How to Obtain ESMA Certification to Sell Children’s Toy Products in UAE?

Selling, importing or manufacturing children’s toys in the UAE is not ’child’s play’. To reap the profits from this highly lucrative sector, you need to meet the requirements of product registration in the UAE set out by the Emirates Authority for Standardisation & Metrology (ESMA). ESMA regulates children’s toys in the UAE to ensure that children face no harm or risk while using these products. You don’t need to be intimidated by ESMA’s rules because product registration agents in Dubai can help you navigate the procedures.

If you ignore ESMA’s requirements and try to launch the products in the UAE, the government will consider your products as fake. It will either be rejected during shipment or taken off from the shops along with penalties and imprisonment. This blog contains key information that will save you from penalties or possible imprisonment. Read ahead to know how to get ESMA certification for children’s toy products in the UAE.

Product Certification Scheme for Children’s Toys 

All kinds of Children’s toys must meet the requirements as per Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS). The products that successfully clears the ECAS will be issued a Certificate of Conformity that makes them eligible for sale in the UAE. Manufacturers, importers and distributors of children’s toys must apply for product registration in the UAE to obtain the conformity certificate. The ESMA will also check to see if the products comply with GCC Standardisation Organisation (GSO) technical requirements.

Scope of Products for Certification 

Children’s toys cover a broad range of product types and sectors that need to be registered with the ESMA. The following types of children’s toys must meet the conditions of the product certification in the UAE:

  • Toys for children under 14 years
  • Functional Toys
  • Water Toys
  • Physical activity’s Toys
  • Electrical Toys
  • Chemical Toys
  • Cosmetics Toys
  • Taste Toys
  • Solar Toys

Apart from these product types, children’s toys under GSO technical regulations are also covered. They are:

  • Playground equipment intended for public use
  • Automatic playing machines, whether coin-operated or not, intended for public use
  • Toy vehicles equipped with combustion engines
  • Toy steam engines
  • Slings and catapults

Key Requirements for Product Certification with ESMA 

The requirement for product registration in the UAE may vary depending on the scope of certified products. The key documents and information required for certification for the scope of Children Toys as per scheme requirements are detailed as follows:

  1. Application form ( product registration agents in Dubai can help you)
  2. Valid trade license
  3. Declaration of conformity for the product in question
  4. Test report from a recognised laboratory in line with the applicable standards
  5. Product identity declaration form
  6. ISO/ government accreditation

Technical Requirements for Manufacturers 

Manufacturers of children’s toys in the UAE need to submit the following requirements:

  • A general description of the toys that need to be registered
  • A detailed description including conceptual design, manufacturing drawing. This should  include a list of components, materials, sub-assemblies and circuits used in the toy as well as the safety data sheets on chemicals used, to be obtained from the chemical suppliers
  • Descriptions and explanations are essential for understanding the drawings and schemes and the operation of toys
  • Addresses of the places where the products are manufactured and stored
  • A list of the Gulf standards applied in full or in part
  • Descriptions of the solutions applied to meet requirements of the Gulf technical regulations
  • In case of partial application of applied Gulf standards, technical documentation specifying the parts where the standards have been applied
  • Results of design calculations & examinations
  • A description of the conformity assessment procedure and test reports

Technical Requirements for Importers 

The ESMA has set out special requirements for importers to clear the process of product registration in the UAE:

A general description of toys

Test reports carried out pursuant

Risk Assessment Analysis Report of the product

Copies of labels, markings, logos as required by Specific Standard

Process of Registering Children’s Toys with ESMA 

After gathering all the analysis, test reports and other technical requirements, you should submit them to the ESMA for evaluation. If the submitted documents comply with the regulations, ESMA will approve the application and issue a certificate of conformity. If the documents are insufficient, the ESMA will ask you to rectify the non-compliant position.

The authority will restart the evaluation once the documents are submitted again. If found compliant, ESMA will issue a certificate of conformity for children’s toys in the UAE. The process can be expedited if you apply through product registration agents in Dubai, UAE.

Why You Should Apply through Product Registration Agents in Dubai? 

The harmful chemicals contained in the toys may put the lives of children at risk. That is why the ESMA has implemented stringent regulations for the production, import and sale of children’s toys in the UAE. Ensuring compliance with each standard and technical regulation makes the prices of product registration in the UAE tougher for businesses.

However, the issue can be resolved with the help of product registration agents in Dubai, UAE such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP). JIP can ensure the assessment and the test reports are accurate and prepared in compliance with the mandatory standards set out by the ESMA. Drive your business to success by enlisting JIP’s product registration services in Dubai, UAE.

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