Product Registration in Dubai: Consequences of Providing False Information

Selling consumer goods in Dubai is a highly profitable opportunity for importers, manufacturers and distributors due to the presence of HNIs and a diversified population that possesses a high disposable income. However, to have a good chunk of that income, you must ensure to conduct product registration in Dubai as per the Dubai Municipality standards. Designed to ensure the safety of the consumers, the process of product registration with Dubai Municipality’s Montaji system make sure that the registered product contains all the essential information about the product including the country of origin.

However, furnishing false information may land you in trouble and the authorities may slap hefty penalties on your business. To ensure compliance, it is always advisable to register your consumer products such as food, dietary supplements, hand sanitizers and other disinfectants through reputed product registration consultants in Dubai. In this blog, you can learn about the procedures set out by Dubai Municipality to ensure proper product information is being registered and the consequences of not providing the right information on the label or package. Read on…

Consequences of Sharing False Information on Products

Federal Law No 19 on Rules and Certificates of Origin provides a legal binding to the consequence of sharing false information on products while registering the products in Dubai. As per Article No 14 of the law, those who share false information about the products with the intent of fraud will incur fines in the range of AED 100,000 to AED 500,000 or temporary imprisonment or either of the two. It also says the penalty will be double in the case of recidivism.

Penalties as hefty as these would surely put a dent in your brand image and profits. Therefore it is highly recommended to consult experienced product registration agents in Dubai. A product registration consultant will also help you comply with the quality standards specified by the Dubai Municipality’s Montaji system.

a) Information Sharing Requirements for Dubai Product Registration

If you approach any well-known product registration consultants in Dubai, they will empower you with the list of product information you need to furnish on the label. Also, there is a requirement for the product label on the package of the goods must be in Arabic.  You will also get the option to include both Arabic and English as well.

The minimum requirements for the information on the label are:

b) Product Name & Brand Name

The product name and brand name must be on the label of consumer goods in Arabic. If you are using the Arabic and English Name it should also be in both languages. Hiring the best product registration agents in Dubai will make the labelling process easier for you.

c) Ingredients

The ingredients must be arranged in descending order as per the weight or volume of the product. The information on the ingredients for a vital part of the product registration in Dubai as it gives Dubai Municipality to scrutinise to see of any harmful substance is involved.

d) Country of origin

The country of origin is the country in which the Certificate of the Products has been issued. The certificates should be legalised from the country of origin. The certificate of the country of origin is one of the areas where certain importers tend to give false information.

Depending on the nature of the products about to be registered in Dubai, you need to provide various other information such as storage conditions, declaration of ingredients that may cause hypersensitivity or require special usage instructions, manufacture details, product barcode, production and expiration dates etc. Some products may require additional labelling requirements, and product registration consultants in Dubai will equip you with sufficient knowledge about such products.

Avoid Penalties by Hiring Product Registration Service Provider in Dubai

Product registration in Dubai is mandatory for consumer goods that are manufactured, imported into or being sold in the UAE. To register a product in Dubai, the businesses must provide all the labelling information mandated by Dubai Municipality. However, to make a profit in fraudulent ways some businesses share false information on the product label while registering the products with Dubai Municipality.

However, such acts of fraud attract heavy penalties from the UAE government and importers, manufacturers & distributors need to comply with the regulations to ensure smooth conduct of business. Product registration consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) assist the businesses in complying with the laws and regulations of product registration in a cost-effective manner. JIP has been providing robust product registration services in Dubai for many years and are adept in all the procedures and requirements. With JIP’s assistance, the businesses can reap profits out of the vast UAE market by complying with all the laws of product registration in Dubai.

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