New Era of Trademark Registration: UAE to Implement Madrid Protocol Now

Getting a brand protected across multiple territories was a challenging task for the UAE brand owners as the country was not a part of the Madrid system for international trademark registration. Trademark protection was a costly process for the local brand owners who sought brand expansion into territories outside the UAE. After performing trademark registration in the UAE, they were required to separate trademark applications for each country, which was expensive and required to liaise with multiple local associates in those jurisdictions.

However, things have changed as the UAE is now officially part of the Madrid system for international trademark registration. On 28th September 2021, the UAE deposited its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol with the director of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). As a result, local brand owners in the UAE will be able to register international trademarks starting from 28th December 2021. Brand owners can navigate the Madrid system process with the help of trademark agents in Dubai.

Read ahead to understand the changes that the introduction of the Madrid Protocol will bring forth to the regime of trademark registration in the UAE.

Single Filing, Single Language

First and foremost, the Madrid System will simplify the process of trademark filing in the UAE. Compiling and filing a single application in your preferred language is a lot easier than filing a trademark application with each individual country where you plan to register simultaneously.

You can Extend Registration to More Countries

Brand owners who have registered international trademarks under the Madrid system can apply for protection in more countries even at a later stage. WIPO allows such extension of existing registration to additional countries for one or more of the existing classes of interest. The extension of registration to multiple territories can be performed by filing a subsequent designation with either the UAE Trademark office or with the WIPO directly.

The effective date of coverage for the extended countries and trademark classes (NICE Classification) will be the date on which the request has been made either with the WIPO or the UAE Trademark Office. Consult with trademark agents in Dubai before making a request for extending the coverage of international trademark protection.

Appoint Only One Trademark Representative

UAE brand owners need not appoint trademark agents or representatives in each designated country while filing international trademark applications in multiple territories. While filing a trademark application under the Madrid Protocol, you are allowed to appoint a trademark agent in the UAE who can manage the registrations in other jurisdictions as well.

Recording Change of Ownership is Easy

The Madrid System enables the brand owners to smoothly record a trademark ownership change in a single form with the WIPO. The extension of international registrations and national filings may make things complicated for the trademark owners while recording the change of ownership. The national trademark offices may take several months to process the ownership change requests. However, the WIPO usually processes them fairly quickly.

Cost of Trademark Registrations are Less

More than anything else, the Madrid Protocol considerably reduces the cost of registering trademarks. Under the Madrid system, you are required to pay one application fee. In a basic filing, with minimal complications at the national level, this could greatly reduce the overall cost of your international filing. Hiring the best trademark agents in Dubai will help you simplify the registration process further.

How can Jitendra Intellectual property Help you?

The laws of trademark registration in the UAE offer IP protection to brand owners that are essential for their business success. However, those protections are relevant to trademark issues and disputes within the UAE. Businesses that wish to have a presence in a number of countries must protect their brands through international trademark registration. Since the UAE has now become a party to the Madrid Protocol, the local businesses can ensure the protection of trademarks in all the Madrid member countries through a single filing.

However, the assistance of trademark agents in Dubai, such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP), is essential for the brand owners to navigate the complexities of the WIPO standard procedures & requirements. JIP can help you decide if your business requires international registration or national registration. Since the Madrid regime is new to the UAE, our trademark agents will guide you with robust advice and documentation. JIP offers services including trademark search, trademark watch, recordal of trademarks with Customs, trademark renewal etc. JIP’s trademark services are not limited to the UAE. We will ensure that your trademarks are being protected across the GCC countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar as well.

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