How to Obtain ESMA Certification for Energy Drink Products?

People consume energy drinks to boost stamina, enhance memory and for better recovery. The usage of energy drinks is more common among adults, especially young adults or teenagers. The UAE government is conscious of the potential health impact of the excessive consumption of energy drinks and has entrusted the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) to control and regulate the distribution of such products in the country. As a result, conducting product registration in the UAE is mandatory for distributors, manufacturers and importers of energy drink products.

Suppliers of energy drink products must obtain a certificate of conformity from ESMA to sell their products in the local market legally. Distributing energy drink products without ESMA Certification in the UAE will lead to dire consequences. Uncertified products will be considered fake and either rejected during shipment or withdrawn from the local markets. The process of ESMA certification involves some complex steps and requirements, which can be tackled with the help of approved product registration agents in Dubai, UAE.

Read ahead to understand the mandatory conditions and requirements to obtain ESMA Certification for Energy Drink Products in the UAE.

Scope of Products for ESMA Registration

ESMA’s definition of energy drink products includes soft drinks or carbonated drinks mainly of water, natural carbohydrate, Caffeine etc. Certain other elements may be added, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and permitted additives, juices or fruit pulp and natural plant extracts. Energy drinks are categorised as ‘Non-alcoholic Energy Drinks’ by the ESMA under the broader product sector group of ‘Food’.

Type of Certification Required for Energy Drinks

Energy drink products must be certified under the Emirates Conformity Assessment System (ECAS). ESMA will issue an ECAS Registration Certificate (Certificate of Conformity) for all the products that comply with the relevant UAE Standard or any national, regional or global standard approved by the ESMA. Consult with product registration agents in Dubai to navigate the process of obtaining an ECAS Registration Certificate.

Suppliers of energy drink products can also apply for the Emirates Quality Mark (EQM), even though it’s not mandatory. Applying for EQM in the UAE is only compulsory for products such as bottled drinking water, natural mineral water etc. However, the EQM certification is voluntary for all other ESMA-regulated products, including energy drinks.

Key Technical Requirements for ESMA Registration

Companies or their representatives wishing to conduct ESMA product registration in the UAE should meet the following requirements, standards and conditions:

  1. Comply with UAE.S GSO 1926:2009 standards
  2. Effectively implement a Food Safety Management System (FSMS)
  3. Declaration of Conformity backed by a test report to establish compliance with clause 4 of UAE.S GSO 1926:2009
  4. Strict compliance with Islamic Law such as no alcohol content, pork-free products, packaging that doesn’t violate social order or morals etc.

Labelling Requirements for Energy Drinks

The products must ensure compliance with the labelling requirements stated in Clause 6 of UAE.S GSO 1926/2009. As per this requirement, the following health warnings should be printed on the label in both English & Arabic:

  • A warning that the product is banned for use by women during pregnancies and lactation, children below the age of sixteen, persons allergic to Caffeine patients with heart /arterial diseases, and athletes
  • A warning note that the excessive consumption of energy drinks may significantly reduce the users’ ability to sleep due to the presence of a high level of stimulants
  • A warning on high caffeine content, in case of over 150 ml caffeine/litre

Documents Required to Register Energy Drinks with ESMA

The applicants should submit the following information/documents to clear the process of ESMA product registration in the UAE:

  • Application form (products registration agents in Dubai can help with submission)
  • Valid trade license issued by free zone or mainland authority (for UAE local companies)
  • Declaration of conformity on the applicant’s official letterhead
  • Test reports
  • If the applicant is a distributor or agent, submit proof of exclusive distributorship from the manufacturer
  • Health certificate issued by the competent authority from the country of origin to prove the product is fit for human consumption
  • Certificate of origin
  • Halal certificate from a UAE-approved body and authenticated by the Ministry of Environment
  • List additives used in the product and percentage of each additive
  • Label of the product
  • A declaration stating the quantity of energy drink, which is safe for daily consumption

Process of Registering Energy Drinks with ESMA

Getting a product certified by the ESMA involves a series of highly streamlined steps. Applicants need to ensure that the information they have submitted to the ESMA is valid, accurate and complete. ESMA allows the applicants to re-submit the documents if they think the paperwork is inadequate.

However, this may delay the process, and, therefore, it is better to seek the advice of product registration agents in Dubai before starting the procedure. A product registration application with ESMA will be subjected to the following steps or procedures:

  1. Submission of application form with documents
  2. Application assessment by ESMA
  3. Sampling & testing of the product
  4. Issuance of ECAS Certificate for fully compliant products

Consult with the Best Product Registration Agents in Dubai, UAE

Manufacturers, distributors and importers need to obtain a Certificate of Conformity from ESMA in order to sell energy products in the UAE market. The process of product registration in Dubai, UAE, involves a series of intricate steps and paperwork, which requires the assistance of expert consultants. Businesses looking for the best product registration agents in Dubai need not look no further than Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP).

JIP is a leading IP firm that also offers reliable product registration services in Dubai, UAE. Our product registration team comprises highly qualified consultants well-versed in every legislation, standard, and procedure that apply to the ESMA product certification process. We can help the businesses with label assessment, lab report, application review and documentation assessment so that the ESMA conformity certificate is issued without any delay.

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