Your Brand’s Logo from Trademark Infringement

A logo is one of your most valuable business assets and you need to protect it at any cost. If someone infringes your logo trademark, your earnings and reputation will be at stake. You can protect your logo by various means such as conducting trademark registration in the UAE and actively monitoring it in the local marketplace. This blog will enlighten you further on the different precautions you can take to protect your logo trademark from being infringed. Trademark agents in the UAE can help you further.

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Go for a Fanciful or Arbitrary Trademark from the Start

The first thing you need to defend your logo from trademark infringement in the UAE is to create a distinctive logo. A fanciful or arbitrary trademark is your key to creating a strong and distinctive trademark. Choosing an arbitrary or fanciful trademark gives you the highest level of trademark protection in the UAE. The chances of someone copying your trademark are very low when you use an arbitrary or fanciful trademark. Trademark agents in the UAE can help you create a strong trademark.

Do Extensive Research on Competitors’ Logos

Before applying for trademark registration in the UAE, it is essential to check if anyone else is using an identical or confusingly similar logo. If your proposed logo is similar to the registered trademark of your competitor, they can file an opposition against your trademark application. This could lead to the rejection of your application or a lengthy trademark dispute in the UAE. To avoid such incidents, you can conduct a trademark search in the UAE before applying for registration.

Register with the UAE Trademark Office

Once you have carried out a search and made sure you are not infringing upon your competitors’ marks, you can apply for trademark registration in the UAE. You have to submit your application to the trademark office operating under the UAE Ministry of Economy. Registering your trademark with the Ministry of Economy will ensure your trademark is protected in the UAE.

However, if you want to gain trademark protection across different parts of the world, registration with the UAE Trademark Office will not suffice. Instead of filing separate applications in desired countries, you can file a single application through the Madrid Protocol. This system will get you protection in more than 125 countries through a single application, a single language and by paying a single set of fees.

Display Your Credibility wherever Possible

To keep your logo from getting infringed, you need to let others know that you have a registered trademark in the UAE. The more ways you can show that you own a registered trademark, the more likely it is that people will shy away from using your mark without permission. You can use a circled R symbol along with your brand name and logo after getting the trademark registration certificate. You can display it wherever your business shows up: be it on your website, packaging, or any other marketing materials.

Consistently Manage and Monitor Your Trademark

Though the UAE Trademark Office has granted protection for your logo, the authority is not going to check if someone is infringing on your rights. Defending your registered trademark is ultimately your responsibility. You should periodically monitor the marketplace to see if anyone is using your registered trademark without permission. The sooner you identify the infringement, the quicker you can take appropriate legal action.

Business owners cannot do this process alone as they need to focus on their daily business operations. Instead, they can avail of trademark watch services in Dubai to actively monitor the performance of their registered marks in the local marketplace. Trademark agents in Dubai will monitor your trademark to see if anyone is using your mark without authorization.

Hire the Best Trademark Agents in Dubai, UAE

Now you may have realized that defending your logo from infringement is equally important as creating one. Since it involves a series of legal steps, you need to hire the best trademark agents in Dubai such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) to defend your valuable marks. JIP is one of the best providers of trademark services in Dubai with years of experience. We can protect your logo and brand name by providing services such as registration/renewal, trademark search, trademark watch and trademark litigation services in the UAE. Contact us today to get more information on how to protect your brand in the UAE and across the world.

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