Brand Wars: Why Your Trademarks are Worth the Fight?

The dispute over trademark infringements forms the crux of nearly all infamous brand wars. Infringement can still occur even if the companies have secured their brands through trademark registration in the UAE. Although trademark wars don’t make big headlines in the UAE, brands here must be vigilant about the likelihood of any infringements. It is common that big brands do not hesitate to go to any extent to protect their trademarks even if the battle gets a little nasty. The disputes such as Apple Corp Vs Apple Computer and WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and WWF ( World Wide Wrestling) were some of the most controversial trademark disputes.

Usually, the trademark wars get dirty when a big brand wages a high-profile trademark battle against a relatively small business that register a confusingly similar trademark. Accredited trademark agents in Dubai can come in handy for the brands while dealing with the big trademark litigations. For the curious-minded, we explain here why your registered trademarks in the UAE are worth the fight.

Trademarks are Unique Source Identifiers

A primary reason that brands engage in intense litigations is closely tied with the trademark’s function as a unique source identifier. Trademarks are one of the vital forms of Intellectual Property (IP) assets. Unlike other types of properties (such as real estate), Intellectual Property assets stand apart as they identify only a single user. Other types of properties can be jointly owned, but multiple users fail the core purpose of a trademark (in the absence of a licensee) as it is not identifying a single source.

A trademark that undergoes persistent infringement loses its uniqueness and value. Even when an infringer gains some sort of financial gain, the trademark suffers. We cannot ascribe this type of susceptibility to other types of assets that a company possess. This is the core reason why brand owners can’t afford to be complacent after performing trademark registration in the UAE. That’s reason enough for many trademark disputes to turn intense and make headlines. Consult with the best trademark agents in Dubai to prevent infringement.

Trademarks Convey the Brand’s Message to Consumers

Apart from serving as a source identifier, trademarks also cater to the marketing needs of brands. The role of trademarks in assigning value to the brand is irrefutable. A unique trademark conveys the marketing message straight to the consumers—people associate trademarks with their favourable experiences and expectations for particular products or services. Consumers relate trademarks with lifestyle experiences and identify with their icons. Trademarks in this way play an integral role in representing the overall image and inherent message that the products or services carry. Brands engage in trademark battles in courts to protect such values. Trademark agents in Dubai can help you secure a brands image from being infringed.

Infringement may Lead to Monetary Damages

Although big brands give top priority to reputation while suing the competitors, the concern about monetary damages is also involved when an infringement happens. The infringer can create brand confusion among the consumers and earn a profit out of it. The infringers, especially, counterfeiters, exploit the brand value of registered trademarks and generate profits. The brands suffer as a result because they are losing a big share of earnings to infringers. To safeguard their profits from competitors and counterfeiters, the brands consider trademarks litigations as the best way.

Let Trademark Agents in Dubai Handle your Trademark Disputes

Businesses invest millions or billions to build and protect their brand portfolios. Performing trademark registration in the UAE is a foolproof way to secure the trademarks. However, competitors and counterfeiters may try to exploit the brand value of the products to earn a profit through infringement. Infringements can be destructive for the companies as they drain off their earnings and resources. To stop such unforeseen events, brands opt for trademark litigations to legally take back their trademark rights.

For getting their trademarks registered and also to launch a legal battle, the brands require the legal expertise of trademark agents in Dubai, such as Jitendra Intellectual property (JIP). JIP provides the most reliable trademark registration services in Dubai apart from empowering the brand owners with the necessary legal knowledge in dealing with trademark disputes. JIP has highly qualified trademark attorneys who have a history of winning successful trademark disputes. JIP conducts efficient trademark watch services in the UAE to ensure that the clients get timely alerts when a third party infringe the registered trademarks. JIP is committed to protecting the reputation and value of the brands by providing robust trademark services in the UAE as well as other GCC countries.

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