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    Due to its wealthy and multicultural population from more than 200 countries, Dubai is a paradise for brands prompting businessmen to sell their products and reap priceless benefits and profits. However, the emirate’s progressive policies stipulate that the market entry will be granted only for those performing product registration in Dubai. The production, import and sale of consumer goods are regulated by Dubai Municipality’s Montaji system. It means Dubai Montaji product registration is a mandatory prerequisite to successfully distribute consumer goods in the local market.

    Products Registration agents in Dubai can help the companies ensure that their products comply with relevant standards. The conditions and requirements are listed in this article. Read ahead.

    Dubai Montaji Product Registration 

    The process of product registration in Dubai is controlled and regulated by Dubai Municipality through the Montaji system. A stringent registration regime is implemented to ensure that the consumer goods do not create any health or safety issues for the consumers. The safety of the general public is ensured by the Consumer Products Safety Section (CPSS) at the Municipality, which oversees the Montaji system. Every product registered with Dubai Montaji will be integrated into a single system, making it easier for the government, public and traders to get accurate information about the products.

    The Dubai Montaji Products Registration process makes sure that every product has the mandatory information on its label ( especially for food & cosmetic products). This enables the consumers to get vital information like the source of origin of the product. In case the customer wants to sue the manufacturer for any side effect, the source of origin will come in handy. The authority also checks if the cosmetic or food products contain any harmful substances that may be harmful to the human body. A product will be rejected if it contains substances that are not fit for human consumption.

    Products that Require Registration 

    Dubai Montaji product registration requirement doesn’t cover all sorts of products that are being traded in the local market. However, the following consumer products need to be registered in Dubai:

    • Food Products
    • Cosmetics Products
    • Health Supplements Products
    • Herbal Products
    • Hand Sanitisers
    • Disinfectants

    Products that are Prohibited 

    Importing or selling certain types of products are prohibited by the government due to various reasons. Such products are not eligible for Dubai Montaji product registration and will be rejected by Customs if anyone tries to ship them. The fooling products are prohibited in the UAE:

    • Any type of narcotic drugs
    • Swine
    • Gambling products
    • Betel leaves
    • Nylon fishing nets
    • Certain food colours, food additives & chemicals

    Restrictive Products in the UAE 

    While some products are prohibited in the UAE, certain products are in the restrictive category that can be traded with a higher degree of restriction. The following products are classified under the restrictive category:

    • Alcoholic beverages
    • New tires
    • Rough diamonds
    • Print materials & media-related products
    • Nuclear energy products

    Objectives & Benefits of Dubai Montaji Product Registration

    The government has designed the process of product registration in Dubai to minimise the trading of harmful or take products in the local market. In doing so, the government can ensure that the public receives only safe & healthy products consumption. The following objectives can be achieved by registering a product with Dubai Municipality’s Montaji:

    • Greater credibility while selling and promoting products in Dubai
    • Products with Dubai Municipality approval can easily win consumers’ trust
    • Importers can ensure hassle-free shipment of consumer goods
    • The company can have a good image before the government authorities

    Process of Product Registration in Dubai  

    Manufacturers, importers and distributors can conduct an assessment through product registration agents in Dubai to ensure that the product is eligible for registration. To register a product with Dubai Montaji, the applicants need to have a valid trade license issued by a free zone or mainland authority. Applicants must either incorporate a new company in the UAE or appoint a local distributor. The following procedures must be executed:

    1. Registration of the Company with Montaji 

    After forming a company in the UAE, the applicants can submit the details including the license to the Montaji system. If the applicants have appointed a local company as a distributor, the local company can register with the Montaji.

    2. Submission of Documents 

    The applicants then should submit relevant documents to Dubai Montaji. It includes results of laboratory tests, labelling information, packaging information etc. The CPSS will conduct the label assessments to ensure conformity with Dubai Municipality standards.

    3. Issuance of Product Registration Certificate 

    Once the assessments are determined to comply with the standards of Dubai Municipality product registration, a product registration certificate will be issued. The product registration certificate is valid for 5 years in Dubai. Consult with product registration agents in Dubai to expedite the process.

    Enlist the Best Product Registration Services in Dubai 

    Performing Dubai Montaji product registration is mandatory for businesses aiming to profit from the UAE market. Consumer goods that fail to conduct product registration in Dubai will be denied entry into the local market and will be regarded as fake products. Getting a product registration certificate is a tough process that can be simplified by failing the best product registration services such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP).  JIP is one of the best product registration agents in Dubai who can perform actions such as product label review, product documentation review, notification of product registration, support to complete Product Information File (PIF), arranging laboratory services etc.