ESMA Product Certification in UAE: A Guide to Emirates Quality Mark

If you are planning to supply regulated products in the UAE, you must certify them with Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA). However, you must have clarity over what specific types of certifications are required for your products. To make such a decision, you need to have a clear grasp of the regulations of ESMA product certification in the UAE. Certain regulated products must bear the Emirates Quality Mark (EQM) to be legally sold in the UAE.

Only a product registration agent in Dubai can help you answer key questions such as ’what is an EQM’ and ’what types of products need an EQM’. You must also know why an EQM is mandatory to place specific products in the UAE marketplace. To help you out with these basic queries, we have included all aspects of UAE EQM certification in this blog. Read ahead to know further:

What is an Emirates Quality Mark? 

An EQM is a mark of conformity granted by the ESMA to regulated products that can demonstrate compliance with relevant UAE National Standards, Regional and/or International Standards. Such products should also demonstrate that they are manufactured by a company that has implemented an effective Quality Management System to ensure continuous compliance. Importers, manufacturers and distributors must get an EQM for specific products before selling them in the UAE.

An EQM printed on the product label is proof that the product has been approved by the UAE Federal Government through ESMA. An EQM is essential to clear shipments from Ports or Customs Authorities. Consult with product registration agents in Dubai to quickly obtain EQM certification for your products.

Products that Require Emirates Quality Mark 

An EQM certification is mandatory for certain types of products in the UAE. You must get an EQM certification for the following types of locally manufactured or imported products:

  1.  Bottled drinking water
  2. Juices and other beverages
  3. Milk and dairy products

Voluntary Certification for Emirates Quality Mark 

EQM operates as both a mandatory and voluntary certification in the UAE. You can’t supply bottled drinking water, juices, and dairy products in the UAE without obtaining an EQM certification. However, it doesn’t mean other products not included in the mandatory list are prohibited from doing so. Having an EQM on the product label increases the chances for authorities and consumers to trust your brand more. Also, it will increase the pace of customs clearance during shipment into the UAE. Consult with product registration agents in Dubai to quickly obtain an EQM certification.

License to Use an Emirates Quality Mark 

ESMA grants a license to use the EQM in the UAE through a streamlined procedure. If you wish to use an EQM on your product either mandatorily or voluntarily, you must apply for a license accompanied by relevant documents. The process can be simplified with the help of product certification agents in Dubai.

Factory Audit for Emirates Quality Mark 

EQM is a comprehensive standardisation scheme implemented by the ESMA for product certification in the UAE. Apart from assessing the quality, the EQM scheme also checks the safety of the products. To ensure safety, the ESMA will also assess the standards of the manufacturing units where the products have been produced. In the case of locally manufactured products, ESMA officials or representatives of ESMA approved bodies will visit the factory where the products were made. The officials will assess whether the factory has implemented an effective Quality Management System.

Documents Required for Emirates Quality Mark 

To obtain a license to use an EQM, you must provide the following documents/information

  • Valid UAE Industry/Trade License (or declaration or accountability)
  • Test Report from Accredited laboratory based on the approved standard by ESMA
  • Factory assessment Report
  • Electronic Declaration of continuity of Conformity

Process of Obtaining an Emirates Quality Mark 

The process of obtaining an EQM requires the importers, manufacturers and distributors to follow a series of steps. That’s why it’s advisable to seek help from product registration agents in Dubai who can expedite the process. You have to undertake the following steps to obtain an EQM in the UAE:

  • Apply for an Emirates quality Mark
  • Documents Review
  • Factory Assessment
  • If the product is fulfilled with all the requirements, the system will notify the clients to pay the fees and schedule the assessment
  • Obtain EQM certificate
  • Pay the License fees of Emirates Quality mark
  • Registration on the ESMA website
  • Upload the Required Document

How can Jitendra Intellectual Property Help you? 

The role of product certification agents is critical when it comes to ESMA product certification in the UAE. Businesses need assistance in complex processes such as obtaining an EQM in the UAE. The labelling, artwork, lab reports and factory audits should be dealt with diligently for which you need the assistance of product certification agents in Dubai such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP). JIP is a leading provider of product registration services in Dubai boasting adequate resources and qualified agents. We will assist you with the key ESMA processes so that you can legally place your products in the UAE marketplace.

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