Key Tips For Inventors To Develop An Idea Into a Patent

The evolution of an idea into an invention is an interesting process, which requires a robust strategy. The cycle is incomplete without you applying for patent registration in the UAE. However, you need to make certain assessments to ensure your idea progress from the ‘idea stage’ to the patent phase. The following blog shows how easily you can convert an idea into a patent:

Document The Idea And Expand On It

To start the process, inventors must document the idea and expand on it. It is crucial for inventors to document the process at each step and keep a track of their progress. Documentation is critical as it would help you to retrace your steps if something turns into a success. Retracing every step is crucial for inventors as the process, in most cases, is a gradual one. The idea should be clearly explained with all the aspects and alternatives associated with it as at this point your idea may mature into an invention.

Ensure Your Idea is Novel

You must ensure that the invention is new, which means the same idea has not been published before. If you have published anything regarding the invention in academic papers or scientific conferences, it would lead to the rejection of patent registration in the UAE. If any collaborators are involved, make them sign a non-disclosure agreement. Such agreements will help you to retain the novelty of the idea. Consult with patent registration agents in the UAE for assessing the patentability of your idea.

Check If Your Idea Is Capable Of Industrial Application

In the next step, assess whether your invention is capable of industrial application. By industrial application we mean the invention serves a unique purpose and is capable of solving an existing problem. If it doesn’t, your idea is not eligible for patent registration in the UAE. Patent registration agents in Dubai can help you assess the patentability of your invention.

Assess Whether Your Idea Involves Non-Obviousness

In the fourth step, you must assess whether your idea has the quality of non-obviousness. It means a person of ordinary skill in a specific field should not find the invention to be obvious to make a change. Imagine you have invented something called B+C. If someone with skill in your field finds B+C to be already known after examining B and C, it lacks non-obviousness. Such ideas can’t be patented in the UAE.

Conduct a Patent Search

Carrying out in-depth research is essential from a legal and business standpoint. You must carry out a patent search before filing a patent application in the UAE. Performing a patent search will help you ensure no one else has patented your idea for the invention. You are also required to complete a non-patent prior art search as the existence of any artwork or design similar to yours means you can’t patent the invention.

Conduct a Market Search

As per reports, more than 90% of patents never fetch any revenue for the inventor. The inventor is to blame here for patenting an invention that is not commercially viable. Take a leaf from this and carry out market research before investing a huge amount of money into patenting your invention. Do research on your target market and assess whether your invention will be bought by anyone. Once you identify the market potential, ensure whether the product can be manufactured and distributed at a reasonable cost.

Make a Prototype

Making a prototype gives you a chance to put into practice everything that you have documented about the invention. A prototype can be used to demonstrate the design of your invention while showing it to potential investors, lenders or licensees. You must also ensure that the prototype is made before you apply for patent registration in the UAE. A prototype gives you a chance to identify the flaws in your original design or add a new feature that will improve the invention.

File a Patent in the UAE

Now, you have all the types of requisites ready with you. Now, you can move on to apply for patent registration in the UAE. You can find reliable patent registration agents in Dubai to write the patent and fill out the application. If you hire less experienced patent agents, you will be left with a weaker patent application with a high chance of patent infringement in the UAE. Good patent agents can ensure that you have drafted a strong patent application in the UAE.

Seek Help from Patent Registration Agents in Dubai, UAE

From developing an idea to an invention and securing it through patent registration in the UAE is no ordinary task. Inventors need to undergo a long cycle to get the wheels in motion from documenting an idea to applying for patent registration. However, the process can be done right with the help of patent registration agents in Dubai such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP).  JIP can help you assess whether your invention has the potential to be granted patent protection in the UAE. Our patent registration services in the UAE ensure that your invention remains protected in the UAE.

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