How Trademarks are Classified as per ‘Nice Classification’ in the UAE

The Nice Classification List (NCL) is a system of the international classification of goods and services established by Nice Agreement in 1957 to register the marks (trademarks and Service marks) in different jurisdictions. The NIC system classifies international trademarks into 45 categories thereby making the trademarks easily identifiable across different jurisdictions that follow them. The UAE trademark classes also follow the Nice classification of trademarks as a guideline for registration purposes though the country is not a party to the Nice Agreement.

The Structure of Nice Classification of Trademarks

The NCL is being updated every 5 years ( since 2013 every year) and the 11th edition is currently being followed by different trademark jurisdictions. As per the latest edition of NCL, the brand owners are required to file their goods-related trademarks under Classes 1-34 and the service-related trademarks under 35-45. Trademark owners could easily identify the category as the nature of their goods and services can be understood from the heading of each class.

Prominent Countries that Follow Nice Classification of Trademarks

The Nice classification has been followed by numerous countries that are party to the Nice Agreement and other nations that are not in the Agreement. According to INTA (International Trademark Association) data, around 85 countries that are part of the Nice agreement and 65 non-member countries, including the UAE, follow the Nice Classification of trademarks. In addition to these prominent countries many major trademark organizations have also adopted it:

  • International Bureau of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation)
  • The African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI)
  • The African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO),
  • The Benelux Organization for Intellectual Property (BOIP)
  • The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

Industry-wise Breakup of UAE Trademark Classes

Brand owners who are seeking to register their trademarks in the UAE are required to go through the full list of goods and services in the Nice Classification. Businesses or individuals can file their trademarks under the respective classes that define the nature of their products. This process can be made easier if the companies or trademark owners entrust the responsibility of registering their trademarks with reputed trademark agents in the UAE.  Following is the list of UAE trademark classes under different industries:

Note: Since there are hundreds of sub-classes of the trademark, it is advisable to consult with registered trademark agents before filing the trademark in any of the class. You can contact Jitendra Intellectual Property (Registered trademark agents) by email at

1. UAE Trademark Classes For Paints & Coating Industry

– Class 2:

Businessmen running their businesses in the paint industry must register their trademarks under Class 02.

– Class 35:

Trademarks should also be filed under Class 35 for the online trading, marketing or advertisement of paint products.

2. UAE Trademark Classes For Automotive Industry

Trademarks in the automotive industry are required to be registered under Class 12. However, as the sector has embraced new innovations with the advent of technology, the possibility of other classes have opened up:

– Class 04

Trademarks of services related to motor and lubricating oils can be registered under Class 04 in the UAE.

– Class 11

Class 11 provides trademark protection for the lighting and cooling systems of vehicles.

– Class 12

The Class 12 of Nice Classification is for trademarks related to vehicles and apparatus related to vehicles.

– Class 35

The automotive dealer should register under class 35 for online trading

– Class 37

Class 37 under the Nice Classification is intended for registering trademarks related to workshop services.

– Class 39

Class 39 covers the transport services for the automotive industry

3. UAE Trademark Classes For Machines Industry

Trademark protection for machines and tools can be secured by registering the marks under Class 07 of Nice Classification.

– Class 07

Class 07 includes incubators for eggs and automatic vending machines. Trademarks of motors and engines that are not covered under land vehicles must also be registered under Class 07.

4. UAE Trademark Classes For Kitchen Appliances Industry

Trademarks that are related to the goods used for use in the kitchen must be registered under,

– Class 06

Kitchen-related common metals and alloys need to be trademarked under Class 06.

– Class 09

Class 09 includes apparatus for regulating electricity.

– Class 11

Refrigerators and other apparatus used for heating or lighting purposes should be registered under Class 11.

– Class 21

Trademarks of household or kitchen utensils are required to be registered under Class 21 in UAE.

– Class 35

Online trading of these goods comes under Class 35.

5. UAE Trademark Classes For Hand-Operated Tools

– Class 07

Though machines and tools are listed under Class 07, hand-operated tools are not included in that class.

