International Patent for UAE Applicants: How to Protect Your Invention for the International Market?

The process of patent registration in the UAE effectively protects inventions from infringers. The system of UAE patent protection is robust, but its scope is limited. Inventors can’t simply rely upon the national system of patent registration if they seek wider protection across multiple jurisdictions. Inventors in the UAE who wish to protect their inventions internationally can apply for patent registration through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). PCT is a system of international patent registration being administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). 

Nearly 153 countries are currently party to the PCT system providing the inventors with an opportunity to protect their inventions in all the contracting countries. Moreover, the PCT system allows patent protection in multiple international jurisdictions through a single filing. It saves cost, money and offers the UAE inventors a fast and efficient system of patent protection. Consult with patent registration agents in Dubai to protect your patents through the PCT system. 

Read ahead to know further about protecting your inventive in the international market through the PCT system. 

How to File your Patents under the PCT System? 

The standard procedure to register a patent under the PCT system is stated below:

1. Filing of the Patent  

Filing an international application can be commenced by conducting patent registration in the UAE national patent office. However, you are allowed to file an international patent application with either the UAE patent office or directly through the WIPO. Seek the help of patent agents in the UAE to ensure you comply with all the legal requirements. 

2. International Search  

The application you filed will be reviewed by an International Searching Authority (ISA) to assess the patentability of the invention. The ISA will identify the published patent documents and technical literature to determine whether your invention can be patented. The authority will issue a written opinion on the invention’s patentability at this stage. 

3. International Publication  

Once 18 months lapses from the first filing date of the international patent application, the WIPO will disclose the content of the International patent to the public. The international publication will be accompanied by the international search report (ISR). 

4. Supplementary International Search  

Conducting a supplementary search for your international patent application is an optional requirement. At this stage, the applicants can request a second ISA to identify published documents that might have been missed out by the first ISA that performed the search. A supplementary search is conducted because the first ISA might have failed to identify published documents due to the diversity of prior art in different languages and different technical fields.

5. International Preliminary Examination  

This is also an optional process conducted by an ISA upon your request. It’s a patentability analysis where the ISA assesses the application you have amended as a response to the written opinion. 

6. National Phase  

Patents are granted by the national patent offices of the countries where you sought patent protection. It’s called the National Phase and it commences 30 months from the earliest filing date of the initial application. More information on this phase can be obtained from the best patent agents in the UAE.

Benefits of Patent Cooperation Treaty System  

Investors in the UAE are entitled to the following benefits while applying for International patent registration through the PCT system

1. Filing Application in One Language 

If you are opting for National Application, the application must be in the official language of the countries where you seek patent protection. As per the standard procedures of patent registration in the UAE, applicants must file their applications in Arabic. However, under the PCT system, you can file the applications in one language for multiple countries. 

2. Sufficient Time to Make a Decision  

The PCT system gives you more time, around 30 months, to determine the foreign jurisdiction where you wish to register your patent application. You will also get more time to complete critical tasks such as appointing patent agents, getting the paperwork done and making payment at the UAE Patent Office.

3. Cost-effective Procedure 

Filing multiple patent applications in multiple jurisdictions require a lot of investments. Startups may not be able to afford the cost of filing multiple patent applications for a single invention. However, the PCT system removes this hassle as you only need to file a single application to obtain patent protection in multiple countries. The cost of paperwork will also be reduced as you need not prepare different documents for different national offices. Paten registration agents in Dubai can help you draft the document for the International patent applications. 

4. Ability to Amend Application 

The PCT system of international patent application offers you an opportunity to and d the application during the optional international preliminary examination. You are also allowed to argue for your case with the patent examiner. 

5. Simplified Procedure  

Unlike the national system, the PCT system of international patent registration simplifies the standard procedures. A simple procedure facilitates the easy reception and study of applications as well as speedy issuance of appropriate decisions. 

Jitendra Intellectual Property can Help you with International Patent Registration 

The process of international patent registration can be simplified by applying through the PCT system. However, expert assistance from patent registration agents in the UAE will come in handy to expedite the application process. When it comes to UAE patent agents, look no further than Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP). JIP is one of the best patent registration agents in the UAE and the GCC region. Our highly qualified patent agents can assist you in all the processes of patent registration including drafting and translation of documents. Avail of our international patent registration services to protect your inventions cost-effectively. 

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