Learn about the Goods Covered under Trademark Class 11

When you register a trademark in the UAE or any other relevant jurisdiction, you will have to file it under relevant classes of goods and services. The Classification of a trademark against the most appropriate good or service is essential for effectively enforcing your trademark in the marketplace. Choosing the right trademark class is strenuous for brand owners as they have to browse through the 45 classes of goods and services in the Nice Classification List.

Sensible brand owners navigate this challenge by seeking help from leading trademark agents in the UAE. Professionals offering trademark services in the UAE can make you aware of the Nice Classification list and choose the most relevant class from it. It is worthwhile for brand owners t to learn about the goods or services covered under each trademark class. In this blog, we will take you through the list of goods covered under trademark class 11. Read ahead to take your trademark enforcement practices to the next level:

List of Goods Covered under Trademark Class 11

Trademark class 11 covers apparatus and installations for lighting, heating, cooling, steam generating, cooking, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes. Class 11 specifically includes the following goods:

  • Air-conditioning apparatus and installations
  • Ovens (except those for laboratory use) such as dental ovens, microwave ovens, bakers’ ovens
  • Stoves being heating apparatus
  • Solar thermal collectors
  • Chimney flues, chimney blowers, hearths, domestic fireplaces
  • Sterilizers, incinerators
  • Lighting apparatus and installations including luminous tubes for lighting, searchlights, safety lights, luminous house numbers, vehicle reflectors, lights for vehicles
  • Lamps such as electric lamps, gas lamps, laboratory lamps, oil lamps, street lamps, safety lamps
  • Tanning apparatus being sun beds
  • Bath installations, bath fittings, bath plumbing fixtures
  • Toilets, urinals
  • Fountains, chocolate fountains
  • Electrically heated pads, cushions and blankets, not for medical purposes
  • Hot water bottles
  • Electrically heated clothing
  • Electric appliances for making yoghurt, bread-making machines, coffee machines, ice-cream-making machines
  • Ice machines and apparatus

Goods not Covered under Trademark Class 11

Brand owners often court trademark enforcement trouble by choosing the wrong class for their product or service. This may happen when their brand’s product shares some close similarities with products listed under a different class. Trademark agents in the UAE can help you avoid this mistake by offering actionable insights. It is advisable to have an understanding of such confusingly similar goods from other classes before conducting trademark registration in the UAE. The following are some of the goods not covered under Class 11:

  • Steam-producing apparatus being parts of machines (Class 7)
  • Air condensers (Class 7)
  • Current generators, generators of electricity (Class 7)
  • Soldering lamps (Class 7)
  • Optical lamps and darkroom lamps (Class 9)
  • Lamps for medical purposes (Class 10)
  • Ovens for laboratory use (Class 9)
  • Photovoltaic cells (Class 9)
  • Signalling lights (Class 9)

What are coordinated classes relevant to Class 11?

After choosing Class 11 as the primary trademark class for your product, you need to select the coordinated classes. Coordinated classes are classes that are related to the primary class in terms of use. If your company offers any other product or services under the brand, you need to select coordinated classes as well. The following are some of the coordinated classes relevant to Class 11:

  • Class 6 — Common Metals
  • Class 7 — Machine
  • Class 9 — Computers and Scientific Devices
  • Class 19 — Building Materials
  • Class 20 — Furniture
  • Class 35 — Advertising and Business Services
  • Class 37 — Construction and Repair Services
  • Class 40 — Material Treatment Services
  • Class 42 — Science and Technology Services

Consult with the Best Trademark Agents in the United Arab Emirates

If your brand deals with apparatus used for lighting, heating, cooling, cooking etc. you need to file your UAE trademark under Class 11. Additionally, you need to choose coordinated classes to ensure complete protection for your trademark in the UAE. Consider consulting with the best Trademark Agents in the UAE such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) to determine which trademark classes are ideal for your valued brands and to select the right specimen to include in your application.

JIP is one of the leading IP firms in Dubai, offering end-to-end protection to your brand. Our highly qualified trademark agents aim to reshape the concept of brand protection and provide access to quality & affordable trademark registration services in the UAE. We ensure your trademark remains protected throughout its lifespan by carrying out a trademark search, trademark watch and trademark renewal services. JIP also offer international trademark registration services through the Madrid Protocol. Contact us for a consultation on how to protect your trademark in the UAE and across the world.

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