A Look at the Most Commonly Used Trademark Classes in the UAE

The process of trademark registration in the UAE can be challenging for small businesses and SMEs who are largely ignorant of the significance of brand protection. Selecting and filing their trademarks under the right trademark classes as per the NICE Classification is a top reason why the process remains challenging for most SMEs. Having a prior consultation with trademark agents in Dubai is one of the best ways to navigate this challenge.

When you apply for trademark registration in the UAE, you are required to file the marks under respective trademark classes. There are a total of 45 classes, of which the first 34 are goods and 11 are services. Apart from filing under appropriate classes, you must also register the marks under multiple classes if applicable. Filing trademarks under the wrong classes or fewer classes may create brand confusion among the consumers.

This creates the need for properly understanding some of the most commonly used trademark classes. This article intends to take you through a list of some of the commonly used trademark classes in the UAE. Read ahead:

Class 9 Electrical and Scientific Apparatus 

Class 9 of the Nice Classification includes a wide range of goods that represents electrical and technological variety. Most commonly known goods that come under Class 9 include smartphones, mobile apps, software, computers, and other electronic items. Interestingly, Trademark Class 9 also represents goods such as fire extinguishers and equipment used for astronomy. Consult with trademark agents in Dubai for a full list of product categories represented under Class 9.

Class 25-Clothing 

Clothing is the primary product category represented under Class 25 of NICE Classification. However, the trademark class also includes product categories such as footwear and headgear. Brand owners planning to conduct trademark registration in the UAE for clothes, shoes or non-protective headgear, like hats, must file their brands under Class 25.

Class 21 Household Items and Kitchen Utensils 

Trademark Class 21 designates household kitchen utensils & containers, combs & sponges, brushes other than painting brushes, materials used to make brushes, articles used for cleaning purposes, steel wool, unworked or semi-worked glass other than those used in building, glassware, porcelain and earthenware that are not included in other trademark classes.

Class 21 is one of the most popular trademark classes in the UAE as the products under this class are categorised as essential supplies. Businesses that sell household items or kitchen utensils must file their brands under Class 21 while applying for trademark registration in the UAE.

Classes 29, 30 & 31-Food Products 

These three trademark classes represent different categories of food items. Class 29 designates meat and processed food items, some dairy products, edible fats and oils. Class 30 is a trademark class under the NICE Classification representing staple food items such as flour, sugar, spices, and coffee. Class 31 is used to represent live animals, fresh produce, and grains. Fresh cucumber, live fish, live fishing bait, fresh lentils etc. are some of the goods that fall within Class 31. Trademark agents in Dubai can provide you with more examples.

Class 32-Non-Alcoholic Beverages  

Bottled waters and fruit drinks are popular beverage items in the UAE. Such non-alcoholic beverages are included in Class 32. Syrups used to make other beverages also fall within this class. However, it is interesting to note that beer is also included under Class 32 of NICE Classification. Trademark agents in Dubai can help you determine whether your product falls under Class 32.

Class 35-Advertising and Business 

So far, we were discussing trademark classes that represent product categories. However, the listings under Class 35 fall under the services category. Class 35 in NICE Classification designates services such as managing businesses. Other key services that Class 35 represents include advertising, public relations, human resource management, and clerical services. Businesses should check whether their services fall under Class 35 before conducting trademark registration in the UAE.

Class 41-Education and Entertainment 

Trademark Class 41 covers services such as providing training, entertainment, sporting & cultural activities. Some of the key services covered under this Class include services related to the education of persons or training of animals; services with the basic objective of entertainment, amusement or recreation of people etc.

Class 42-Technology and Software Services 

Class 42 covers a wide range of scientific and technical services. Most popular services in Class 42 include biological research, clinical trials, graphic are design and weather forecasting.

How can Jitendra Intellectual Property Help You? 

Understanding trademark classes helps you navigate the challenges associated with trademark registration in the UAE. Many often brand owners get confused over trademark classes and file their goods or services under the wrong classes. However, the assistance of trademark agents in Dubai such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) can help you clear the air on trademark classes.

JIP is one of the leading providers of trademark services in Dubai with extensive experience and an unparalleled reputation. Our trademark agents can help you select the right trademark classes and file your marks under all the relevant classes. JIP’s other services include trademark registration, trademark search, trademark registration renewal, trademark watch services etc. Call our agents today to protect your brands across the UAE and other GCC countries.

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