How Intellectual Property Watch Services Protect UAE Registered Trademarks from Infringement

Most companies nowadays are aware of the increasing importance of registering their trademarks in the jurisdictions where they produce or trade their products. Trademark registration, however, is a primary step towards brand protection and more efforts are required to safeguard the brands from potential infringements. After registering their trademarks, brand owners need to monitor the markets to detect if their trademarks are being misused across various jurisdictions. With the help of the best trademark agents in the UAE, the companies can monitor third-party trademark applications to prevent the unauthorised use of trademarks.

Why Trademark Watching is Important?

Profitable trademarks often get copied or infringed due to their high brand value and the violation will have a negative impact on the business prospects of the brand owner. To prevent such infringement, the trademark agents will monitor the databases of the trademark office to identify conflicting trademarks filed by other parties. A trademark watch service provides the owners of the registered trademarks to file an opposition against identical or confusingly similar trademarks. The registered brand owners can even file for cancellation or ask the violators to put a similar trademark on hold by sending a Cease and Desist letter. The trademark watch is the responsibility of the brand owners and they can hire the best intellectual property service providers in Dubai, UAE to does the monitoring on their behalf.

Types of Trademark Watch Services

Trademark watch will monitor the conflicting trademarks and generally, the process identifies two types of conflicting trademarks:

  1. Identical Trademark Watch

The identical trademark watch will detect trademarks that are identical to the registered trademarks. The marks could be identical to the original mark either visually or phonetically.

  1. Similar Trademark Watch

This type of trademark watch identifies all the marks that are confusingly similar to the originally registered trademarks. Here the trademark infringement could be more indirect as the marks may not be exactly identical but are capable of creating confusion in the minds of consumers.

How does Trademark Watch work?

  1. Early Detection

The best way to stop the infringement is to detect the infringement at the earliest if possible. Trademark watch services track all the identical and similar trademarks to identify the filing of potential infringing trademarks. The early detection helps the brand owners more opportunity to gather evidence of misuse against the infringing trademarks.

  1. Power to Oppose

Whenever you get to know that someone is trying to copy your trademark, you have the right to oppose it freely. Several companies provide services to monitor new trademark applications. Trademark watch helps you to get a notification that the upcoming trademark is similar to yours. This helps to stop that company by filing a formal notice of opposition at the trademark office.

  1. Efficient Watching Strategy

Trademark Watching requires the brand owners to devise robust watching strategies to monitor their registered trademarks. However, the strategy depends on the brand value and reach of the portfolio of the trademark owners. Depending on the reach of the brand, the strategy needs to cover trademark registers in relevant jurisdictions to prevent the misuse of the marks.

Benefits of Trademark Watch Services

To monitor the market for potential infringement of the registered trademarks, the brand owners often hire the trademark watching services offered by the IP service providers. By hiring reputed IP service companies the brand owners can avail of the following benefits,

  1. Brand and IP-Asset protection

By hiring the monitoring services of the best IP service providers in the UAE, the brand owners can prevent losses incurred from copycat trademarks. Marks that are identical or confusingly similar to the already registered trademarks will affect the brand image and reputation of the brand owners.

  1. Monitor Competition

The process of trademark watching will help the brand owners keep a watch over their competitors. The trademark watching services will provide additional information on the new sectors or markets the competitors are expanding into. Such information about the rivals will help the brand owners devise a new brand strategy to tackle the competition.

Why Choose Jitendra Intellectual Property?

Trademark registration with the UAE Trademark Office is the primary step taken by brand owners in ensuring the protection of their trademarks. However, the responsibility of the brand owners to protect their IP assets doesn’t end there as the competitors could misuse the registered trademarks in multiple ways. To identify such potential infringements, the brand owners need to continuously monitor the market using the trademark watching services offered by reputed IP service providers in Dubai, UAE.

Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is a full-service intellectual property service firm with years of experience in assisting thousands of brand owners in protecting their prized trademarks.

JIP’s highly qualified trademark agents are trusted by brand owners in registering their trademarks and protecting intellectual property rights. JIP is committed to ensuring that the registered trademarks remain protected across the UAE and in case any infringement is detected the trademark agents will represent the clients by providing legal expertise. JIP ensure that the clients achieve their business goals by successfully building a robust brand-building strategy.

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