Significance of Registering Trademarks Under Multiple Classes in the UAE

Every entrepreneur who focuses on developing his brand relies upon trademark registration to enhance the business prospects. In most cases, the brand owners think of registering their trademarks based on the primary services their business offers or the goods they sell. However, restricting the trademark registration to a single class is not a wise strategy as afar as the brand building is concerned. The brand owners need to ensure that they are registering their trademarks under the right classes and need expert advice in deciding what additional classes would properly define their services and goods. There are a total of 45 NICE Classification of trademarks and the brand owners could avail the services of the best trademark agents in Dubai, UAE to choose the most appropriate classes.

What are Trademark Classes?

The NICE Classification of Trademarks is often referred to as the trademark classes, which is an international classification of goods and services applied to the trademarks. In total, there are 45 trademark classes as per the NICE list in which the 1-34 covers the goods, and the classes from 35 to 45 are dedicated to services. The UAE also uses the Nice classification of trademarks as a guideline for registration purposes though the country is not a party to the Nice Agreement. The brand owners need to decide which products fall into which classes, for which the expert guidance of reputed trademark registration services in Dubai, UAE is recommended.

Why Should Brand Owners Register Trademark into Multiple Classes in the UAE?

The UAE trademark classes may appear to be complex as there are 45 of them, but it actually serves as guidance on how to register the trademarks properly. The UAE trademark classification streamlines the process of trademark registration and also help the brand owners identify potential trademark infringers.

Brand owners don’t favour the idea of someone else selling the same products with identical or similar trademarks as theirs. Registering the trademarks in specific classes ensures that others are not registering the same or similar trademark within the same class. However, the brand owners should note that the registration for each class should be done separately in the UAE as per the regulations. In such a case, the cost of registration may be high but the UAE has significantly reduced the trademark registration fee from April 4, 2020, in view of the COVID 19 pandemic. This reduction in trademark fee gives the brand owners a golden opportunity to file their trademarks under additional classes.

a) Reduces Chances of Infringement

Registering the trademark in a specific class doesn’t prevent others from infringing on the trademarks. This is because there is a possibility of a competitor registering a similar trademark in other classes. In such cases, the brand owners can conduct a search on all the classes that apply to their trademarks and perform the trademark registration.

b) Prevents Confusion among Consumers

Infringement happens when trademarks are identical or confusingly similar. In terms of NICE Classification, the similarity also applies to related goods or services, which makes the consumer confused about the source. Registering the trademarks in all the relevant classes helps avoid the confusion about brands.

Tips to Choose the Right Classes for the Trademark Registration

The process of deciding upon the additional classes for registering the trademarks in the UAE can be tricky. The process requires extensive research and expert guidance but it is worth the effort as the brand owners can safeguard the trademarks from potential infringement. As a first step, the brand owners need to compile a description of the goods or services for which the trademark will be used. The business owners then need to consider certain factors that would help them identify the classes to which their products belong:

  1. Identify the function and purpose of the goods/services
  2. Determine if the goods consist of any raw materials
  3. Have clarity about the activities involved in the services

The process of trademark registration in multiple classes should be done with proper care and research. Filing the trademarks in the UAE under the wrong classes may lead to rejection and may even put a dent on the brand image. To have more clarity on filing trademarks in multiple classes, the brand owners can consult with prominent trademark registration service providers in the UAE.

How Jitendra Intellectual Property Can Help?

The process of registering the trademarks with the UAE Trademark Office is the most crucial decision a brand owner takes in a bid to develop a good image for his brand. The registration ensures brand credibility and gives the brand owner the power to take legal action if infringement occurs. Even though the entrepreneurs put adequate efforts to register their trademarks in the appropriate class, they often ignore the additional classes under which they can register their trademarks. Registering the trademarks in additional classes ensures more safety from infringers. However, brand owners often fail to conduct sufficient research regarding UAE trademark classes. It is in such situations that the business owners require the expertise of a reputed trademark registration service provider like Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP). JIP has a team of highly qualified trademark agents who will ensure that the trademarks are registered under the right classes. JIP is a full-service Intellectual Property service provider with years of experience in helping clients with trademark search, trademark registration, and trademark watch services. The entrepreneurs can build a successful brand strategy with peace of mind as JIP will ensure that their trademarks remain protected across the GCC.

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