Tips from UAE Trademark Agents on Building a Fashion Brand

In a world where the needs of consumers change at a faster rate, businesses are faced with the challenge of adopting new strategies for brand building and brand management. If we take the fashion industry into consideration, the demands of the consumers are fluctuating at a much faster rate than most other industries. And when it comes to a dynamic city like Dubai, where almost all global fashion houses have a business interest, the challenge of brand-building becomes even tougher.

The fashion houses, irrespective of their size and global appeal, need to navigate the challenges of copycats and the evolving brand identity. They also need to manage the speed at which new products are churned out as collections and high-profile items change almost every week in the industry.

Being a highly-evolving creative sector, the fashion industry continuously adapts and reshape their brand identity in tandem with latest trends and launches, demands, and connections with the celebrity, entertainment, and pop culture. This calls for the heightened need for the protection of trademarks in the fashion industry.

In this regard, the trademark agents in the UAE have identified four trademark and brand essentials that the fashion industry needs to consider to build better brand value:

1. Create a Powerful Brand Name

A trademark, in its basic sense, is the most powerful indicator that communicates to the customer about the source of a product or service. For a fashion brand, the process of trademark registration in Dubai ensures higher brand visibility and protection for the company name, logo, and slogan. Fashion brands must always take care to file the trademark registration application for the brand name a sit resonates powerfully with their customers.

A name like Nike has a lasting impact on strongly establishing the loyalty of its customers. The name must be distinctive enough and must not be in conflict with other names that are already trademarked in the UAE. Fanciful names and made-up names are generally considered strong trademarks and face less risk of opposition. After ensuring the trademark is distinctive enough register it with the UAE trademark office through reputed trademark agents in Dubai.

2. Make Logos & Slogans More Fanciful

In a highly creative industry like the fashion industry, the logos and slogans of the fashion brands must immediately establish a connection with the potential customers. The logos and slogans let the brand stand apart from the rival brands and allow the customers to distinguish the brands from copycats and competitors easily.

Fashion brands go to any extent to become as creative as possible in making their logos distinct. For instance, if a logo contains two letters in the English alphabet you can make it distinctive by mixing two different fonts. Another interesting way is to make the same logo more interesting is by combining the roman and italic forms of the letter at the same time. The logos and slogans should be protected through trademark registration in Dubai.

3. Try to Avoid Risky Names for Brand

Fashion brands, especially international labels, often tend to create a distinctive brand identity by creating names that appear like subverting the existing public order and morals. Brands that want to connect with more rogue consumers create a name that borders on subtle vulgarity. However, trademark agents in Dubai recommend the brands to avoid names that appear to defy public morals or public order as it violates the UAE trademark Law and runs the risk of rejection.

4. Avoid Disputes with Other Brands

The history of the fashion industry is laden with infamous trademark disputes and most of the disputes arise due to confusing similarity between trademarks. The likelihood of confusion is one of the most common sources of disputes in other industries as well. Brands need to have a clear plan to prevent them from creating marks that are identical or similar to existing trademarks of famous brands. The disputes may cost dearly for the fashion houses and may delay the registration process. Before filing the application for trademark registration in Dubai, brands must conduct a proper trademark search to avoid potential opposition claims.

Final Thoughts

In the fashion industry, the brand is everything and not the product and this makes branding crucial for fashion in comparison with other industries. Customers buy a coat because of the fashion house that made it or due to the fame of the individual who designed it. This makes branding in the industry more challenging and calls for a need to protect it through trademark registration in Dubai. To protect the brands in the UAE, the foreign brands need the assistance of reputed trademark agents as foreigners don’t have access to the UAE Trademark Office.

Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is one of the most renowned IP firms in Dubai that has a team of immensely qualified trademark agents. JIP has helped thousands of companies from a variety of sectors register trademarks in the UAE. JIP’s trademark agents in Dubai ensure that the trademarks of the businesses stay protected in the UAE as well as other countries such as Bahrain, Egypt. Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar etc.

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