Why Trademark Registration in the UAE is Essential for Sports Brands?

The UAE, especially Dubai, is a strategic trading hub for global sports brands which includes manufacturers of sports apparel and goods. Apart from that, the country hosts a wide variety of sporting events such as Golf, athletics, Polo and Tennis (Dubai Duty-Free Championship). Given the COVID situation in India, major IPL cricket matches were also held recently in the UAE. Being an international sporting hub, conducting trademark registration in the UAE is crucial for sports brands to ensure enhanced brand protection.

Also, the UAE is considered a potential host for some of the upcoming cricket tournaments as COVID is wreaking havoc across traditional venues. In this background, trademark registration in the UAE enables brands to ensure that the value and integrity of the event are maintained and inspire confidence among consumers that the product or image associated with the sporting event is authentic. Read ahead to know other major reasons why trademark registration is essential for sports brands

Creating a Brand Value

A trademark is a source identifier that enables consumers to recognise a product of a particular company. In the UAE,  a trademark can be a word, a logo, a shape, a colour or even a number. The trademarks of a sports brand help it distinguish its products and services from those of its competitors. Through conducting trademark registration in the UAE, the sports companies will be able to build a reputation in the market and to develop and retain a loyal client base.

A registered trademark instils consumer confidence and trust in the goods and services it provides. The reputation of a well-known trademark or brand can be a huge commercial asset for the companies. By registering the trademarks in the UAE, the manufacturers of sporting goods, sports event organizers, sports teams and other parties, stand apart from their competitors and can build a lasting reputation. It is through this reputation that trademarks function as powerful and indispensable marketing tools. In the sports industry, strategic use of a registered trademark creates great commercial opportunities to generate income.

Boost Sales Through Display of Trademarks at Events

A sports brand can display its registered trademarks at major sporting events, which will appeal to the emotions of the sports fans. Fans always give utmost importance to the logo or slogans of their favourite team or club. They view it as a matter of pride when such trademarks are displayed prominently at sporting events. For sports fans, such trademarks are part of their lifestyle. In the sports sector, displaying trademarks is a common method used by the brand to boost sales.

Sponsorship and Brand Advertising

Brand advertising is a major source of revenue for sports brands and organisations. Many clubs and organisations depend on advertising and sponsorship revenue that has evolved to become a big business. The brand value increases when a team becomes more successful which in turn spikes the income and spending power of the sports organization involved.

As the worth of the brand increases, the entertainment value of the sporting event also spikes. In this way, the increased value of a trademark enables the clubs to hire more skilled players and afford better facilities. National Basketball Association (NBA) in the US and Manchester United soccer club in the UK are major examples in this regard. The prominent UAE Airline Emirates sponsors major football clubs such as Arsenal, Real Madrid etc.

Merchandising Opportunities

Most sports brands use their registered trademarks to increase their earnings by exploiting the value of their brands. They often license the trademarks to third parties to create merchandise such as apparel, accessories, footwear and many other things. The UK football club Manchester United has such an agreement with sportswear giant ADIDAS. Other apparel companies such as PUMA, NIKE also have such agreements with other clubs and organisations.

More Brand Visibility through Logos

Sports and trademarks have a special symbiotic relationship with the spectator at their core. While enjoying a game of sports or watching their favourite star playing, the spectators also become loyal consumers of the trademarks. They often see their favourite stars wearing jerseys or carrying a sports kit that bears the trademarks of famous sports brands. In this way, the trademarks get registered in the minds of the spectators who eventually become a consumer of the brand. Sports stars often appear in commercials to promote a brand in exchange for huge remuneration. This also works in favour of the brands.

Kick-off your Trademark Game with Us

Sports organizations, sports event companies and manufacturers of sports goods must perform trademark registration in the UAE to increase their commercial viability. A registered trademark is a key to beating competitors as well as increasing brand reputation. For a hassle-free registration process, sports brands can consult with trademark agents in Dubai such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP). JIP’s trademark consultants protect the sports brands through bespoke services including trademark search, trademark watch, trademark renewal etc. Hire JIP’s trademark agents in Dubai to build a successful brand.

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