How to Obtain ESMA Conformity Certificate for Juices and beverages?

The UAE is a strong market for the import, manufacture and distribution of juices and other beverages. Given the extremely hot climate of the country, people tend to try different types of drinks to cool themselves down. Furthermore, the country is a mix of different nationalities which makes the UAE a profitable market to sell different varieties of beverages. However, importers, manufacturers and distributors first need to conduct product registration in the UAE to sell such products in the market.

Obtaining a certificate of conformity from the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) is mandatory to ensure the juices and other drinks meet the required standards. Also, obtaining an Emirates Quality Mark (EQM) from ESMA increases the product’s reliability among authorities and the general public. You can consult with product registration consultants in the UAE to register juices and other drinks with ESMA.

The article details the scope of products along with the conditions, requirements for ESMA product registration. Read ahead.

Who should Register their Products with ESMA? 

Manufacturers, traders, importers, retailers, business owners or any other related parties who act as their representatives must get their products certified from ESMA before placing them for commercial use in the UAE market. They can approach product registration agents in the UAE for navigating the steps without any hassle.

Scope of Products Covered under the ESMA Scheme 

Juices and beverages come under the broader category of ’Food’ as per ESMA standardisation. The products that can be certified under the specific category of Juices and Beverages include:

  1. Flavoured artificial drink powders
  2. Guava nectar
  3. Fruit juices and Nectars
  4. Fresh fruit juices (Unpasteurized)
  5. Fruit Drink
  6. Juices with milk
  7. Flavoured artificial drink

Registration Requirements 

Requirements for ESMA product registration may vary depending on the scope of certified products; Details of the documents required for certification for the scope of Juices and Drinks as per ESMA requirements are detailed as follows:

Valid UAE Industry/Trade License.

Registration certificate for Industrial Measurement System

Test Report from an accredited and recognized laboratory

Valid QMS international certificate Accepted by ESMA

Food contact material conformity certificate

Organic product certificate if the product is declared as organic on the product label

Halal national mark License if the product is declared as halal on the product label

Transport and store the product according to the technical requirements in the standard

Meet the requirements of the card Label according to the technical requirements in the standard

Distributor ownership (for Traders only)

Electronic Declaration of Conformity

Process of Obtaining an EQM Certificate for Juices and Beverages 

As a first step, the applicants need to duly fill the application form and submit it to the Authority. Applying for product certification through product registration agents in the UAE will lessen the complications. After receiving the application, a conformity officer from ESMA will perform the conformity assessment procedures.

If any documents are missing at the end of the evaluation, the officer will ask the applicant to submit them. The evaluation will be repeated after the applicant submits the missing documents. If test results are not complying with the standards, the conformity officer will request the applicant to rectify the non-complying aspects. The assessment will be repeated after the applicant rectifies the same.

Onsite Factory Assessment 

Onsite factory assessment is applicable if the applicant is a local manufacturer. Factory Assessment will begin only when the officers evaluate all the required documents. All the relevant documents will be forwarded to the conformity officers who are in charge of the Factory Assessment. The Authority will decide the date for performing the factory assessment.

There will be two assessments at the same time. One officer will audit factory compliance as per quality standards requirements while the other will audit the compliance as per technical standards. Based on their evaluation, they will issue certificate conformity for the product in question. The applicants can ensure a stress-free factory assessment if they associate with the top product registration consultants in Dubai, UAE.

Renewal of ESMA Certificate of Conformity 

The validity of the ESMA conformity certificate is three years. However, the ESMA officials will conduct surveillance visits to the factory every year during the certification period to ensure maintenance of conformity. Certificate of Conformity should be renewed three months before the expiry. Hire the best product registration agents in Dubai to renew the ESMA Certificate of Conformity on time.

How can Jitendra Intellectual Property Help? 

Selling juices and related drinks are a profitable business in the UAE given the market’s diversity. However, the UAE government wants to ensure that the general public receives only healthy and safe products for consumption. ESMA regulates the quality control and assessment of juices and related beverages in the UAE on behalf of the government. The process of ESMA product registration in the UAE will appear to be complex if the businesses undertake the process without any assistance. However, applying through product registration consultants in Dubai such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) will make the process easier. JIP can ensure all the tests, documents comply with ESMA standards.

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