A Guide to Determine the Right Time to Register a Trademark in UAE

Many companies, especially small businesses, find themselves in a dilemma over whether to register their trademarks or not. The companies that understand the importance of trademark registration in the UAE, however, ponder over when to apply. The truth is there is no strict due date for filing a trademark application for your small business. Even then, delaying the registration of your brand name or logos may cost you dearly.

When it comes to trademark registration, the only mantra that works is ‘sooner the better. If you have just registered a company or recently launched a product, then try to register the trademarks immediately. Waiting too long will give your competitors an undue advantage over you. Consult with trademark agents in Dubai to secure faster approvals for your mark.

Now, let’s discuss some important points that will help you determine how soon you should register your trademarks in the UAE. We will show you some scenarios in which the companies usually register their trademarks. Depending on that you can decide which is the best time to register the marks. Read on.

1. When you Incorporate a Company

If you want to trademark your company’s name, consult with trademark agents as soon as possible. You can start the process even before the incorporation because it will help you avoid infringing on other existing trademarks. Trademark agents in Dubai will help you select unique and distinctive names that will lead to faster trademark clearance. The agents will also provide you with the best trademark search services in Dubai so that you can avoid filing conflicting trademarks.

2. When you Launch a Product or Service

When you launch a product or a service in the market, it is advisable not to wait to file for trademark registration in the UAE. Small businesses that launch a new product under a brand name often wait to see how the product performs on the market. Seeing positive results will give them the confidence to invest in brand protection. However, this is a wrong strategy.

Your product may or may not taste success in the market. The success and failure of a product or service depend upon various market variables. It should never be a determinant for registering a trademark in the UAE. Remember that your competitors will be waiting to launch their products in the market. If they register a similar mark ahead of you, it will be hard for you to stop them. The UAE is the first to file jurisdiction and you may be forced to drag the issue to a court.

3. When Launching a Foreign Brand in the UAE

If you are a foreign company that seeks to launch a product in the UAE, trademark registration becomes imperative. In that case, you need to use trademark search services before moving to file a trademark application in the UAE. You need to ensure that your proposed brand name is not confusingly similar to other trademarks. Your application may get rejected if it bears confusing similarities with other trademarks registered in the UAE.

In such a case, try to register as soon as possible before advertising your market entry in a big way. If a competitor has been using an unregistered identical brand name, they can file for trademark registration ahead of you upon hearing about your expansion plans. Waiting too late to establish yourself in the new territory is also a bad excuse for delaying trademark registration. Consult with trademark agents in Dubai for more advice on this matter.

How Can Jitendra Intellectual Property Help you?

Even though there is no strict period to file for trademark registration in the UAE, businesses should find a way to make it as early as possible. Big brands invest millions in securing their brand identity, and they know the right time to register their trademarks. When it comes to small businesses, we can see the use of the wrong trademark strategy. Most of the small businesses fail to register on time and regret it later.  The lack of proper knowledge about IP often leads to mistakes that hurt the brand identity of the startups. Many of these mistakes may cause a negative impact later on but seeking advice from the best trademark agents in Dubai, such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) may help to avoid such mistakes.

JIP provides reliable services including trademark registration, trademark search, trademark watch and administrative action against fake goods. JIP is one of the most experienced IP firms in Dubai that provides robust consultation on trademark opposition and disputes as well. JIP’s trademark services are not restricted to the UAE; brand owners can enjoy trademark protection across the GCC.

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