– Class 08

Class 08 is the most appropriate category to register the trademark of such machines and tools. Cutlery, sidearms, and razors must also be trademarked under Class 08.

6. UAE Trademark Classes For Food Industry

Businesses in the UAE that operate in the Food sector must file their trademarks under the following trademark classes:

– Class 29

Trademarks of meat, fish and poultry must be registered under Class 29.

– Class 30

Businessmen dealing with coffee, tea, cocoa and artificial coffee should register their trademarks under Class 30 in the UAE.

– Class 31

The UAE brands can protect their intellectual property rights of businesses related to living animals, fresh fruit and vegetables, malt etc, by performing trademark registration under Class 31 of the Nice Classification List.

– Class 32

Beer trademarks must be registered under Class 32

– Class 35

Foodstuff companies should be registered under class 35 for online food trading

– Class 43

Restaurants and cafes must be registered under class 43 of the trademark

7. UAE Trademark Classes For Pharmaceuticals Industry

-Class 5

Trademarks related to medicine are required to be registered under Class 05.

-Class 10

Trademarks of instruments used in the pharmaceutical industry need to be filed under Class 10.

-Class 44

However, pharmacy and hospital trademarks come under Class 44

-Class 35

Trademarks related to the online trading of any of these goods should be registered under Class 35.

8. UAE Trademark Classes For Cigarette & Tobacco Industry

-Class 34

Businesses in the cigarette and tobacco industry in UAE must file their trademarks under Class 34 of the Nice Classification List. Trademarks of any other goods that people use for smoking, including matches come under Class 34.

9. UAE Trademark Classes For Cosmetics Industry

The UAE is a fertile ground for the cosmetics industry that consists of perfumes and other personal care products.

-Class 03

Businesses in this sector must trademark their goods under Class 03 in the UAE.

10. UAE Trademark Classes For Fashion Industry

-Class 14

Jewellery and watches come under Class 14

-Class 18

leather goods are classified under Class 18

-Class 23

Trademarks for yarns and threads used for textiles must be registered under Class 23.

-Class 24

Class 24 is the category where textiles and related goods should be registered

-Class 25

Trademarks of clothing products need to be filed under Class 25 of the Nice Classification,

-Class 26

Class 26 for lace and embroidery, ribbons and braid etc.

11. UAE Trademark Classes For Treatment of Materials

-Class 37

This class include goods for abrasion, air freshening, blacksmithing, cadmium plating etc. However, this class doesn’t include the repair services that are classified under Class 37.

-Class 40

Class 40 is the category where trademarks of goods used for the treatment of materials must be registered.

12. Chemical Industry

-Class 01

Chemicals are used for a variety of purposes including in industries, photography, agriculture, science, horticulture, etc. Trademarks of goods related to the chemical industry should be filed under Class 01.

13. UAE Trademark Classes For Toys & Games Industry

-Class 28

Trademarks related to the Toys & Games industry in the UAE must be registered under Class 28. Gymnastics and sports articles that are not included under other classes also come under Class 28. Trademarks of goods used for decorating Christmas trees also come under Class 28.

14. UAE Trademark Classes For Paper Industry

-Class 16

Brand owners who seek to trademark their goods related to paper must use Class 16. Class 16 includes printed matter, bookbinding material, photographs, stationery etc. Trademarks of paintbrushes, typewriters and office appliances except furniture must also be filed under Class 16.

15. UAE Trademark Classes For Rubber Industry

-Class 17

Class 17 is designed for trademarks of Rubber, gutta-percha, gum, asbestos, and mica. Goods that are made from these materials but not included in other classes also come under this class. Flexible pipes that are not made of metal must also be trademarked under Class 17.

16. UAE Trademark Classes For Furniture Industry

-Class 20

Class 20 is the most proper category under Nice Classification for furniture trademarks. The section includes trademarks of mirrors, picture frames; goods of wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory etc.

