A Trademark Protection Guide for Perfume Brands

If you own a small or medium-sized perfume company and have plans to develop it as a big brand, you must give due consideration to trademark registration in the UAE. Trademark registration is the first step you ought to take if you want to grow your brand to the likes of Dior, Guerlain, Hermetica or Floraiku. However, you need to consider certain requirements and standard procedures set out by the Ministry of Economy to get proper trademark protection. Trademark agents in the UAE can guide you through such requirements and procedures. In this blog, let’s discuss the nitty-gritty of trademarking your perfume brand in the UAE:

Come up with a Unique Brand Name

The UAE is known for its perfumes from historic times and the legacy continues even today. It means business owners won’t struggle to reach their target customers in the UAE. However, competition has increased over the years and the arrival of international brands elevated the competition to unprecedented levels. The only way to navigate this quagmire is to come up with a distinctive brand name that truly represents your business and products.

You can build a loyal customer base around this unique brand name and protect it through trademark registration in the UAE. Creative or fanciful names can be easily registered with the UAE Trademark Office and they offer a higher level of protection. The perfume brand name ‘Floraiku’ is a fanciful trademark as it is an invented word with no original meaning. Trademark agents in the UAE can help you determine if your proposed trademark is strong and distinctive.

Conduct a Prior Trademark Search

You developed a strong brand name to ensure that no one else can easily copy it. Similarly, you need to make sure that you have not unwittingly copied previously registered trademarks. If your proposed trademark is confusingly similar to an existing trademark, the owner of that trademark can oppose your application. To avoid potential objections and rejection, you can carry out a trademark search with the help of trademark agents in the UAE. You can proceed with the application if your proposed mark is not similar to other trademarks.

Properly Classify Goods or Services

You have to accurately classify the goods or services as per the NICE Classification. There are 45 Classes of goods and services and you have to select the right classes for your perfume brand’s trademark. Class 3 is the primary class for perfumes and colognes and it also covers soaps and other personal hygiene items. If your trademark represents any other goods or services, you have to select the corresponding classes as well. Selecting the wrong classes may reduce the level of protection and may even lead to brand confusion. Seek the assistance of trademark agents in the UAE for properly classifying your goods or services.

Consider Trademarking other Aspects

Apart from the brand name, a perfume brand can trademark its logo and slogan. If the bottle or packaging or the perfume acquires a certain level of distinctiveness, you can also protect the bottle as a 3D trademark. This distinctiveness will be achieved only when customers are able to identify the brand of the perfume through the shape of the bottle, without reading the brand name. The bottle of Davidoff Cool Water fragrance and the bottle of the “Bad Boy” perfume by Carolina Herrera are some of the well-known 3D trademarks in the perfume industry.

Watch the Marketplace for Infringement

When your brand is fairly established through trademark registration in the UAE, copycats may try to get a free ride on your brand reputation. By releasing products bearing names similar to your trademark, they can snatch a share of your customers and revenue. You can avail of UAE trademark watch services to identify the existence of trademarks that are similar to yours. Based on the watch report provided by the trademark agents in the UAE, you can send a “Cease and Desist letter” to the infringers or drag them to a court for resolving the dispute.

Gain Protection Around the World

After tasting success in the UAE, you may feel the desire to spread your fragrance around the world. If such an expansion plan is on the anvil, you must protect your brand in each of the jurisdictions where you wish to set up shop. Instead of filing a separate application in each country, you can use the Madrid Protocol for International Trademark Registration. The Madrid Protocol system allows you to register your trademark in more than 120 countries through a single filing, in a single language and by paying a single set of fees.

Hire the Best Trademark Agents in the UAE

If you want to replicate the success of international perfume brands such as Dior or Davidoff, then protect your brands through trademark registration in the UAE. However, you need to hire trademark agents in the UAE to register your valued trademarks with the Ministry of Economy. If you are looking for the best trademark services in Dubai, look no further than Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP). JIP’s qualified and dedicated team can guide you on each step of the trademark registration process. We offer bespoke services such as trademark registration & renewal, trademark search and trademark monitoring. JIP can also assist you with the Madrid Protocol of International Trademark Registration.

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