Top Requirements to register e-scooter products with ESMA

E-scooters are a common sight in the bustling streets of Dubai. Working people, who can’t afford a car, often rely upon e-scooters to commute daily from their home to office and back forth. Ideally suited for covering short distances, the e-scooters are witnessing a surge in demand in recent times. However, to leverage the spike in demand, companies need to carry out product registration in the UAE before distributing e-scooters in the country.

The import, production and distribution of e-scooters in the UAE are regulated by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA).  All the e-scooter products must be registered with ESMA before placing in the UAE market.  Unregistered e-scooter products will be subjected to stringent penalties and consequences if placed on the local market. However, product registration agents in Dubai can help businesses to avoid such serious consequences by ensuring compliance with the ESMA standards and technical requirements.

Read ahead to know further about the top requirements to register e-scooter products with ESMA.

Who Should Apply for ESMA Product Registration in the UAE? 

Businesses who wish to import e-scooters into the UAE must apply for ESMA product registration. Similarly, those who manufacture the e-scooter products in the local market must conduct product registration in the UAE. Distributors of e-scooters should also ensure that the product is registered with ESMA before placing them on the UAE market. These three groups can appoint product registration agents in Dubai to carry out the process on their behalf.

Type of Certification Needed for E-scooter Products 

Importers, makers and distributors of e-scooter products must apply for the Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS) implemented by ESMA. Getting certified as per ECAS is a prerequisite for importers to get their goods cleared by the Customs Authorities. ECAS certification is also mandatory for manufacturers and distributors to place the products on the local market. Obtaining an ECAS certificate is mandatory to prove that the product has been approved by the UAE government through ESMA.

Mandatory Schemes & Standards for Product Registration 

Businesses should ensure that their products meet specific quality standards. The ESMA product certification process will be delayed in case of non-compliance. E-scooter products should comply with standards such as

  • Technical regulation for e-scooters in line with the Cabinet Resolution No. 216 of 2010
  • UAE Scheme No 46 of 2016
  • ECAS assessment Scheme for e-scooters as per the technical requirements of Chairman of the Board’s decision No. (21) for 2016

Chief Requirements for ESMA Product Certification  

Importers, manufacturers, distributors or their representatives should submit the following documents to register their products with ESMA:

  • Online submission of Application Form
  • Valid trade license for local companies (free zone or mainland)
  • Declaration of Conformity presented by the applicants on their official letterhead
  • Test reports from approved laboratories according to the required standards for the e-scooter
  • Report on risk assessment analysis of the product
  • Controlled copy of relevant Quality Manual  (Soft Copy/in CD/DVD)
  • Robust safety management system connected with the product’s scope
  • Copies of the product label, marking, logos in line with the required standards

Process of ESMA Product Registration in the UAE 

Once the application forms and documents are submitted, the ESMA will carry out a detailed review of all the documents. The review will encompass check-ups for test report parameters and results to assess whether the product complies with specific technical regulations and applicable standards. The review will be followed by an on-site audit of the facility where the product is being manufactured.

The audit is carried out to evaluate whether the quality management system adopted by the company fully comply with applicable standards and technical regulations. Finally, the ESMA will assess whether the product is eligible for product certification in the UAE. If everything goes well, the ESMA will issue a conformity certificate for the applicant. Product registration agents in Dubai can help the companies navigate all the legal formalities associated with the process.

Conformity Certificate for E-scooters 

The conformity certificate issued by ESMA is valid for one year. However, the certificate can be renewed two months before its expiry. Product registration agents in Dubai can help businesses renew the certificates on time without incurring any penalties.

Consequences of Not Registering Products with ESMA 

ESMA is the ultimate authority that regulates the import, sale and manufacture of products in the UAE. Products that are imported into the UAE without an ESMA conformity certificate will be rejected during shipment. Products that reach the market without the conformity certificate will be taken off the market. Consult with product registration agents in Dubai to avoid such unforeseen events.

Consult with the Best Product Registration Agents in Dubai 

E-scooters are in high demand as working professionals need them for their daily commute. Importing and distributing e-scooters in the UAE is a lucrative business idea. However, the suppliers of e-scooters need to carry out ESMA product registration in the UAE to place them on the market. Since the ESMA product registration process involves complex steps, the assistance of product registration agents in Dubai will come in handy for the businesses.

Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is currently the leading provider of product registration services in Dubai, UAE. JIP can advise the businesses on the mandatory requirements, laboratory tests, and relevant standards related to the ESMA registration process. JIP can execute the application submission; document drafting and help you obtain the conformity certificate without any hassle.

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