Key Elements and Challenges of an Effective Brand Protection Strategy

The identity of any business is built on its brand, which you need to safeguard against copycats, counterfeiters and competitors. Whether your business is an MNC or a startup, your brand image will suffer without a robust brand protection strategy. A solid brand protection strategy is built upon Intellectual Property (IP) rights and the awareness of how best to employ them.

We examine how this can be achieved, why it is needed and what impact it has on an organization.

What is brand protection?

Brand protection is the necessary action business owners make to safeguard the IP of their companies and associated brands. It shields its brand against counterfeiters, copyright pirates, and infringers of other types of IP, such as patents, design rights, colour marks and trade dress. The most important function of brand protection is to prevent brand abuse. Trademark agents in the UAE can advise you on various brand protection methods.

Basic Considerations for brand strategy

You need to take a series of IP protection measures to maintain the integrity and reputation of your products or services. The first thing you must do as part of your brand strategy is to secure your goods and services with trademark registration in the UAE or in any other jurisdictions where you operate. Registering your trademark will help you ensure the recognizability of your brand’s offerings and reinforce any perceptions customers develop. However, even a registered trademark is vulnerable to the following things. You must build a brand strategy around the following threats to your brand:

  • Counterfeiting of products or designs
  • Infringement
  • Rogue websites that impersonate, hijack or besmirch others
  • Trademark squatting — where a trademark is registered in bad faith, usually to extort from legitimate operators in the future

Key ways to protect your brand

The following are some of the key ways to protect your brand:

  • Ensure your IP is registered
  • Build a Strong Brand Presence
  • Draft appropriate Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Securing the brand’s online presence
  • Monitor your competition
  • Strategize fighting infringement

Benefits of brand protection strategies

Conducting trademark registration in the UAE allows you to keep firm control over your IP and implement robust anti-counterfeiting measures. If customers are able to verify your genuine products, it means your brand reputation is not tarnished through misrepresentation or confusion with inferior products or services. In the same vein, you will also have clear-cut legal options if you discover an infringement of your registered IP rights. The following are some of the benefits of  having a solid brand protection strategy:

  • It reduces losses for your company
  • Safeguarding a brand leads to better sales by eliminating the cheap counterfeits
  • Consumers will see your products as more reliable and of higher quality once the inferior imitations have been removed from the market
  • Distributors, retailers and other partners will be more excited to collaborate with your brand

Consult with the Best Trademark Agents in the UAE

It is essential for business owners to carry out trademark registration in the UAE to ensure brand recognition and avoid infringement. By registering a trademark in the UAE, you can get benefits such as nationwide protection, customer loyalty, eligibility for international protection, and the legal right to fight infringers. However, the rules and procedures of the Trademark Office can be tough to grasp for which you can seek the help of trademark agents in the UAE such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP).

JIP offers reliable trademark services in the UAE if you would like assistance in protecting your trademark. We are one of the leading IP firms in Dubai with years of experience. We offer cost-effective trademark services in Dubai such as trademark registration/renewal, trademark watch, trademark search etc. JIP also provides worldwide trademark registration under the Madrid Protocol.


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