Essential Trademark Practices and Requirements for Toy Brands

Trademark registration in the UAE should form the basis of branding for companies in the region, including toy brands. Branding and trademark registration are vital for toy brands as they face challenges like a saturated market and counterfeiters. Registering the trademarks in the UAE will help the toy brands to attract customers in a saturated market and take legal action against counterfeiters.

However, there are certain standard procedures and requirements you must follow for which you can consult with trademark agents in the UAE. In this article, we will take into consideration some of those procedures and requirements. Read ahead to know further:

Why Trademarks are Critical for Toy Brands?

Unlike most other brands, children are the primary customers and the most brand-loyal users of toys. It means the toymakers should establish a brand with kids as their target audience. However, studies say brand awareness begins as early as two years old and is hard to break the loyalty once established. And the most important factor that helps you to build this brand is a registered trademark. A registered trademark is easy to be recognised by the public and the target customers.

Customers will associate a particular trademark with a certain degree of quality and trust. They buy a product that bears a particular trademark believing that the product will deliver the quality it promises. Moreover, registering a trademark in the UAE is essential for you to take action against anyone who copies your protected trademark. You must stop such impersonators as they can snatch your customers and revenues by selling products that bear logos, names and slogans similar to yours.

Key Practices and Requirements to Register Trademark

Having a robust strategy for trademark registration in the UAE is essential to ensure that your toy brand is secure from infringers in the region. Busy brand owners can consult with trademark agents in the UAE to develop a trademark strategy for their toy brands. However, you should incorporate the following practices and requirements while developing a strategy for trademark registration.

Avoid Weak Brand Names

Generic and descriptive terms can stop you from having a strong brand name. Generic and descriptive trademarks will lead to the rejection of your trademark application in the UAE. A generic trademark is a common name for your product and a descriptive trademark directly describes the quality, feature or attribute of your product.

Instead, you can use fanciful trademarks that offer the strongest protection for your brand. A fanciful trademark can be any non-sense term or a new combination of completely unrelated words. You can also select suggestive trademarks that are terms whose original meaning has no relation to any aspect of your product. Trademark agents in the UAE can help you assess the strength of your proposed trademark.

Carry out a Trademark Search

Your application for trademark registration in the UAE will be rejected if the Trademark Office considers it confusingly similar to a registered trademark. To avoid any potential rejection, you must carry out a trademark search. Trademark agents in the UAE will research the official trademark database to check if your proposed trademark matches any of the previously registered marks.

Filing an application without conducting a trademark search in the UAE will attract opposition from third parties. An opposition application will lead to delays or even rejection of your trademark application. It may even lead to lengthy trademark disputes in the courts.

Register your Brand Locally and Internationally

If your business is spread across different nations, conducting trademark registration in the UAE won’t suffice. The UAE is now a member of the Madrid Protocol which enables you to file a trademark in more than 12o countries in a single filing, a single language and a single set of fees. Trademark agents in the UAE can assist you in filing a trademark both domestically as well as internationally.

Use your Trademark Confidently

Once registered, you must confidently use the trademark to promote your toy products. You must use the trademark in your website, packaging, advertising, social media campaign etc. It would help to make your registered trademark a household name. Trademark agents in the UAE can advise you on the proper use of your registered trademarks.

Enforce your Trademarks

Toys are one of the top products that are prone to the risk of counterfeiting and trademark infringement. You can police your registered trademark by availing of trademark watch services in the UAE.  When you avail of trademark watch services, trademark agents in the UAE will monitor the market on your behalf to identify marks that infringe upon your registered trademark.

Consult with the Best Trademark Agents in the UAE

Conducting trademark registration in the UAE is an essential step in brand building, especially for the toy industry. You can win a child’s attention through a strong and unique mark but you need to seek the advice of trademark agents in the UAE before applying for registration. Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) has a team of experienced trademark agents who can help you to protect your mark both in the UAE and across key global territories. Our trademark services in the UAE include trademark search, trademark registration, trademark watch, trademark renewal etc. We provide the best trademark solutions that you can count on.

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