6 Reasons Why E-commerce Companies Should Register Trademarks in the UAE

E-commerce is one of the most recent and popular forms of business concept that has been reaping the benefits of high digital penetration and the immense rise in the tech-savvy population. Due to low barriers to enter the market, the e-commerce market has also witnessed a steady rise in competition. However, e-commerce entrepreneurs often engage in a race to make profits faster and overlook the indispensable requirements of trademarking their brand names and logos. Since the digital platform is also highly vulnerable to copycats, failing to register trademarks will put the credibility, reputation and business prospects of the company in peril.

Why Trademark Registration is Important for E-commerce Platforms?

The assets of e-commerce businesses are uniquely different from that of traditional brick & mortar companies. Here, the business transactions happen on the internet and the assets of the e-commerce companies are in the form of intellectual properties, which are accessible to everyone. This easy accessibility makes the assets of the e-commerce companies tough to regulate and protect. Hence, it is critical for the e-commerce companies to safeguard their assets with trademark registrations and such businesses also need to ensure that they are not infringing the trademark rights of the existing right holders. E-commerce companies need to ensure the fake or infringed goods are not registered with them to save their reputation and brand value and avoid listing fake goods which may harm the consumers tarnish the image of the e-commerce firm. Global e-commerce giant Amazon has been ensuring this with its Amazon Brand Registry to protect trademarks. The registry offers an effective tool for brand owners to search if fake goods that infringe their trademarks are listed on the Amazon platform.

1. Build a Brand Image

Establishing a strong brand identity is crucial for e-commerce companies to reach out to their customers. E-commerce startups often ignore the concept of brand building and tend to focus on their products or catalogue. However, the consumers trust the brand name more than the product that the e-commerce firm offer. A registered trademark builds an indelible stamp on the minds of the consumers, which the companies can exploit to form a loyal client base.

2. To Curb Infringement

As more brands are populating the UAE market, e-commerce companies are starting to feel the heat of tough competition. A registered trademark gives e-commerce companies an edge over copycat competitors. The registered trademarks ensure that the brand’s assets are safeguarded from infringers. Trademark registration enables the firms to take legal action against the infringers in an easier way.

3. Trademarks Help Expansion

The value of trademarks increases when the e-commerce firm establishes a strong base in the market. The value of the trademark becomes crucial when a larger company acquires the firm in the future. The big companies often buy registered trademarks when they make the acquisition deal with the firms. E-commerce companies need to devise specific strategies to build their brand identity with the help of registered trademarks, which will help them during their expansion into new markets.

4. Trademarks Ensure Authority

A legally registered trademark helps e-commerce companies to use their authority in the market. A registered trademark is the best way to assert a strong presence in the market, which also opens the door to dominate the competitors. The registered trademark establishes the brand in the market and gives an edge over the rivals.

5. Trademarks Provide Security

The registered trademarks provide security to e-commerce companies in different ways. If the e-commerce platform is selling its own products, then the registered trademarks give the companies the authority to assert their rights over the products. Also, e-commerce entrepreneurs are able to pledge registered trademarks as security while availing of loans.

6. Trademarks Help to Increase Market Reach

Expansion is the ultimate aim of every e-commerce company and a registered trademark has a big role to play in enhancing the global presence of businesses. The e-commerce companies can promote their trademarked assets in global markets through effectively devised brand strategies. E-commerce giants like Amazon have penetrated global markets through such brilliant brand strategies.

Why Choose Jitendra Intellectual Property as Trademark Agents in the UAE?

The rise of e-commerce companies has been phenomenal in recent years across the globe and the UAE also have its share of well-known e-commerce platforms that are becoming more popular. Favourable conditions like high internet penetration and the emergence of the tech-savvy population have resulted in healthy competition in the e-commerce industry. Brand building through the protection of vital assets like trademarks has become increasingly important as competition has increased. However, a well-devised strategy is required to build a strong image through the registration of trademarks, and it is in this backdrop that a full-service intellectual property service provider like the Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) comes in handy for e-commerce entrepreneurs. JIP’s highly qualified trademark agents will assist the companies in registering their trademarks with the UAE Trademark Office in compliance with the laws and regulations. JIP will ensure that the trademarks won’t infringe the rights of other right holders as the trademark agents at JIP are the best in the UAE in providing the best trademark search services. JIP will ensure that the trademarks remain safe from any potential infringement and will act on behalf of the clients if any violation is detected.

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