Make Sure You Answer These Questions Before Applying For a Patent in UAE

Navigating the process of patent registration in the UAE is not an easy challenge. Inventors invest an enormous amount of money and time to come up with a new invention. However, it’s not a pretty sight when the patent office rejects an application for your invention. In most cases, rejection happens on account of the inventor’s incapability to determine the patentability of the invention. Conducting a prior search with the help of patent registration agents in Dubai is the most viable solution to avoid rejection.

Conducting patent registration in the UAE requires you to spend your valuable time and money. Therefore, you need to assess the patentability of your invention before submitting the application to the UAE Patent Office. Here is a list of questions you must ask to determine the patentability of your invention:

1. Is your invention innovative?

Before proceeding to prepare your patent draft assess whether your invention is original. You can take this assessment while doing the patent search in the UAE. Many inventors just assume that their invention is innovative and proceed with the process of patent registration in the UAE and face rejection. Most of the inventors get overwhelmed by false confidence about their invention and it must be avoided.

A proper search with the help of patent registration agents in Dubai, UAE will help you determine the state in which the said innovation will fare in the given field. If you come across a similar invention, explore deeper to identify key differences between the description of the other party and what your invention describes. It’s absolutely essential for you to ensure your invention differs from already registered patents.

2. Is my Invention Obvious to the Professionals in the Field?

Rejection can happen even if your invention differs in multiple ways from another patented invention. You need to check whether your invention is obvious to the experts in the field. If yes, your patent application will be rejected. Non-obviousness is one of the most critical aspects that make your invention eligible for patent registration in the UAE.

Non-obviousness means your invention should be sufficiently different from what has been used or described before and a person with ordinary skill in the particular field should not find it obvious to make the change. Consider you have invented an innovative invention named A+B. A is known in the prior art and B is also known in the prior art. You need to assess whether someone with skill in your field may find A+B to be already known after examining both A and B. If the answer is yes, your invention is obvious and can’t be patented. If the answer is No, your invention is non-obvious and can be patented.

3. Is your invention capable of solving any problem?

As per the law governing patent registration in the UAE, an invention should be capable of industrial application. It means your invention should serve a unique purpose and solve an already existing problem. If your invention is not capable of industrial application, it has failed to meet the basic requirements for patentability. Consult with patent registration agents in Dubai to assess the patentability of your invention.

4. Is the Subject Matter Accepted as Patentable in the UAE?

You need to ensure the subject matter of your invention is accepted as patentable under the UAE Patent Law. In the UAE, the following are not patentable:

  • Aesthetic creations
  • A discovery, scientific theory or a mathematical method
  • A scheme, rule or method for performing a mental act, playing a game or doing business, or a computer program
  • A presentation of information
  • A procedure for surgical or therapeutic treatment, or diagnosis, to be practised on humans or animals

5. Is your invention commercially viable?

There is an umpteen number of patented products that are unable to claim any commercial value. You are investing your time and money in your invention and you deserve something in return. For example, a portable nuclear fallout shelter becomes valuable only if a nuclear attack is imminent. If your product doesn’t have any commercial value, it’s not advisable to waste your money, time and energy.

Hire the Best Patent Registration Agents in Dubai, UAE

An inventor needs to tackle a set of challenges to successfully register a patent in the UAE. If the inventor is unaware of the patentability of his or her invention, the process of patent registration in the UAE can be a tough task. You may face rejection when you submit the application for an invention that is not patentable. However, consulting with patent registration agents in Dubai such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) will help you to assess the patentability of your invention and avoid rejection.  JIP is a full-service IP firm offering bespoke patent registration services in Dubai, UAE. Our patent registration services ensure solid patent protection for inventors.

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