Ultimate Trademark Protection guide for Engineering Firms

Most engineering companies are engaged in a race to come up with the next big thing in the industry but forget to protect their critical IP assets, especially trademarks. Many business owners are unaware of the importance of conducting trademark registration in the UAE to protect their brand names, logos or slogans. Most of them wrongly believe that once their company name is registered with a relevant UAE licensing authority, they have unrestricted rights to use it in conjunction with their business.

They will realise the importance of trademark registration, only when a competitor starts using a confusingly similar name after getting it registered with the UAE Trademark Office. To avoid such unforeseen events, trademark agents in the UAE advise owners of engineering firms to develop a strong brand and protect it through trademark registration. However, you need to understand certain aspects before registering your trademarks in the UAE. Read ahead to know All about protecting the trademarks of your engineering firm in the UAE:

Develop a Strong and Unique Brand

An engineering company can attract more clients by developing a strong brand name. Your customers often select your services after bypassing your competitors who offer similar services. It means they trust your brand name which is associated with a certain level of quality and reliability.  Therefore, you need to select a strong brand name which is unique and can be protected through trademark registration in the UAE.

Trademark agents in the UAE can help you to assess the distinctiveness of your selected brand name. The following golden rules will help you to select a strong and distinctive brand name:

  • Avoid generic names
  • Say no to names that directly describe your services or products
  • Select a fanciful trademark (coined words or names formed by mixing words that will have no meaning when combined)
  • Choose an arbitrary trademark (words whose original meaning has no relation with the product or service it represents)

Avoid Names Similar to Registered Trademarks

The brand name you choose for trademark registration in the UAE should not be identical or similar to a previously registered mark. Otherwise, the owners of the original mark can oppose your application and get it rejected based on the likelihood of confusion. The trademark owners can argue that your proposed mark’s similarity to their registered trademark can cause confuse the customers.

To prevent rejection, you need to conduct a trademark search in the UAE even before applying for registration. Trademark agents in the UAE can search the official trademark date base to identify trademarks that are similar to your proposed mark. In this way, trademark search services in the UAE can save your trademark from premature rejection.

Find an Appropriate Class for your Services

The UAE Trademark Law recognises and uses the NICE Classification of Trademarks List. The NICE Classification categorises trademarks into 45 different “classes” of products or services. Such a classification allows various types of businesses to register their trademarks into classes that are most connected with their core business. Class 42 is the primary class in which you can file your trademarks.

Class 42 designates scientific and technical services, especially those provided by chemists, physicists, engineers, computer programmers or other such professionals. Additionally, you can add other classes that are relevant to your business. Filing in the wrong classes or fewer classes must be avoided. Consult with trademark agents in the UAE who can choose appropriate classes for your engineering service.

Decide if International Registration is Relevant for You?

If you already have an international presence or a global expansion is on the anvil, you must not hesitate to register your trademarks in those countries. International trademark registration has become easier for the local brand owners since the UAE joined the Madrid Protocol on September 28, 2021. You can now register your trademarks in over 120 countries through a single application, in a single language and by paying only a single set of fees.

Monitor your Trademarks Effectively

Conducting trademark registration in the UAE or any other relevant jurisdiction gives you exclusive rights to use your trademark. However, it doesn’t make your trademarks completely free from trademark infringement. Your competitors can still copy your brand names, logos and slogans and profit from it. You need to regularly monitor the market with the help of trademark agents in the UAE to identify the infringers who use your trademarks without your consent. You can use trademark watch services in the UAE to effectively police your registered trademarks.

Hire the Most Trusted Trademark Agents in the UAE

Hiring the best trademark registration in the UAE is the best way for engineering firms to increase brand recognition which will help them develop their business and lead to long-term success. However, the services of the most trusted trademark agents in the UAE such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) are essential for you to register your marks effectively. JIP offers a full range of trademark services in the UAE including registration, renewal, comprehensive search, and trademark watch. Our team of experienced trademark experts in the UAE leave no stone unturned when conducting your trademark registrations. We assure you that no one else owns the rights to your highly valued trademark.

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