5 Things Brands Must Ensure While Making an Investment in Trademarks

Investing in trademarks is the most important to increase the profitability and brand image of the businesses. The process of trademark registration in the UAE is the first step in ensuring the brand value as it effectively safeguards the logos, brand names and designs from your competitors and counterfeiters. However, as a brand owner, you cannot simply register the trademarks and sit back. There are numerous other measures you need to undertake to ensure your trademark strategy is turning out to be a good investment for your company. With the help of registered trademark agents in Dubai, you can implement such steps to enhance your brand value.

Here are the 5 things Brands must do to ensure a Good Investment in Trademarks:

1. Must Conduct Trademark Search to Avoid Delays, Cost & Save Time

Registering your trademarks with the UAE Trademark Office is a sure shot way to shield your brand identity. However, the process of trademark registration in the UAE involves a series of steps designed to check whether your trademark application is complying with the law. If your proposed trademark is identical or confusingly similar to other existing trademarks, you will face opposition.

This means your UAE trademark registration process will be delayed and may even lead to rejection. Small businesses can’t afford to lose money, resources and time to deal with such issues. However, conducting an efficient trademark search with the help of trademark agents in Dubai is a viable solution.

2. Prioritise your Word Marks & Logos

Some companies create effective logos and designs and give priority to register such assets first. In this process, however, they often forget to register their brand name in Dubai, UAE. Give equal priority to logos and wordmarks as the consumers tend to prioritize their purchasing habits around the brand name. Logos may act as the window to the name.

However, you also need to check your brand name is strong enough to command a larger consumer base. Your brand names should not be descriptive, generic or suggestive. Make your word marks more fanciful and arbitrary to create a distinctive trademark. Consult with registered trademark agents in Dubai to ensure you are investing efficiently in your trademarks.

3. Know the Trademark Laws & Procedure

As a brand owner, you need to get a proper grip on what you can register as a trademark in the UAE and what you cannot. This prior knowledge would save you from spending money and time trying to register something that doesn’t qualify for trademark registration in the UAE. Go through the UAE Trademark Law to have a clear understanding of such aspects of trademark registration.

Stuffing your mind with all the clauses of Trademark Law is a nearly impossible task, especially you are an expatriate entrepreneur running a business in Dubai. However, your trademark agents in Dubai would empower you with all the important aspects of the UAE Trademark Law. Your pursuit to create a distinctive brand portfolio becomes smooth once you entrust registration responsibilities with the best trademark attorneys in Dubai.

4. Register your Trademarks in Multiple Classes

Businesses often overlook the importance of filing trademarks under all the relevant trademark classes. UAE follows the NICE Classification of International Trademarks that categorises the trademarks into 45 Classes of goods and services. If you are not filing the trademarks into multiple classes that are relevant to your products, your competitors with a similar brand name would file their products in those classes. This would create brand confusion and would allow your competitors to reap the benefits. Trademark attorneys in Dubai advise the brand owners to avoid such mistakes by registering their UAE trademarks in multiple classes.

5. Monitor the Market to Prevent Infringement

Getting your brand registered in the UAE doesn’t mean you can sit complacently. By successfully registering the trademark, you are entitled to legally move against any other parties who infringe your trademarks. This means you need to monitor the market for newly registered trademarks that may be confusingly similar to yours.

As a business owner, it would be hard for you to monitor the trademarks registered in the UAE by third parties. However, trademark agents in Dubai provide excellent trademark watch services which will enable you to safeguard your valuable trademarks from infringement and counterfeiting. Trademark agents help you identify the infringers and you can move ahead with legal measures to protect your brands.

Avail Robust Trademark Registration Services in Dubai, UAE

However, trademarks become a good investment only when you take other important measures such as trademark search, trademark watch and filing in multiple trademark classes.

However, brand owners should avail the best trademark registration services in Dubai, UAE to ensure that they are doing it the right way. An eminent IP firm such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is the key to make sure that the trademark registration in the UAE turns out to be a safe bet for your company. JIP’s highly qualified trademark agents in Dubai assist you with quality trademark search, trademark monitoring and ensure that your trademarks are registered in compliance with the laws. JIP protects your brand in a cost-effective way so that your brand scales new heights.

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