17. UAE Trademark Classes For Carpets Industry

-Class 22

Ropes, tents, sacks and bags must be trademarked under Class 22.

-Class 27

The Nice Classification categorises trademarks of carpets and other related products under Class 27. This category should not be confused with the textiles sector as rugs, mats and other materials used for covering the floor are listed under Class 27.

18. UAE Trademark Classes For Real Estate Industry

-Class 43

Real estate is a strong pillar of the business landscape of the UAE, especially Dubai. Residential and industrial property development is the core of the real estate sector in the UAE. In this respect, property developers need to protect their trademarks. Filing real estate trademarks under Class 43 provides protection from infringement.

19. UAE Trademark Classes For Construction Industry

-Class 06

Kitchen-related common metals and alloys need to be trademarked under Class 06.

-Class 07

Though machines and tools are listed under Class 07, hand-operated tools are not included in that class.

-Class 08

Class 08 is the most appropriate category to register the trademark of such machines and tools. Cutlery, sidearm, and razors must also be trademarked under Class 08.

-Class 9

Measurement apparatus, goggles, & safety items like gloves, helmets, shoes for safety purposes used in construction work are classified in class 09

-Class 11

Safety lamps. Showers, sinks, stoves, toilet, water heater & water closet, ventilation hoods, ventilation installation items (air-conditioning) etc.

-Class 19

Building materials are trademarked under Class 19.

– Class 37

Class 37 under the Nice Classification is intended for registering trademarks installation & commissioning.

-Class 42

Architectural designing companies should register their trademark under class 42.

20. UAE Trademark Classes For Legal Services Industry

-Class 45

All the trademarks related to the services in the legal sector must be filed under Class 45. Services related to the security of property and important individuals must also be trademarked under Class 45.

21. UAE Trademark Classes For Insurance & Auditing Industry

-Class 36

The service sector that caters to insurance and auditing is strong in the UAE owing to the increased number of business entities in the emirate. Class 36 is the trademark class dedicated to this sector.

22. UAE Trademark Classes For Education Industry

-Class 41

The UAE is home to prominent education and well-known training institutes. Trademarks of all such schools, colleges, or training institutes must be filed under Class 41.

23. UAE Trademark Classes For IT & Science Industry

-Class 42

Nice Classification categorises services and products related to the science field under Class 42. Companies in UAE that focuses on computer hardware development or individuals who are into scientific research can secure their Intellectual Property rights under Class 42.

24. UAE Trademark Classes For Broadcasting Industry

-Class 38

Radio and television programmes are trademark-protected under Class 38 of the Nice Classification. In broader terms, any services that come under telecommunications must be trademarked under Class 38.

25. UAE Trademark Classes For Other Industries

-Class 13

Weapons & firearms must be registered under Class 13.

-Class 15

Trademarks of musical instruments are required to be filed under Class 15

-Class 33

Class 33 is dedicated to the trademarks of alcoholic beverages.

Note: Registration of alcoholic beverages trademarks are banned in GCC countries.

Key Benefits of Applying the Nice Classification of Trademarks

Following the Nice classification system for registering trademarks is an easy and efficient procedure. It provides businesses with an efficient way of protecting their trademarks in multiple jurisdictions. The Nice Classification is available in multiple languages, which makes the translation procedures easier while applying for trademarks internationally. The Nice Classification,

  • Streamlines the registration procedures into a single common system
  • Prevents misinterpretation of trademark categories
  • Provides an effective way of applying for trademarks across different nations
  • Enables protection from infringement

Why Choose Jitendra Intellectual Property?

Brand owners in the UAE are advised to avail of the services of reliable trademark agents while registering their trademarks. Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is a full-service Intellectual Property firm that has helped thousands of clients in getting trademark registration in the UAE. JIP’s experienced team of trademark agents will ensure that the companies register their UAE trademarks in the most appropriate classes under the Nice International Classification. JIP’s legal consultants will also assist the business owners in all the legal procedures if a case of trademark infringement is detected.

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