What Are Strong Trademarks?

You should register your trademark in the UAE to protect your brand name, logo and catchphrases from being copied by competitors. Trademarks play a critical role in distinguishing products and services from one another.

Conducting trademark registration in the UAE offers major benefits such as legal protection, establishing brand identity and building brand loyalty. Trademarks are also an invaluable asset to your business.

However, there are certain criteria that determine your trademark’s eligibility to be registered. Your trademark should be strong and distinctive if you want it to be approved by the UAE Trademark Office at the Ministry of Economy. Trademark agents in the UAE can help you assess the strength of your proposed trademark.

In this blog, we will let you understand what constitutes a strong trademark.

What is the Spectrum of Trademark Strength?

Trademarks are categorized as per a spectrum of distinctiveness based on their strength. The spectrum of trademarks determines the eligibility for a trademark to get legal protection in the UAE. The spectrum of trademark distinctiveness includes:

Fanciful Trademarks

These trademarks are the strongest in the spectrum of distinctiveness. Fanciful trademarks are coined words that lack any previous meaning and are invented only to function as trademarks. Some of the notable fanciful trademarks include KODAK and XEROX. If you are submitting a fanciful trademark, you can easily get approval for trademark registration in the UAE.

Arbitrary Trademarks

These are original words but their meaning has no connection to the product or services they represent. For example, APPLE is a fruit as per its dictionary meaning. However, we know it as the trademark for computers. Arbitrary trademarks guarantee a strong level of trademark protection.

Suggestive Trademarks

Suggestive trademarks hint at or allude to some quality or attributes of a product or service without directly describing the product or service. The customers need to use some imagination to connect the trademark with the associated goods or services. Famous examples of suggestive trademarks include Netflix and Microsoft.

Descriptive Trademarks

These types of trademarks are weak marks lacking distinctiveness. You must avoid choosing descriptive trademarks as the trademark office will reject them out rightly. Descriptive trademarks directly describe a characteristic or quality of the products or services. For example, “Cold and Creamy” for ice cream directly describes the features of an ice cream product.

Generic Trademarks

Generic trademarks are the weakest of all marks. Generic trademarks may invite immediate rejection from the trademark office. Choosing the term ‘COMPUTER’ for a computer product is an example of a generic trademark. Trademark agents in Dubai advise you against choosing generic trademarks.

How to create a strong trademark?

Brand owners need to carry out strategic planning before choosing a strong trademark. You may tend to use any catchy name as a trademark. However, you need to assess whether the catchy word is distinctive or not. You can seek the help of trademark specialists in Dubai for the assessment.

Carry out meticulous Research

Your trademark must be unique and not similar to any other brand. A unique trademark will save you from rebranding.

Strive for Distinctiveness

Try to choose fanciful or arbitrary trademarks as they are the strongest marks in the spectrum of distinctiveness.

Aim for Long-Term Use

Certain trademarks may grow generic as your brand develops. This is called genericide and therefore choose a mark that may stay relevant for a long time.

Work with Trademark Experts in Dubai

Consulting with trademark specialists in Dubai can provide valuable insights and ensure your trademark is eligible for registration.

Hire the Best Trademark Agents in the UAE

A strong trademark is essential to ensure quick trademark registration in Dubai, UAE. A weaker trademark is one of the top reasons for trademark rejection in the UAE. You need to understand the spectrum of distinctiveness to ensure your trademark is strong. Hiring the best trademark agents in Dubai such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is essential for choosing the right trademark. We are one of the top IP companies offering the best trademark services in Dubai, UAE. Hire our services to ensure your trademark application will not be rejected on account of its strength.

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